Wedding Videography Prices - Queensland

There are currently about one hundred videography studios actively providing services to the wedding industry in Queensland.  64% of these businesses provide wedding video packages and pricing details on their website.  This article details the entry level packages offered by wedding videographers throughout Queensland.


Video Packages QLD

A complete list of wedding video packages and prices is provided online by 32% of QLD wedding videographers.  The range of these packages starts at $550 for simple coverage of the wedding ceremony to $3,000 for basic "all day" coverage.  A further 27% of QLD wedding videographers advertise a starting price on their website, often providing partial information about the hours or editing included.  These published starting prices range from $660 to $4,400.


Range: $550 - $4,400 

Queensland Wedding Videography Starting Prices

Wedding Videography Packages less than $1,000:

Almost a third of all entry level wedding video packages published online by QLD wedding videographers are less than $1,000.  The cheapest wedding video package advertised in QLD is $550 including 2 hours filming to cover the wedding ceremony, opening shots of the venue and some mingling of guests before and/or after the service.

The majority of packages in this bracket are $900 or more and include anywhere from 1 to 5 hours of filming.  The average package is $846 including 3 hours filming of the wedding ceremony with pre and post ceremony coverage at the one venue.  Wedding videos in this price bracket are generally delivered as a basic documentary style film.

Wedding Videography Packages $1,000 - $1,999:

Another third of all entry level wedding video packages published online by Queensland wedding videographers range between $1,000 and $1,995.  The average package price within this bracket is $1,524.

Wedding video packages above $1,000 include extended coverage of the wedding ceremony at a minimum, with larger packages offering up to 10 hours filming.  While the average package in this range includes 5 hours of coverage, the most common inclusion among wedding videographers is 6 hours filming.

Wedding Videography Packages $2,000 - $2,999:

Just 35% of wedding videographers that offer starting packages of $2,000 or more publish a complete list of packages and prices on their website.  Of all the wedding video packages available across the varying price brackets, the packages within this $2,000 range have the most variable inclusions.

The most expensive package published within this range is currently $2,650 and includes 12 hours wedding day coverage and delivery of a short highlights film.  A full length video of the wedding ceremony and reception speeches are offered at additional cost with this package. The full range of inclusions within this price bracket include from 6 to 12 hours filming with up to 2 videographers and delivery of either a feature length or highlights film.  While it is possible to find a handful of 'all inclusive' wedding video packages within this price range, the average wedding customer would probably upgrade most these packages with additional filming or editing.

Wedding Videography Packages $3,000+:

At the higher end of the wedding video market in Queensland are the top 7% of film makers. The entry level packages in this range start at $3,000 with the top 2% of the market offering starting packages from $4,000.  Most wedding videographers within this bracket do not publish a complete list of packages on their website.

About half of the wedding videographers offering starting packages in this range do provide lmited package or pricing information on their website.  From this data we ascertained that like packages in the $2,000 range, most of the entry level packages in this price bracket are not 'all inclusive'.  While most packages include a highlights film suitable for sharing online, the complete video of ceremony and wedding speeches is often part of larger packages due to the extended editing required.

Wedding Video Packages Pricing Report QLD 2016

Customers seeking a cinematic wedding video will find starting packages from within the $2,000 price bracket.  Although the definition of a cinematic wedding film varies widely within the industry, we generally apply the term to high image quality films produced for example, with DSLR cameras and lenses that utilise motion stabilising devices.  High quality cinematic films employ multiple camera angles during important scenes and utilise motion filming equipment.  All inclusive high quality cinematic packages start at $3,500 and increase in price with the experience of the film crew, use of additional specialist equipment and added inclusions.

In depth pricing data for wedding videography was collected during the research for this article. These details are due to be released in a national report on Australian wedding video prices shortly.  Stay tuned to our Facebook Page for further updates about packages and pricing in Australia's wedding video industry.