Wedding Photography in Victoria, Australia

There are 332 wedding photographers based in Victoria, Australia that are actively seeking out bookings right now.  These businesses all have an up-to-date website with 47% also maintaining an up-to-date blog.  Most Victorian wedding photographers are actively engaged on social media with 92% operating a business page on Facebook.  Victorian wedding photographers will service approximately 23% of all weddings that happen across Australia.

The wedding photography market in VIC is highly saturated, yet it is one of Australia's least competitive states.  For every wedding photographer in Victoria there are a sum total of 83 weddings.  This calculation does not reflect actual bookings, which are less than this for most studios, but provides a measure of market saturation.  Further information about this calculation can be found in our article 'Wedding Photography in Western Australia'.  

VIC Wedding photographers

In May 2015, Victorian wedding photographers had a total Facebook following of 710,000 users. The most popular business had 91,000 followers and the 2nd most popular had 85,000.  Since then, the 2nd most popular photographer has overtaken the lead adding a whopping 15,000 followers to its fan base in 6 months.  It should be noted that this business is an award winning family photographer in addition to its extensive work with weddings.

The median number of Facebook likes for Victorian wedding photographers is 674.  For more information about wedding photography in Australia follow us on Facebook.