Endorsements & Recommendations

As a Celebrant, it's difficult to differentiate yourself in a saturated marketplace.  That’s why we created Endorsements - an easy way to get recognition that sets your service apart.

Celebrant Endorsements copy

Endorsements are one or two word statements that appear as search criteria on the Wedlockers platform.  They are provided to you by other registered wedding vendors & inform couples about the less Googleable qualities you offer your clients.  

Endorsements are listed on your business profile & provide a unique opportunity to:

  • connect with like minded customers
  • increase reputation
  • broaden your network
Giving & Receiving Endorsements

To endorse another vendor - log in, access a business listing & click 'Endorse'.  Select the most appropriate 3 options from the Endorsement list provided.  

Celebrant Endorsements

You can receive endorsements at any time.  To increase your own endorsements, try endorsing other vendors you've previously worked with.

Search Ranking

The Wedlockers algorithm ranks vendors with the most Endorsements highest in the 'Endorsement' search results. (Tags also increase your search ranking)  You don't need to be a paying member of the site to reach top of the Endorsement search results. However, to perform an Endorsement search you'll need to be either:

  • a registered Bride or Groom
  • a registered Vendor with an upgraded package

Wedding Vendors have a unique vantage point from which to pinpoint the benefits and difference you offer customers.  That's why we've enabled Vendors to share Recommendations on the Wedlockers platform.

As a registered business, you can both give and receive recommendations.  When you approve the recommendations you receive, they will appear on your business profile.  Simply log in to review, approve and provide recommendations to further build & add value within your network.