How to Empower Customers and Why

If you’re not receiving emails that say “We love your work”, your ideal customers have a problem.  They either can’t find you, don’t know how to search for you or haven’t yet realised what they want.  And there’s a simple explanation for that.

About 12,000 wedding vendors operate in Australia today.  All provide their own unique service, adding value to customers in different ways.  But for customers, investing time & effort to become informed about all 12,000 services is an impractical proposition.  And thats why many resort to price as a means of filtering their range of enquiries.

Price though, is rarely a determining factor in booking decisions.  When we polled couples and asked what they were looking for in a wedding photographer, they indicated a style or quality of photography and a manner in which they hoped the service would be delivered.  The further into the search process they were, the more specific they were able to be about the qualities they valued. 

The Problem - Unregulated & fragmented market
The Solution - Increase transparency across the industry

Almost every couple we spoke to had emailed photographers requesting package information.  They then used that info to estimate the average price of packages across the industry and created a budget based on that estimate. But when we asked the couples who they’d booked, all had chosen photographers that were either over or under that budget.

Price is not a definitive or productive way to differentiate between vendors.  Thats why, as an industry, we need to provide customers with other aggregators.  The kind of aggregators that empower customers to find goods & services that they truly value.  The kind of aggregators that result in "we love your work" emails from customers who are raving fans.

At Wedlockers, we're building these aggregators into our search model.  And as wedding vendors are the experts in our industry, your contribution to this discussion is vital.   We are asking you to suggest important attributes that differentiate vendors in your segment of the market.   Your suggestions will be used to refine the search criteria we offer Brides & Grooms on the Wedlockers Browser.  Please join the discussion on our Facebook thread or email us at