Our Story

Working in the Industry

When I first entered the wedding industry 10 years ago, I had a wedding video business which operated out of my lounge room.  It was a very domestic affair.  Our house is one of those typical open plan places - a basic rectangle where the chances of getting lost are relatively slim.  What that meant though was a whole-house tidy before every client visit.

We had two young kids at that time, so for maximum results (of the kind where you don’t have to blow a fuse picking up stuff you already picked up 5 minutes earlier) the tidy was always at the very last minute before clients were due.  It was chaos!  Often my ‘cleaning’ involved kicking toys far enough under the couch that they couldn’t be spotted from standing height.  When the clients arrived, my husband would attempt to keep our kids quiet in one of our 3 bedrooms up the hall. 

One day a couple who I had a particular affinity with came to discuss their wedding video.  It was a week before their wedding and they were sitting on my lounge.  Easy targets for a 3 year old escapee.  

Mummy’s clients took an interest in Bob the Builder, and that was exciting.  The next thing we knew, Lofty (the blue crane) had been launched into orbit over my son’s head.  Twirling like a helicopter propeller it came hurtling directly at my Bride’s face and as she lurched back onto the couch it whizzed past her nose, missing it millimetres.  It was the most horrifying moment in my career as a wedding vendor. 

It was also the moment I first thought about selling that business.  Aside from the fact my child had very nearly ruined a wedding, a new idea had popped into my head and made itself resident.

The Wedlockers Concept

As a vendor, it’s hard to stand apart in the wedding industry because the market is saturated.  I had been wondering how that overwhelming choice affected the experience of customers.  It seemed as if they were spending as much effort trying to differentiate between vendors as what I was - trying to stand apart. 

So I started researching what attracts couples to book vendors.  When they trawl the internet and visit a gazillion different websites and make a hundred different enquiries, it turns out that all of them are seeking information about 2 things.  The same 2 things that differentiate every business in the wedding industry.  Product.  And Service.

It’s not rocket science.  Unless you’re getting married. 

The Customer Experience

The only way to research the available products and services in the wedding marketplace is to literally visit a bazillion supplier websites and send a few hundred enquiries.  And that’s where Google comes in.  If you’re sitting up there on the first page - well done [insert clap emoji], and GOOD F’ing luck!  How’s your inbox?  (We’re just jealous)

Have you ever received an enquiry that sounds like this though: “Please send packages”  And there’s nothing else in the email?  That’s the sound of a demoralised couple who’ve just spent 6 hours typing enquiries with bugger all revelations in response.  They’ve given up on words.  Some are more tenacious than others - you can tell which couples they are because they’ve nailed communication efficiency: “Hello.  How much?”  Qudos to that couple!

It seemed to me that making those 2 things - product and service - the subject on a search platform would empower customers to differentiate between vendors.  No more researching a bazillion different sites.  If you want bookings from couples who love what you offer, they need to see what you offer.  That’s what we do at Wedlockers.

After the Lofty-swinging incident I sold that wedding video business and added two more children to our chaos.   You’d be horrified at what I find under the couch these days.  And while we no longer have clients at our home, it’s those challenges which continue to inspire every feature on the Wedlockers platform. 

Join me.  I’m launching Wedlockers soon and you can list your business before we go live by emailing info@wedlockers.com.au.  I’ll send you the link.