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Finding the right wedding photographer is a difficult business.  Each studio offers a unique mix of packages, quality & service and with a choice of up to 600 wedding photographers in Australia’s major cities, differentiation is a challenge.  But for couples wanting to single out high quality photographers, that choice may be getting easier.

Milton Gan is a Sydney based wedding photographer who believes the digital revolution is now swinging full circle. “Wedding photography has been going down the digital route and moving away from print.  But low cost packages have been on the market for long enough that couples have heard the horror stories and there’s a renewed appreciation for the art of wedding photography and the value of printed images.”

Untitled design 3Photo: Renee Blake

With this resurgence in print comes an acknowledgement that albums are a really important aspect of choosing a wedding photographer.  “Couples are drawing a link between quality products and quality service and are considering the products sold by photographers in their decisions about wedding photography.”

Milton feels so strongly about the value of printed images and it being the duty of photographers to offer albums to their clients, that he’s created a workshop to help wedding photographers do just that.  “There are lots of solutions to time and space constraints when designing albums” he told us.  “Its about what works for you, with your business model and lifestyle”.  

22Its about what works for you your business lifestyle22

Most workshops for wedding photographers happen in the US and Europe so this is a rare opportunity for the local industry, particularly photographers looking to introduce a new revenue stream and/or reclaim weekend time by shooting less weddings.  But perhaps most excitingly, the forward focus on albums & print represents an opportunity for customers to differentiate between vendors in an industry desperately in need of segregators & transparency.

The Album Atelier - a workshop for wedding photographers
Venue - Golden Age Cinema in Surry Hills 
Dates - June 24th & 25th, 2017
Speakers - Dan O’day, Lara Hotz, Milton Gan, Haley Richardson, Darren Van De Wint, Renee Blake, Libby Jeffery & Geoff Hunt from Momento Pro
Topics - Album Sales & Marketing, Design & Production, Online Solutions etc

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Main Image: Lara Hotz Photography

How to Empower Customers and Why

If you’re not receiving emails that say “We love your work”, your ideal customers have a problem.  They either can’t find you, don’t know how to search for you or haven’t yet realised what they want.  And there’s a simple explanation for that.

About 12,000 wedding vendors operate in Australia today.  All provide their own unique service, adding value to customers in different ways.  But for customers, investing time & effort to become informed about all 12,000 services is an impractical proposition.  And thats why many resort to price as a means of filtering their range of enquiries.

Price though, is rarely a determining factor in booking decisions.  When we polled couples and asked what they were looking for in a wedding photographer, they indicated a style or quality of photography and a manner in which they hoped the service would be delivered.  The further into the search process they were, the more specific they were able to be about the qualities they valued. 

The Problem - Unregulated & fragmented market
The Solution - Increase transparency across the industry

Almost every couple we spoke to had emailed photographers requesting package information.  They then used that info to estimate the average price of packages across the industry and created a budget based on that estimate. But when we asked the couples who they’d booked, all had chosen photographers that were either over or under that budget.

Customers use price as a starting point, to learn about the services available across the wedding industry.  But price is proven to be an inefficient tool for finding the vendors that customers are most likely to book.   Copious price-based enquiries put a heavy cost on lost productivity across the industry and affects both small business & customers alike.  And that's why as an industry, we need to provide customers with aggregators other than price.  

To empower customers to find goods & services they truly value, better search aggregators are required across the industry.  Searching by skills & expertise, experience and personality traits for example, will make it quick & easy to find ideal vendors.  If we can achieve this, vendors will find more emails in their inbox that start with "we love your work!" 

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Wedding Photography | Victorian Marketplace 2016 - 2017

The wedding photography industry in Melbourne has expanded by nearly 8% in the 2016-2017 year.  A total of 27 photographers left the wedding industry and were replaced by 53 new studios across the state of Victoria.  


The range of package prices for wedding photography in Melbourne has remained fairly similar to last year, increasing from $300 - $10,000 in 2016 to $395 - $10,300 in 2017.  The average starting price for published wedding packages has increased from $2,183 in 2016 to $2,206 in 2017.

Starting prices 2017 changes4

In Melbourne, wedding photographers that increased the price of starting packages did so by between $30 and $1,795.  The most common increases were $200, $100, $400 & $300 respectively, accounting for 55% of all price rises.  

Wedding Photography Packages - 6 Hours

The proportion of wedding photographers in Victoria who publish a 6 hour package on their website has increased from 15% in 2016 to 18% of photographers today.  About half of all photographers kept prices on hold this year, 6% decreased prices and 16% either changed inclusions or no longer publish packages on their website. 

Changes to 6 Hour Wedding Photography Packages in 2016 & 2017

Vic 6Hr Photo Packages 16 17

Just over a quarter of the 6 hour packages published by wedding photographers last year have increased in price, with the average rising from $1,917 to $1,944 in 2017.  The most common increase was $200 affecting 36% of price hikes.  All increases were between $45 and $700 representing rises of 3.75% to 39.11% on 2016 packages. 

Wedding Photography Packages - 8 Hours

In Victoria last year, 17% of wedding photographers published an 8 hour package on their website.  This year that figure has risen to 19%.  The average cost for 8 hours wedding photography has also increased this year, from $2,346 in 2016 to $2,669 in 2017.

Changes to 6 Hour Wedding Photography Packages in 2016 & 2017

Vic 8Hr Photo Packages 16 17

While 3% of 8 hour packages dropped in price over the past 12 months, just over a quarter showed price increases by up to 40.5%.  Most wedding photographers that increased prices raised them by 4% to 17% or between $100 - $300.  

Wedding Photography Packages - 12 Hours

The most popular wedding photography package in Melbourne includes 12 hours of coverage & a full set of high resolution images.  The number of wedding photographers that publish a price for this package online has risen from 18% of the Victorian market in 2016 to 22% in 2017.

Changes to 12 hour Wedding Photography Packages in 2016 & 2017

Vic 12Hr Photo Packages 16 17

In 2016, packages without an album started at $1,330 and the highest published price was $6,400.  That range has expanded in 2017, to $800 - $6,600.  Album packages with 12 hours coverage started from $2,250 in 2016 and the high end was $8,350.  That range has increased this year to $2,250 - $10,300.

The average cost of a 12 hour package with an album was $4,244 in 2016 and has increased by $179 in 2017 to $4,423.  For packages without an album, the average price has increased by $66 in 2017, rising from $3,069 to $3,135.

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