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Wedding Photography Packages Sydney

There is little that’s more variable in the wedding industry than the cost of a wedding photographer.  Not only is the range of available packages huge, but also the quality and value offered by each photographer is specific to their own style and experience. 

Because of this, the cost of wedding photography varies widely across the city and for many customers it’s difficult to know which packages offer value for money. 

In 2024, the average cost of wedding photography in Sydney is $3,890 for a standard 6 hour package including all high resolution digital images. More than 60% of Sydney wedding photographers charge between $2,800 and $4,600 for this basic 6 hour package.

Sydney Wedding Photography Prices

Photo Package
Cheapest Price
High End
Elopement $990  $3,450+
4 Hour $1,499 $3,100+
8 Hour $2,200 $4,850+
12 Hour $2,650 $5,650+

How much money you invest in a wedding photography package will depend on your total wedding budget, your required coverage and the value you place on having high quality wedding images. 

On average, Australian's spend 10% of their wedding budget on a professional wedding photographer. So if your total wedding budget is $30k you'll start with a wedding photography budget of $3,000. But you can adjust your spend on wedding photos according to your preferences and average up for a high end photographer or down to save for other expenses.  

Sydney Wedding Photography Packages

This article details the price of wedding photography packages in Sydney and links you in with the wedding photographers who provide them. 

Wedding Photography Packages

Under $2,000
Under $4,000
Under $6,000
Photography & Videography Packages

Wedding Photography Packages Under $2k

Mr Wigley Wedding Photography Packages
Mr Wigley Photography

  • Location: Redfern, NSW 2016
  • Years in Business: 12+
  • 5 Star Reviews: 50+

Sydney wedding photographer Darren Wigley is known for capturing fun with his collections regularly featuring brightly coloured backdrops, confetti canon images and a great deal of laughter. He's an award winning photographer supported by a small team of fun creatives who all capture weddings with the same candid approach and no-awkward-posing ethos. 

Photography Package - $1,999 

Mr Wigley's cheapest package is $1,999 and includes 4 hours of wedding photography with travel anywhere within the Greater Sydney region. You receive a set of all high resolution wedding images with optional extras including a 2nd photographer and wedding album. 

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Anna Murray Sydney Wedding Photo Packages
Anna Murray Photography

  • Location: Bondi Beach, NSW 2026
  • Years in Business: 5+
  • 5 Star Reviews: 50+

Anna Murray is a candid wedding photographer who specialises in micro weddings and elopements. She prefers to capture celebrations that don't have a huge guest list as it allows her the time and freedom to connect with couples and capture images that are highly meaningful to them. 

Photography Package - $990

Anna's elopement package costs $990 for a 2 hour photo shoot and you receive a copy of all high resolution images. Additional hours can be added at a likely rate of around $400 per hour. 

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Partypies Wedding Photo Packages Sydney
Partypies Weddings

  • Location: Hornsby Heights, NSW
  • Years in Business: 8+
  • 5 Star Reviews: 20+

Partypies is one of Sydney's cheapest wedding photographers. The small team have a largely candid & unobtrusive approach to photographing weddings and produce warm portraits in a very natural style without obvious editing effects.

Photography Package - $1,199

The cheapest wedding photography package that Partypies offers is $1,199 and includes 6 hours of wedding day coverage plus a copy of all high res images. An additional photographer can be added for $700.

Photography Package - $1,799

For a full day's coverage including 12 hours with one photographer, Partypies charges $1,799. Photography packages with up to 14 hours single-day coverage and multi-day events are also available.

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Wedding Photography Packages Under $4k

Ben Newnam offers affordable Sydney wedding photography packages
Ben Newnam Photography

  • Location: Berowra, NSW 2081
  • Years in Business: 15+
  • 5 Star Reviews: 200+

Ben Newnam has one of Sydney's most distinctive and stylised wedding photography styles. Weddings are photographed candidly and you get a complete set of very natural wedding photos, plus a selection of edited images that are layered in depth creating vibrant and moody artworks depicting intimate and emotive scenes.

Photography Package - $2,395

Ben's six hour wedding package is $2,395 on the weekends or $2,095 mid week and includes a minimum of 1500 high resolution images to keep, a private online gallery and 50+ art files edited in his signature style. 

Photography Package - $3,195

Ben's twelve hour wedding package is $3,195 on the weekends or $2,895 mid week and includes a minimum of 2,500 high res images, an online gallery and 110+ art files.

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Florent Vidal Photography PackagesFlorent Vidal Wedding Photography

  • Location: Randwick, NSW 2031
  • Years in Business: 15+
  • 5 Star Reviews: 50+

Florent Vidal and his partner Angel offer a mix of candid wedding photography and portraiture. Their images are produced in vibrant & saturated natural colours well suited to highlighting the blues of beach weddings and greens of forest weddings.

Photography Package - $2,400

Florent Vidal's four hour wedding photography price is $2,400 and includes a complete set of printable wedding photos, a private online gallery and a selection of art prints. 

Photography Package - $5,490

This package includes 10 hours of wedding photography by two professional photographers, a set of keepsake prints, online gallery and full set of original high resolution images.

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Kevin Lue Photography Packages
Kevin Lue Photography 

  • Location: Sydney, NSW 2000
  • Years in Business: 8+
  • 5 Star Reviews: 100+

Kevin Lue is a natural wedding photographer who captures all the fun and hilarity of wedding days in never-ending creativity. His vision for unique angles, thoughtful framing and artful use of camera settings gets our vote for one of Sydney's best wedding photographers. Expect a collection of crisp and perfectly exposed wedding images oozing in the characters and personality of the day.

Photography Package - $3,600

Kevin Lue's wedding photography prices are exceptional value with packages starting at $3,600 including 6 hours coverage and a set of high resolution images. 

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Wedding Photography Packages Under $6k

The Salty Shutter Wedding Packages
The Salty Shutter

  • Location: Waverley, NSW 2024
  • Years in Business: 4+
  • 5 Star Reviews: 100+

Dane's wedding photos tell an entire story within a single frame. His collections articulate the adventures and relationships and emotions that wedding days are all about in a way only the world's best wedding photographers can achieve. Which is why Dane was named a Top Emerging Wedding Photography by respected publication Rangefinder Magazine. 

Photography Packages

The Salty Shutter offer wedding packages from $5,900 including all high resolution images and an online gallery. Optional extras include prints and albums.

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Jason Corroto Wedding Prices
Jason Corroto Photo

  • Location: Newport, NSW 2106
  • Years in Business: 10+
  • 5 Star Reviews:  100+

Jason Corroto is a highly experienced wedding photojournalist who's work is regularly published in Australia's best magazines. His collections include a mix of romantic portraiture, Pinterest-perfect details of the day and candid wedding photos produced in natural colour and editorial black and white. 

Photography Package - $5,490

The cost of Jason's wedding packages start at $5,490 and include a copy of all high resolution images in a customised usb gift box, plus access to a private online gallery. Engagement shoots can be added for $1,100.

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Sonja Cenic Wedding Photographer Packs
Sonja Cenic Photography

  • Location: Alexandria, NSW 2015
  • Years in Business: 12+
  • Photo Packages: $4,500+
  • 5 Star Reviews: 30+

Sonja Cenic is a fine art wedding photographer who produces warm and cinematic frames filled with artistic detail. Her images are often rich in moody blacks, have high contrast and often capture candid street-style snaps. Expect beautifully emotive portraits, blurry movement shots and all the finer unexpected details.

Photography Package - $4,500

Sonja Cenic's wedding photography packages are priced from $4,500 - $5,900 including 5 & 9 hours coverage respectively. You receive a copy of all high resolution Jpeg files, full printing rights, an online gallery and 10% off signature albums.

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Photography & Videography Packages

Lightheart Photo Film Packages
Lightheart Wedding Photos + Video

  • Location: New Canterbury Road, Hurlstone Park, NSW 2193
  • Years in Business: 8+
  • 5 Star Reviews: 100+

Lightheart are an experienced team of professional wedding photographers & videographers based in Sydney's Inner West. The tight-knit team work seamlessly together to capture weddings candidly and unobtrusively producing natural and timeless wedding photos and cinematic films.

Photography & Videography Package - $5,899

Lightheart offer a full day of combined wedding photography & videography priced from $5,899. You receive all high res images, a highlights film with custom soundtrack and original audio, plus a complete video recording of your ceremony and speeches.

 View Lightheart Wedding Photos & Video

Splendid Wedding Photography Packages
Splendid Photos & Video

  • Location: Leichhardt, NSW 2040
  • Years in Business: 10+
  • 5 Star Reviews: 300+

Splendid are an award winning wedding photography & videography team preferred by many of Sydney's largest wedding venues. Regularly spotted at The Grounds of Alexandria, Doltone House and Ivy Ballroom, the team are highly experienced with the wedding customs of large European and Asian weddings.

Jeff and the team work seamlessly together to capture the wedding day unobtrusively and you get a collection of magazine-worthy wedding photos that bring back all the good feels and precious moments.

Photography & Videography Package - $5,898

Splendid's combined wedding photography & videography package is $5,898 and includes all high res images, a cinematic highlights film and full length documentary with original vision and audio from the ceremony and reception speeches.

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Standard Wedding Photography Packages

In 2024, wedding photography packages in Sydney have become more streamlined making it easier to compare one photographer's prices with another. Most basic photography packages now include a single photographer who provides a specified number of hours of continuous wedding day coverage and delivers a set of high resolution images to print and share online.

Standard wedding photography packages in Sydney do not include a wedding album and only around 50% of wedding photographers offer album design. Most photography studios that sell wedding albums are in the average to higher price brackets and the albums themselves typically start at $1,500 for a high quality 22 sided spread. 

In addition to wedding albums, Sydney photographers offer a number of add-ons available with standard photography packages. Additional camera operators can be added to wedding packages and are typically priced from $700. Extra hours of photographic coverage will usually cost between $200 - $400 per hour and specialist equipment such as drones can add several hundred dollars to your invoice. 

Small Wedding Photography Packages

The last two years have seen a noticeable increase in the availability of elopement photography packages right across Australia. Wedding photographers in Sydney have responded to changing consumer demand and now regularly offer small photography packages as part of their standard offerings.

The price of small wedding photography packages in Sydney starts at under $1,000 and comes with all the standard inclusions as their larger sibling. Elopement wedding photographers work in a different environment to larger weddings hence we recommend picking a specialist elopement photographer if you're planning on running into the sunset.

Pre-Wedding Photography Packages

Pre wedding photography packages have also become more prevalent in recent years as more and more couples opt for engagement shoots and adventure sessions. The average price of pre wedding photography packages in Sydney ranges from $500 to $1,200 and these sessions are sometimes refunded if you book your wedding photographs with the same studio.

Booking your preferred wedding photography package

Ready to find & book a Sydney wedding photographer? Competition for the best Sydney wedding photographers is stiff with most award winning creatives booking out 12 months in advance. Affordable wedding photographers who offer high quality candid and natural wedding photos also tend to book our quickly, so if you're in either of these markets you'll need to enquire early.

If you're wanting to book one of Sydney's best wedding photographers we highly recommend taking the time to share a little about yourselves & your wedding along with your enquiry. To increase your chances of booking your preferred wedding photographer, show them you value their work by saying what you love about their images. 

How to get a discount on the wedding photography price

If your preferred Sydney photographer offers wedding packages that are priced a little out of your budget don't be shy to ask whether they can make a package to suit your budget. This approach creates an open and honest discussion with your wedding photographer that values their time and effort while allowing them to empathise with your situation.

Cover image: Lightheart Weddings