How successful wedding photographers stand apart

Wedding Photography is one of those popular vocations followed by a legion of aspiring professionals.  And as far as creative pursuits go, it doesn't get much better than wedding photography for a feasible occupation in the arts.  But the industry is a saturated and extremely competitive one and standing apart is crucial to business success.  Our research found 2 common activities that successful wedding photographers do in order to differentiate themselves in the market.

1. Blog it!   While conducting our search for wedding suppliers we also researched the kinds of photographers that operate a wedding blog.  Not the kind of blog that contains advice for would be brides, but the Green Wedding Shoes variety where beautiful images of every imaginable wedding detail keep prospective clients scrolling down the page.  Australia's most successful wedding photographers all have one!  In fact, 54% of all wedding photographers in Australia have one.  And 95% of these businesses duplicate their efforts onto a business Facebook page.

blog usage

2. Maintain a (business) Facebook Page   Of all social media, Facebook is the most popular with wedding photographers.  90% of the sector operate a business Facebook page and regularly post images from recent weddings onto it.  Needless to say, all of Australia's most successful wedding photographers proudly display their latest and greatest masterpieces to the chorus of a few thousand Facebook fans.  And its not just the photography elite who have an impressive Facebook following.  Wedding Photographers based in Australia have a combined Facebook audience of more than 3.5 million users.

If you are a wedding photographer and you're not blogging, how are you showcasing your difference in the market?

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