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 There is little that’s more variable in the wedding industry than the cost of a wedding photographer.  Not only is the range of available packages huge, but also the quality and value offered by each photographer is specific to their own style and experience.  The cost of wedding photography varies widely and for many customers it’s difficult to know which packages offer value for money. 

This report details the most common wedding photography packages available in Sydney.  There are more than 600 wedding photographers in NSW and at least 65% publish package and/or pricing information on their website.  The data contained in this report is collated from that publicly available information. 

Since publishing our research on starting packages for wedding photography in NSW, we have widened the scope of data we collate to include pricing for the industry’s most common packages.  Those packages are 6, 8 & 12 hours of continuous photographic coverage, all including a complete set of high-resolution images - usually provided to the client on USB. 


The other most common inclusions to be offered in wedding photography packages are; a 2nd photographer, a wedding album, an engagement shoot and additional hours of coverage.  With no formal standardization of photography packages across the wedding industry, the range of combinations into which these extras are packaged varies widely.  For the purpose of comparison, this report details the price of basic packages with the least additional extras wherever possible. 

The cost of wedding photography in Sydney starts at $495 for basic ceremony coverage.  The highest publicly available price for a wedding photography package in Sydney is $14,455.  Here is a detailed guide to the price of wedding photography across NSW:


There are 111 wedding photographers in NSW that advertise a 6 hour package on their website that includes high-resolution images.  The price for these packages start at $799 and goes up to $5,490.  The following chart shows the price range and most common price brackets for 6 hours of wedding coverage:

NSW 6 Hour Photo Packages

Price range of 6 hour wedding photography packages in NSW

Most wedding photographers cost between $1,250 - $3,000 for a 6 hour package and extra inclusions often account for this variation in price.  In fact, one third of packages that are published online are advertised with extras.  The following diagram shows the occurrence of extras in 6 hour packages across NSW:

6 hour

% of basic 6 hour wedding photography packages that include extras

The average cost across all 6 hour wedding photography packages in NSW is $2,194.75.  Photographers that have been published in major wedding magazines and blogs commonly offer packages from $2,400 although there are two published photographers with a 6 hour package for under $2k. 

One of the highest accolades in the industry is the title of Master Photographer, endowed by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) and Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI).  The cost for a 6 hour wedding photography package shot by a Master Photographer with either of these respected organisations start from $2,999.  Nearly all wedding photographers that offer a basic 6 hour package of $3,000 or more are award winners and/or well published in prominent wedding magazines & blogs.


Twenty five percent of wedding photographers in NSW have a package listed on their website that includes 8 hours coverage and comes with a complete set of high resolution images. 


% of basic 8 hour wedding photography packages that include extras

This is the most commonly offered wedding photography package on the market and it is also the most diverse.  More than half of the wedding photographers that offer an 8 hour package provide a variety of extra inclusions in varying combinations.

More than 40% of packages contain extra services on the wedding day such as 1 or 2 additional hours of coverage and/or a second photographer.  Another popular choice is the “all inclusive” package that includes either a wedding album or photo book.

NSW 8 Hour Photo Packages 2

Price range for 8 hour wedding photography packages

The average cost for a wedding photography package that includes 8 hours coverage in Sydney is $2,788.27.  The cost for a wedding photographer that has been published in the major wedding magazines or blogs starts from $2,400 but most are more than $2,990.

Master Photographers offer 8 hour packages starting at $3,499.  On the wedding market in NSW today, there are 5 packages that include 8 hours coverage which are $4,950 or more.  Those 5 packages are offered by a Master Photographer II - AIPP, an award winning Associate of WPPI, an award winning Associate of AIPP and a Grand Master Photographer - AIPP.


The 12 hour wedding photography package comes in two main varieties.  The basic package which includes high-resolution images on a USB and the “all inclusive” package that is offered with a wedding album.  For the purpose of this section of the report, wherever possible a price for both package types has been included from each photographer that lists wedding packages on their website.  In total, this section of the report details the price of 162 wedding photography packages in NSW.

The price range for basic 12 hour packages without a wedding album start at $1,175 and go up to $8,460.  With a difference of more than $7,000, this is widest price range of all basic packages on the market.  It is also the range with the fewest additional inclusions as no packages with wedding albums have been included. 


Price range of 12 hour wedding photography packages in NSW

The above graph shows a relatively even spread of photographers across the range of basic 12 hour packages that are available on the market.  With no albums included, this graph offers the most accurate representation of the true price range of wedding photography.  If the cost of wedding photography is directly relative to quality, this graph would suggest that there is a wide range of photographers available at all levels across NSW.

The average price for a basic 12 hour wedding photography package in Sydney is $3,230.29.  Published photographers start from $3,000 and Master Photographers offer packages from $4,000.


Many wedding photographers list a 12 hour package on their website that either includes a wedding album or lists the price of adding a wedding album to the package.  The range for an “all inclusive” package that includes 12 hours coverage + wedding album is $1950 - $14,455.  Almost half of the most basic wedding album packages available in Sydney are between $3,800 and $5,000.  


Price range of 12 hour wedding photography packages with wedding album

Nearly 30% of wedding photography packages with 12 hours coverage & high-res images also include 2 photographers on the wedding day.  A pre-wedding shoot or engagement session can be found in 25% of packages with "all day" coverage.

The cost for a 12 hour package by well published wedding photographers start at $4,290 but most charge from $5,000 upwards.  The cost for a Master Photographer starts at $5,200 and extra pages in high-end wedding albums make a significant contribution to the prices thereafter.

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