The Prototype

When we decided to create Wedlockers, it was apparent that the website needed to offer a whole new concept to the wedding industry.  Access to the full range of industry products and services is not available on existing wedding sites, and there has never been an efficient way of differentiating between wedding suppliers online.  If we wanted to solve these two issues, we would need to build an entirely new type of wedding website and a brand new business model.

Wedding suppliers would need to be able to promote their services free of charge, but we also wanted to provide a way for businesses to receive recognition that would differentiate them in the market.  The business model would include cost effective marketing solutions that provide maximum exposure for wedding suppliers exactly when they need it.  We created a new concept in online media designed specifically for the wedding industry.

In the world of start-ups, this poses the dilemma that we might not have everything 100% right. The Wedlockers concept has never been tested in the market before because we've created it from scratch.  Consequently, it was decided to build enough of the site that we could test it with the market before the full site is launched.  This prototype is now complete.

We will shortly be sending out invitations for wedding suppliers to get involved in the pre-launch testing phase.  We can't wait to share our unique wedding website with you.  

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The Wedlockers Team