Wedding Photography in Western Australia

Every year Western Australia hosts around 11% of Australia's weddings.  The wedding photography industry that services these weddings is made up of 174 'active' studios at the time of writing this article.  Our definition of an active studio is a business that has an up-to-date website, an up-to-date blog or a current presence on social media that markets for weddings and includes regular reference to working with weddings.

As with all states in Australia, the wedding photography market in WA has a high level of saturation and is extremely competitive.  There is a sum total of 74 weddings per active photographer in WA, making it the 3rd most competitive state in Australia.  This 'sum total' is calculated by dividing the available number of actual weddings per state by the number of active studios.  The 'sum total' provides a measure of market saturation and does not reflect actual bookings, which are less than this for most studios.  This is because not all weddings book professional photographers and the number of studios that service weddings in any one season always includes start-up and defunct businesses in addition to 'active' studios.

WA wedding photographers 

Wedding photographers in WA are slightly less active on Facebook than other states with 88% operating a business page.  There are 154 WA wedding photographers on Facebook with a total following of 236,000 users.  The most popular business is one with about 19,200 followers, more than 12,000 ahead of the next most popular business.  As with other states, most WA wedding photographers have fewer than 1,000 likes on Facebook, with the median being 821.

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