Welcome to Wedlockers

We’re excited to introduce the world's first Wedding Browser.  The platform provides a unique marketing opportunity for Wedding Vendors to inspire new customers who LOVE what you do.  As a content marketing platform, it's easy for you to stand apart by: 

  • Showcasing your work 
  • Receiving endorsements & recommendations
How it works

At Wedlockers, you can showcase your work by displaying a relevant image in any of our searches:

Photography Landing Page

To attract your ideal customers, simply:
1.  UPLOAD images that stand out & showcase your brand (1140 x 650 pixels or landscape oriented)
2.  TAG Images - Select 1 or more TAGS to display an image in the corresponding search results.

Photography Search Landing Page

Attracting enquiries

Wedlockers provides 5 free tags with every business listing.  You can use those tags to:

  • maximise reach by appearing in multiple searches 
  • maximise rank in any search by tagging multiple images

The Wedlockers algorithm displays vendors with the most relevant portfolio highest in any search.  The more images you tag in any one search, the higher you will rank in that search.  

Upgrading your package

Log in to your account 24/7 to upgrade your Wedlockers subscription.  We offer packages with 7, 9 & 12 Tags to increase your reach and ranking on the Wedlockers platform.