About Us

Wedlockers is the online platform that connects engaged couples with trusted Australian wedding vendors.

For couples, we simplify the wedding marketplace making it easy to find & choose suppliers. For vendors, Wedlockers helps you grow your business by providing quality leads from customers who LOVE what you do.

Brides and Grooms send more than 18,000 enquiries to listed vendors on Wedlockers annually. 

Who We Are

Wedlockers is owned & operated by founding partners Rachael Hastie & David Shearer (Yoke IT).

Rachael launched the business in 2017 as a non-tech founder working with an outsourced IT agency. David joined the business as a partner in 2020 bringing technical expertise in-house. 

Our Story

Truth be told, I’d just had a baby and the 9-5 hours of my corporate job were giving me road rage. So I quit, and started a wedding video business under the misapprehension that that would be easier. Around the same time I realised the error in that thinking, I'd finally figured out what set my video business apart and had established a niche product for a niche market in the wedding industry. 

The problem was, there’s a lot of wedding vendors in Australia & my customers were struggling to pick me out from the crowd. 

It got me thinking about the experience of customers in the wedding industry. How does the overwhelming choice of vendors, and the disconnected nature of the wedding marketplace affect the experience of Brides and Grooms? It seemed as if they were spending as much effort trying to differentiate between vendors as what I was - trying to stand apart. 

So I began to research how couples decide which vendors to book & discovered something. When they trawl the internet and visit a thousand different websites and make a hundred different enquiries, it turns out that all Brides & Grooms are seeking information about 2 things. The same 2 things that differentiate every business in the wedding industry. 

Product. And service.

It’s not rocket science.  Unless you’re getting married. 

To find out what products & services are available for your wedding, and to figure out what’s included & what’s not included and how one service is different from another, you literally have to visit a thousand different websites and send a few hundred enquiries. And that’s where Google comes in. If you’ve SEO’d your website to the top spot of search engines - well done, and GOOD F’ing luck!  How’s your inbox?  

Have you ever received an enquiry that sounds like this: “Please send packages”  And there’s nothing else in the email?  That’s the sound of a demoralised couple who’ve just spent 6 hours typing enquiries with bugger all revelations in response.  They’ve given up on words.  Some are more tenacious than others - you can tell which couples they are because they’ve nailed communication efficiency:

“Hello. How much?”  Qudos to that couple!

It became apparent that a more connected and transparent marketplace would provide a mutually beneficial solution for wedding vendors & their customers. So we created a search engine that enables Brides & Grooms to research the wedding marketplace in one online location.

Rachael xx