Edit Listing

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Access your Listing

To edit your business listing, go to 'My Account' in top right corner of screen and select your business name from the drop down menu.

My Account Login

Add/Edit Images

On the Images Tab (pictured above) click the following to:

  • ➕Add image
  • ✏️Edit image - credits, captions & tags
  • To reorder images - click & drag darkened panel on image.  Save.

Edit Image

When uploading images, complete fields as follows...  

  • Credit - Photographers' name
  • Caption - Useful info for Brides/Grooms
  • Image - Click 'From your computer' or drag a file into the box
  • Tags - Select from the options provided

Images must comply with our content policy.


Tags enable you to control when, where & how your listing is displayed to attract enquiries from target markets.   Use Tags strategically to showcase what you offer & manage where your listing ranks in search results.  

How to use Tags

Add Tags to images in your profile.  To add Tags simply select 1 or more Tags from the options provided & your listing will be displayed in the corresponding search results.  

Select Tags 
Tags correspond directly with the site's search filters.  

Rank 1st in Search Results

The more images you tag, the higher in search results you will appear.  Get more Tags by upgrading your package in your account settings.

Get More Exposure

Attract more enquiries by tagging images to appear in a wider range of search results.  Get more tags by upgrading your package.

Changing displayed images

The first tagged image is the one that appears in corresponding search results.  To swap a displayed image, click & drag your preferred image to reorder to the front of the currently displayed image.  

click and drag 
Click & drag on darkened panel to reorder images.

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