The Wedding Photographers of South Australia

South Australia marries about 8,000 couples every year.  These marriages equate to 7% of Australia's total wedding industry which is equivalent to the proportion of Australia's population living in South Australia.  In other words, the people of Adelaide are getting married at the perfectly average Australian rate.

South Australia is home to 110 photographers who are currently marketing their services within the wedding industry.  Fifty of these wedding photographers currently maintain a blog and use it to display images from recent weddings.  Wedlockers was able to locate all but 9 of these businesses on Facebook.

As expected with a smaller population base, South Australia's wedding photographers have fewer Facebook fans than those residing in the bigger states.  The most popular wedding photographer in South Australia is based in the Adelaide hills and at the time of publishing had a following of 7,466 Likers.  As with all popular wedding photographers, the Facebook wall of this business is chocker block full of beautiful photos taken at their most recent weddings.  The business also maintains a presence on Instagram and a regular blog on their website.

sa wedding photog

More than 65% of all wedding photographers in South Australia have fewer than 1,000 Facebook followers.  The median number of likes for Adelaide and surrounds is 649.  Our research clearly showed that wedding photographers that maintain a blog have a significantly higher number of Facebook followers than those businesses without a blog.  The difference between the average number of followers, of photographers with a blog and those without is a huge 832 Likes.

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