Wedding Photography Prices - Western Australia

Today, in Western Australia there are 188 wedding photographers actively promoting their services.  All of these photographers have an up to date website on which 48% publish a starting package price.


WA Photography data 

Nearly half of all wedding photographers in Perth and surrounds don't make any reference to package prices or inclusions anywhere on their website.  The following chart shows the proportion of photographers that do publish a starting price within each price bracket.


Range: $450 - $4,999

WA Wedding Photography Starting Prices 

The stated percentages in the following segments refer to wedding photographers with a published starting price on their website:

Wedding Photography Packages less than $1,000:

About 14% of Western Australian wedding photographers offer a starting package for less than $1,000.  Nearly all of these photographers publish the complete list of their prices online, and all offer a collection of between 1 and 7 packages.

All of the packages we found in this range except for one, were priced above $600 and the average was $829.81.  Inclusions range from 1.5 to 5 hours with most wedding photographers providing coverage for the wedding ceremony and photos afterwards in a 2 hour package. None of these packages included a wedding album.

More than half of wedding photographers in this range also publish a 12 hour package on their website.  The prices for these packages start at $2,250 and go up to $4,200 with half including photo books or albums.

Wedding Photography Packages $1,000 - $1,999:

This is the 2nd largest price bracket with 32% of Perth wedding photographers offering packages in this range.  More than half of these photographers publish their complete prices online in collections of up to 9 packages.  Most wedding photographers offer a choice of between 2 to 4 packages.

Prices are evenly spread across this bracket and $1,602.48 is the average.  The coverage included in these packages starts at 2 hours and goes up to 9 hours with 4 hours being the most common.  Just one wedding photographer in this price bracket is offering an album with their starting package.

The most common out of all packages offered by suppliers in this range is the 8 hour package.   Just over 40% of wedding photographers quote prices of between $1,800 and $3,120 for this package with about half including a photo book or album.

Wedding Photography Packages $2,000 - $2,999:

About 35% of WA wedding photographers offer a starting package in the range of $2,000 - $2,990.  Only a third of these wedding vendors publish a full list of prices online and all offer between 1 and 4 package options.  Prices within this range are the most evenly spread of all market segments.  Inclusions vary wildly however with some photographers starting packages at 3 hours while others offer full day coverage of up to 12 hours.  Wedding albums are rarely included in starting packages within this price bracket.

26% of these wedding photographers offer packages with 12 hours included and these prices start at $2,750.  The highest published price for a basic 12 hour package in this range is $6,740.  A basic package by our definition includes a minimum of 12 hours coverage by one photographer and the full collection of high resolution photos.

Wedding Photography Packages $3,000 - $3,999:

This price bracket contains 13% of the Western Australian wedding photography industry and these businesses rarely publish their packages online.  Those that do offer a choice of 3 packages.

The average starting price in this bracket is $3,483.17 and inclusions range from 5 to 12 hours coverage.  Albums are not advertised as being included.

Wedding Photography Packages $4,000+:

The top 5% of wedding photographers in Western Australia offer packages starting from $4,250. Very little information is available online from the photographers in this price bracket, including their package inclusions.  The highest price that we found for a starting package across all of Western Australia was $4,999.

WA Wedding Photo Packages Pricing Report 2016

All information provided in this article is based on the starting prices listed by Perth based and other WA wedding photographers on their website.  Where possible, we have quoted packages for peak season weekend weddings that include a full set of high resolution images.  Further information about the price and packages for wedding photography in Australia is published on our Facebook page.  We'd love you to join us there.