Queensland's (saturated) Wedding Photography market

The wedding photography industry in Queensland is one of the most competitive markets in Australia.  There are 354 businesses that are actively seeking weddings bookings right now, and they will service about 25,000 weddings in 2016.

Saturation of Wedding Photographers in AUS 

While the total number of weddings in QLD makes up about 21% of all weddings that happen across Australia, the proportion of Australia's wedding photographers working in QLD is slightly higher at 22%.  In comparison, VIC have 22 fewer wedding photographers than QLD, but nearly 4,000 more weddings per year.  The extremely high level of competition in Queensland has inevitably put downward pressure on prices making it very difficult to maintain a profitable wedding photography business in this state.  

Recently on a Facebook group for wedding suppliers, a Queensland based photographer posted about the frustration of established studios advertising wedding packages at below cost prices. Responses rolled in from photographers around the world attesting to the same issue being present everywhere from Malaysia to South Africa.  And being that wedding photography is an unregulated market around the world, there is significant competition within the industry across all countries.  But as one Australian expat pointed out; "I found Brisbane to be horrendous…" and the stats would agree.  Queensland may have the dubious honour of being the most competitive place on earth to be a wedding photographer.

QLD Wedding photographers 3

A high level of competition creates a high level of business churn and makes growth for existing businesses difficult.  Tellingly perhaps, the most popular wedding photographer in Queensland has accrued a minimal 74 Facebook Likes in the latest 6 month period.  Compare this to the most popular photographer in VIC who accrued more than 16,000 Likes in the same period.

Nearly 60% of wedding photographers in QLD operate a blog and keep it regularly updated. Most of the industry (92%) have a business page on Facebook.

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