Wedding Photography | Victorian Marketplace 2016 - 2017

The wedding photography industry in Melbourne has expanded by nearly 8% in the 2016-2017 year.  A total of 27 photographers left the wedding industry and were replaced by 53 new studios across the state of Victoria.  


The range of package prices for wedding photography in Melbourne has remained fairly similar to last year, increasing from $300 - $10,000 in 2016 to $395 - $10,300 in 2017.  The average starting price for published wedding packages has increased from $2,183 in 2016 to $2,206 in 2017.

Starting prices 2017 changes4

In Melbourne, wedding photographers that increased the price of starting packages did so by between $30 and $1,795.  The most common increases were $200, $100, $400 & $300 respectively, accounting for 55% of all price rises.  

Wedding Photography Packages - 6 Hours

The proportion of wedding photographers in Victoria who publish a 6 hour package on their website has increased from 15% in 2016 to 18% of photographers today.  About half of all photographers kept prices on hold this year, 6% decreased prices and 16% either changed inclusions or no longer publish packages on their website. 

Changes to 6 Hour Wedding Photography Packages in 2016 & 2017

Vic 6Hr Photo Packages 16 17

Just over a quarter of the 6 hour packages published by wedding photographers last year have increased in price, with the average rising from $1,917 to $1,944 in 2017.  The most common increase was $200 affecting 36% of price hikes.  All increases were between $45 and $700 representing rises of 3.75% to 39.11% on 2016 packages. 

Wedding Photography Packages - 8 Hours

In Victoria last year, 17% of wedding photographers published an 8 hour package on their website.  This year that figure has risen to 19%.  The average cost for 8 hours wedding photography has also increased this year, from $2,346 in 2016 to $2,669 in 2017.

Changes to 6 Hour Wedding Photography Packages in 2016 & 2017

Vic 8Hr Photo Packages 16 17

While 3% of 8 hour packages dropped in price over the past 12 months, just over a quarter showed price increases by up to 40.5%.  Most wedding photographers that increased prices raised them by 4% to 17% or between $100 - $300.  

Wedding Photography Packages - 12 Hours

The most popular wedding photography package in Melbourne includes 12 hours of coverage & a full set of high resolution images.  The number of wedding photographers that publish a price for this package online has risen from 18% of the Victorian market in 2016 to 22% in 2017.

Changes to 12 hour Wedding Photography Packages in 2016 & 2017

Vic 12Hr Photo Packages 16 17

In 2016, packages without an album started at $1,330 and the highest published price was $6,400.  That range has expanded in 2017, to $800 - $6,600.  Album packages with 12 hours coverage started from $2,250 in 2016 and the high end was $8,350.  That range has increased this year to $2,250 - $10,300.

The average cost of a 12 hour package with an album was $4,244 in 2016 and has increased by $179 in 2017 to $4,423.  For packages without an album, the average price has increased by $66 in 2017, rising from $3,069 to $3,135.

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Wedding Styled Shoot - WA Beach Vibes

In the wetlands around the lakes of Perth, there is a thriving community of Tiger Snakes swimming amongst the shallows.  A plume-like & feathery plant stands tall above the waterline, giving no hint of what lies below.  This Pampas Grass is a key element of a styled shoot that Mischa Harrington is working on, and she's been charged with wading into the water to get it.kailis+trigg+wedding+perth+deray+simcoe+14

Mischa is a senior stylist at Touched By Angels, a collaborative team of contemporary stylists who’s work is a reflection of their clients and is inspired by the natural surrounds of the venue.  This shoot aimed to capture the quintessential WA wedding vibe with a modern beach theme very much suited to the spectacular Hampton’s style of the venue.


Kailis Trigg is a new waterfront restaurant with 180 degree views overlooking the iconic Trigg beach.  The owners are well-known West Australian seafood, marine and pearling family the Kailis’s, who’s name is synonymous with the sought after south sea pearl from Broome.  Aside from producing luxurious jewellery, the family has a keen interest in top quality seafood which features prominently on their classic menu.


The design of this Kailis Trigg shoot brings together natural tones of ocean, timber & sand.  It features driftwood, coral, succulents, old man’s beard, some natives, sea holly, shells and sea urchins.  White bentwoods & crystal stemware are supplied by Hire Society and stationery was sourced from Paper Fusion.


But one of the key elements providing texture & colour in this shoot is the Pampas Grass featuring in two silver urns alongside the table.  And it’s this that grows in the lake where Mischa went to gather stems for the shoot.  We’re not suggesting that you should try this yourself, but Mischa waded into the lake wearing a pair of funky gumboots and we’re pleased to report that no snake bites were inflicted in the creation of this shoot.


Touched by Angels and photographer DeRay and Simcoe pulled together such a fantastic collaboration at this venue, that the Kailis family could not resist a few selfie pics in front of the table settings.  How gorgeous is that! 


If you would like to participate in a styled shoot, let us know in the Styled Shoot threads on our FB page or tag #wedlockerscollab on Instagram.  We have some exciting opportunities for first time collaborators coming up soon.

Suzanne Harward's Sydney launch of new Illuminati Collection

As the storms rolled into Sydney on Friday afternoon, some of the wedding industry’s leading influencers were dashing out of the rain and into The Establishment Hotel.  Iconic Melbourne designer Suzanne Harward had invited Sydney Brides and members of the industry to experience her latest collection – The Illuminati.

Home 20170217 9999 1And what an experience it was.  Greeted by the Illuminati herself, guests were welcomed with a glass of champagne into the intimate penthouse suite.  On either side of a gorgeous cheese platter stood two simple clothes racks bearing the latest collection.  The Illuminati & Celestial gowns were given centre stage on two gorgeous models who mingled & chatted with industry.  

In the room beside us were an inclusive mix of wedding publishers including Polka Dot Bride and Modern Wedding.  Soda Films were shooting a few scenes and International photographer Alice Mahran was there also with her camera.  Can't wait to see those pictures!


The range within the Illuminati collection is an art form in itself with gowns to suit every kind of woman and every style of Bride.  The collection starts at $7,000 and Brides receive a very personal service that ensures gowns are perfectly made to measure.  The Suzanne Harward team explained that sheer lace on a bodice for example, can be tailored to ensure perfect placement.

Home 20170217 9999 14 3 copyAs the industry swooned over the collection picking out their favourites, we were encouraged to touch and feel the luxurious fabrics and texture of the gowns.  It seemed that this was an invitation to participate in the experience that Suzanne Harward Brides are privy to.  And as we became aware, this experience is not just about the gowns.

The women who surround Suzanne Harward are a remarkable team.  They each bring a wealth of expertise and there is an awe of respect between them.  They share a kind of down to earth confidence in the knowledge that they are blessed with flawless designs to work with, and yet their presence seems to make the brand everything it is.

I walked away with the thought that a collaboration between Suzanne Harward and Bride, would bring its own set of fond memories in addition to the wedding itself. 

View the full Illuminati Collection here.

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