What business category should I register in?

Our business categories are broader than traditional sites to give your listing a wider audience.  You can promote your business in any category where:
- you provide that service as a stand alone service
- you offer a service that's relevant to customers browsing that category

What if I offer more than one type of service?

You can promote your business in any category where:
- you provide that service as a stand alone service and
- the images in your listing are relevant to all selected categories

Note - If you're a photographer and offer video to your clients but you don't accept video-only bookings, don't add your listing into the Film category as you will receive film-only enquiries. Add video to your features instead.

Can I register more than one business?

Yes.  You’ll need to register each business with a separate email log in.  If you operate one business with two distinct services (ie photography & invitations), create one listing for each service.  

We will only approve two listings for one business if you can not comply with our content policy using one listing.   Separate photography & video listings will not be approved - unless they are two genuinely separate businesses.

Why were images removed from my listing?

Images & video must comply with our content policy.

Why were tags removed from my listing?

Tags must comply with our content policy by displaying relevant images in search results.  

How do I add video to my listing?

Your listing will play videos that are hosted on Youtube or Vimeo.  It's important to input your video link in the correct url format as listed below.  Simply copy the relevant link & switch out the xx's.  Here's a more detailed tutorial.


How do Endorsements work?

Endorsements are one or two word searchable statements that appear as search criteria on the Wedlockers platform.  They are provided to you by listed vendors and inform couples about the less Googleable qualities you offer your clients.   

As a listed business you can give and get endorsements.  Endorsements you've received are listed on your business profile.

The more Endorsements you receive, the higher your business ranks in search results.  Endorsing other vendors is a great way to build your own endorsements while also engaging your network.  

How do Recommendations work?

Recommendations are provided to you by listed vendors.  This gives your customers access to professional recommendations about your service from qualified sources.

As a listed business, you can give and get recommendations.  When you approve the recommendations you receive, they appear on your business profile.  Log in to review & approve your recommendations.

Recommending professionals you’ve worked with is a great way to further build your network. You'll also receive a link to your listing from every recommendation you give.

What’s Recent Wedding Albums about?

Albums enable photographers & videographers to share recent weddings with featured suppliers.  This feature is designed to assist suppliers to source professional quality images & video with which they can promote their business on the Wedlockers Platform. 

Photographers & Videographers upload images/videos into a Wedding Album which is displayed on their business profile.  When suppliers are tagged, the Album is also displayed on their business profiles.  Tagged vendors can remove Albums from their profile at any time.

Suppliers are not licensed to use images or videos in which they are tagged outside of the Wedlockers platform.  When Photographers and Videographers tag you in a Recent Wedding Album they are authorising you to utilise images that feature your business in your Wedlockers portfolio.

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