Engage a Niche Audience on Wedlockers

The Wedlockers Browser is purpose built to enable niche audiences to connect with qualified vendors. We’re a content marketing platform - it’s your products and services that appear in search results.  Hence, it’s very easy for customers to curate the marketplace.

The strategies available for targeting niche audiences on Wedlockers scale with your brand & business objectives:


Displaying the right images is the most critical component of attracting niche audiences.  The Wedlockers model enables you to display a range of content in multiple search results - increasing your opportunity to attract niche markets.  

Successful content strategies include:

  1. Knowing your audience!
  2. Upload images that stand out, epitomise your ideal clientele & showcase your unique points of difference
  3. Display those images in the most relevant search results
  4. Manage reach & rank (maximise exposure or maintain a more discreet presence)

The Wedlockers model makes it possible to specifically target a variety of audiences including by:
- Culture
- Personality
- Style of wedding
- Specific wants & needs


Endorsements are an exclusive feature of the Wedlockers platform.  They increase your ability to stand apart and connect with couples who value what you do (and how you do it).  Endorsements are one or two word searchable statements that appear as search criteria on the Wedlockers platform.  

Endorsements are provided to you by vendors who are registered on Wedlockers and inform couples about the less Googleable qualities you offer your clients.  Endorsements are listed on your business profile & increase your rank in corresponding search results - providing couples who value the more personal & service related characteristics of your business an opportunity to connect with you.

Aligning with Preferred Vendors

Exclusive to Photographers, is the ability to upload & display recent wedding albums on the profile of featured businesses.  In the ultra-competitive Photography sector, this feature enables vendors to align themselves with niche markets surrounding specific vendors, such as venues & stylists.

When Photographers tag other vendors in wedding albums, they provide the professional quality content required for those vendors to promote themselves on Wedlockers.  Another great way for Photographers to network, build reputation & widen exposure.