NSW wedding photographers on Facebook

This week on our Facebook page we published statistics about the number of followers that NSW wedding photographers have on Facebook.  This type of information is easily accessible to businesses within industries that have few competitors but with 1.642 wedding photographers across Australia, it is likely that no wedding photographer has ever had an opportunity to compare their social media following against the industry averages in this way before.

There are currently about 550 wedding photographers in NSW with a total Facebook following of more than 1.4 million users.  The business with the largest following is a well known entity within the Sydney region that boasted a whopping 201,858 followers at the time of publishing. This magnetic business accrued 8 likes while I wrote this article and another 51 likes in the 24 hours since.  (I've just rechecked our Likes - still 96 since yesterday!)

The next most popular photographer has about 96,000 likes, followed by 2 photographers with 45,000 and 6 between 20,000 - 35,000.  A total of 53 NSW wedding photographers have 5,000 or more Facebook likes.

NSW Wedding photographers 3

If you have a wedding photography business in Sydney and you have less than 1,000 Facebook likes you are in the majority.  The largest subset of wedding photographers is 500 likes or less and this category equates to 36% of the NSW industry.

I'll leave you with one final statistic.  Of the 550 wedding photographers in NSW, 88% of you have more Likes on Facebook than us!  Follow us