Wedding Photography Prices - Brisbane

We’re launching a website soon that makes it easier for customers to find wedding vendors they love.  During the website’s development we’ve been conducting research to help us fine-tune some of the more unique features on the site. Creating transparency across the industry is a core purpose of those features and a primary value that drives much of what we do here at Wedlockers.  And thats why today, we’re sharing some of our research with you.  This report details the price of wedding photography packages in Brisbane.  

Starting Prices for Wedding Photography 

In total, we found 215 wedding photographers based in and around Brisbane with packages costing from $595.  While many photographers do not provide a full package list on their website, about 57% do publish the price that their packages start from.  The average cost of starting packages for wedding photography in Brisbane is $2,183.43.  The most common price range in which starting packages are offered is between $2,500 - $2,999, with about 25% of photographers starting their packages in this range.  Packages by well published photographers in the leading bridal magazines and blogs start at $2,890. 

Brisbane Starting Wedding Photography Packages

Wedding Photography Packages - 6 Hours

Wedding photography packages in Brisbane that include 6 hours coverage range between $995 and $3,000.  These packages all include high resolution images.  When selecting packages to include in this research we chose the most basic packages with the least additional inclusions.  Just 8% of these 6 hour packages include a wedding album and those that do range in price between $1,200 - $2,250.  About 10% of packages include an additional hour of coverage depending on variables with venues and timing on the wedding day.

Brisbane 6 Hour Photo Packages 

Wedding Photography Packages - 8 to 10 Hours

Most wedding photographers offer a package that includes between 8 and 10 hours of coverage, which suggests this option is the most popular with Brides & Grooms.  The cost for an 8-10 hour package starts from $1,295 and ranges up to $5,000.  About half of the packages in this range contain 8 hours coverage and high resolution images only, and the price range of these packages is $1,295 - $3,500.  “Master Photographers” - a titled endowed upon the industry’s best photographers by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) or Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI), offer packages starting from around $4,000.

Brisbane 8 Hour Photo Packages 2 

Wedding Photography Packages - 12 Hours

The cheapest price for "full day" wedding photography in Brisbane is $1,695 and includes high resolution images provided on USB.  The most expensive package that does not include a wedding album is $4,400.  Based on the most basic packages published online, the average cost for a full day of wedding photography in Brisbane is $2,869.  About 14% of these packages include an engagement session.  Packages that include a wedding album start from $2,995 and range up to $9,200.

Brisbane 12 Hour Photo Packages 2 

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