How it Works

Wedlockers is a visual marketing platform.  We help customers find what they want, by exploring images in a similar way to pinterest & instagram.  

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Our search filters make it easy to show customers that you offer what they want.  You can promote anything from the products you create, to the service & benefits you offer. 

Search Ranking

At Wedlockers, you have full control of your search ranking.  We don't offer 'premium' listings, instead we display the most relevant vendors highest in search results.  Getting to the top of any search is easy.  For more information, log in & click here.  

Get Recognition

Listed vendors can give & receive professional Endorsements & Recommendations.  Our customers use Endorsements as a filter to find vendors with the attributes they want.  Endorsements provide your business with the credentials customers need to choose your business.  For more information, log in & click here. 

It's never been easier to attract your ideal customers!