40 Amazing Backyard Wedding Ideas

We love a backyard wedding. Here's why. Backyard weddings by their very nature, carry an intimate and highly personal atmosphere that oozes warmth, love and fun. It's almost impossible to replicate the relaxed vibes of a backyard wedding ceremony & reception in any other setting.

Also, you can't beat a backyard wedding for a one-of-a-kind celebration. Whether you host a simple outdoor wedding beside the swimming pool, say "I do" in the garden, have speeches on the verandah or turn your entire backyard into a beach volleyball tournament, there's no limitations on creativity when it comes to styling the ultimate garden party.

The following backyard wedding ideas include tips for successfully hosting a momentous occasion in a private property setting. You'll find the latest recommendations for backyard wedding decor, fun & practical decoration ideas, plus a range of suggestions for how to keep guests entertained during your garden reception.

Here are 40 unique backyard wedding ideas designed to transform your simple outdoor wedding into an unforgettable and personalised celebration. Discover creative touches that add fun, romance and uniqueness to your special day as well as practical ways to save money and ensure that your backyard wedding is both magical and budget-friendly. 

40 Backyard Wedding Ideas For Creative Couples 

Amazing Backyard Wedding Venue
1. Find an amazing backyard wedding venue

The best backyard weddings are hosted in uniquely atmospheric outdoor spaces. Find a backyard wedding venue that oozes the kind of character and intimate vibes you're aiming for. Examples include the repurposed St Joseph's Guesthouse near Sydney with its dramatic church facade or the pretty Tuscan courtyard at Redleaf Estate in the Hunter Valley.

One of the best things about booking a backyard wedding venue is that they typically come with a built-in wet weather option. That means you don't have to hire an external structure such as a marquee which is a saving of around $8 - $10k for a 100 person wedding.

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Backyard Wedding Themes
2. Nail your Backyard Wedding Theme

Backyard wedding ceremonies and receptions offer an unparalleled opportunity to get creative with your wedding theme. Think outside the box and style an at-home party that's totally unique to you. 

If you both love travelling, what about an aeronautical themed wedding brought to life by the likes of Sydney-based Trolley'd. Have a love of the beach? We once went to a backyard party that had sand trucked in from the local landscape supply place. It's your house and your day. Make it unapologetically you.

 View Trolley'd

Backyard Selfie Booth
3. Create a Backyard Selfie Booth

Design a personalised backyard photo booth with a creative theme that reflects both of your personalities. From vintage Hollywood glamour to rustic country charm, a photo booth adds a playful and entertaining element to a backyard wedding reception.

Set up a backdrop, purchase a custom neon sign and hire a vintage lounge like this custom booth conceptualised by The Event Artists for a private backyard wedding in NSW. Need help with ideas & the execution of a funky backyard booth? Hire an all-in-one wedding stylist with hire items.

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Backyard Wedding Band
4. Book a Party Band

Elevate the atmosphere with live music tailored to your taste. Sydney Live Music Band brings a vibrant and personalised touch, creating a personalised soundtrack. Live music adds a unique and intimate garden ambience.  Whether it's a local band playing your favourite tunes or a solo musician setting a romantic tone, live music adds a personal touch and creates a captivating atmosphere.

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Backyard Wedding Bar
5. Hire a Mobile Bar

Bring the party to your backyard with a mobile bar on wheels. Mobile bars range from vintage caravans, horse floats, drink carts, cocktail vans and transportable pop up bars in rustic or modern styles. Mobile bars add a trendy and stylish element to backyard weddings and provide a convenient and visually appealing way to keep the drinks flowing

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Backyard Food Station
6. Set up Food Stations

Enhance the dining with interactive food stations. Whether it's a build-your-own taco bar or a gourmet popcorn station, food stations can be done on a budget and encourage mingling, allowing guests to appeal to their individual tastes.

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Backyard Wedding Audio Books
7. Set up an Audio Guest Book 

Audio guestbooks are a modern alternative to the paper guest book where instead of leaving heartfelt messages written in ink, guests can record audio messages on a repurposed telephone. It's a dynamic and personalized way to capture memories that perfectly suits the fun vibes of a backyard wedding.

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Backyard Gelato Bike
8. Hire an Ice Cream or Gelato Cart

Beat the heat and treat your guests with a crowd-favourite ice cream or gelato cart. These super cute bikes & carts add a touch of nostalgia and fun to your Backyard Wedding Reception.

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Wandering Wood Fire Oven Catering

9. Food Truck Catering

Whether it's gourmet burgers, tacos, BBQ or wood-fired pizzas, food trucks add a fun and casual element to outdoor weddings. Guests can enjoy a variety of dishes, creating a relaxed and enjoyable dining experience, suited to all preferences.

 Find Local Food Truck 

Backyard Lawn Games
10. Lay Out Lawn Games

Keep the entertainment flowing with laid-back lawn games. From cornhole to giant Jenga, these games encourage friendly competition creating a great way to make your backyard wedding feel relaxed and joyful.

 Find Lawn Games To Hire 

Backyard Wedding Florists
11. Floral Installations

Transform your backyard into a dream wedding venue with epic flower installations. Floral table arrangements and feature installations such as an entrance arbour or hanging cloud can redefine an outdoor event space. For a dramatic, Instagram-worthy wedding backdrop have a specialist event florist transform your backyard into a floral wonderland.

 Find Australia's Best Wedding Florists 

Backyard Wedding Signage
12. Custom Signage

Guide your guests with custom signage. Whether it's directional signs, welcome boards, or quirky quotes, custom decor signage adds a touch of personality to your backyard wedding.

 Create Custom Signage 

M+G 339

13. Have a Showstopping Wedding Cake

Make a statement with a showstopping wedding cake that not only tastes amazing but also serves as a centrepiece. Whether it's adorned with intricate details or follows a unique theme, a stunning wedding cake becomes a focal point of your celebration and adds to the vibe of your backyard wedding decorations.

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The Hunter Bartender

14. DIY Cocktail Bar

Encourage mingling and creativity by setting up a DIY cocktail bar in one section of your backyard space. Provide various spirits, mixers, and garnishes, allowing guests to craft their own signature drinks. Mobile bar hire typically comes with an RSA qualified staff member ticking your legal requirements for the service of alcohol in Australia.

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Backyard Wedding Drinks Station
15. Backyard Wedding Drinks Station

Every good party needs a rehydration station where guests can pour themselves a glass of icy cold water. Add your favourite flavours such as lemon, lime and cucumber to an urn of iced water, lay out glasses and style with gorgeous florals.

Most backyard wedding planners & stylists have trestle tables and urns that are perfect for setting up a backyard ceremony drinks station like this one.

 Hire A Drink Station Hire

Farm Wedding Venue Hunter Valley - Mindaribba

16. Firefly Jars or Lanterns

Hang firefly jars or lanterns throughout your backyard. The soft glow will add a romantic touch to the evening, transforming your backyard into a fairy-tale wedding venue. To source, search 'floating paper lanterns' on Amazon.

 Find Styling Items On Amazon 

Sneaky Bevies Wedding Catering

17. Late-Night Snack Station

Surprise guests with a late-night snack station. Set up the station on your verandah offering comfort foods like sliders, mini grilled cheeses, or gourmet popcorn as the night unfolds.

 Find Snack Station Caterers

Backyard Wedding Photo Booth
18. Hire a touch screen photo booth

Touch Screen photo booths are a fun entertainment option for backyard weddings that enable guests to take selfies, create GIFS and Boomerangs and post content instantly to social media. Some operators like the Sydney-based In An Instant Photo Booth have options for open-air event spaces and covered backyard areas.

Touch screen photo booths are affordable to hire and super easy to set up.

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Blank Canvas Wedding Venue South Coast
19. Festival-Inspired Seating

Opt for a variety of differing seats, with a mix of garden seating and low seating with vibrant cushions, blankets, and poufs to create a festival-inspired atmosphere. It's a relaxed and bohemian approach to seating that will encourage guests to kick back, relax and enjoy the celebration.

Here's a list of amazing festival-style wedding venues that offer the perfect location for a relaxed backyard celebration.

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Backyard Wedding Painter
20. Live Painting

Commission a live painter to capture the essence of your wedding day on canvas. Watching the painting evolve throughout the celebration adds a unique and artistic element to your backyard wedding. This particular creation was painted by Your Wedding Artist based in Sydney.

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Backyard Wedding Chats
21. Interactive Guestbook

Having an interactive audio guestbook is one of our favourite backyard wedding ideas because it lends a very personal and fun element to festivities that's entertaining for guests, plus creates a treasured keepsake for you. A roaming content creator interviews guests and extracts heartfelt and hilarious stories and anecdotes about the two of you.

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Backyard Wedding Favors
22. Personalised wedding favors

Send guests home with thoughtful and personalized wedding favours like these miniature cocktails by Three Foxes Distillery in Melbourne. Options ranging from custom-made candles, succulents, or homemade jams, favours can serve as lasting reminders of your special day.

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Backyard Wedding Jumping Castle
23. Don't forget the kids

Keep kids entertained within the yard with a white-themed jumping castle, an Indian Teepee play area or hire a petting zoo. Stuck for backyard wedding ideas to keep the kids amused? Hire an event nanny and tick this problem off your to-do list.

 Find a Local Event Nanny

Backyard Wedding Champagne Towers
24. Champagne Tower

Decorate your backyard and create a momentous moment with a champagne tower centrepiece. For added effect rose coloured or red sparkling wine will have a visually striking effect and create a wonderful photo opportunity.

 Find Champagne Tower Suppliers 

Backyard Wedding Eco Confetti Packets

25. Sustainable Wedding Confetti

Embrace eco-friendly practices by opting for sustainable confetti, decor, compostable dinnerware, and minimal waste. A green wedding not only reduces your environmental impact but also adds a conscientious and thoughtful touch.

 Order from Eco Love Confetti 

Wildwood Cinematic Hunter Valley

26. DIY Flower Crown Station

Perfect for the little kids and big kids alike, setting up a DIY flower crown station in your yard is a whimsical and bohemian activity that adds a touch of earthy nature to celebrations. The flower crowns could double up as wedding favours.

  Find A Local Wedding Florist 

Backyard Wedding Umbrellas
27. Make your Backyard Wedding Weatherproof

Weather can be an absolute game changer on your wedding day so you'll thank yourself for having the forethought to consider these moment-saving backyard wedding ideas.

If it's bucketing with rain on your wedding day & you have no weatherproof space in which to continue celebrations you'll need to hire a marquee, tipis or sperry tent. A handy tub of umbrellas will do the trick for a mere sprinkle here & there and similarly to escape the sun, a tub of parasols will be much appreciated by guests.

For winter or trans-seasonal weddings when temperatures cool at night, consider having a blanket station that guests can access, fire pits with a ready wood supply or hire outdoor heaters. Facebook Marketplace is a fantastic source of budget friendly backyard wedding supplies.

  Search Facebook Marketplace 

Backyard Dancefloor Decals
28. Customised Dance Floor

An eye-catching way to make your dance floor stand out is to personalise your dance floor with a monogram, pattern, or meaningful quote. Customised decals are typically priced from $250 - $400 and can be found on Google by searching 'personalised wedding dance floors' or you can opt for laser projection with a special effects supplier.

 Find Special Effects Suppliers 

Backyard Rustic Desert Table
29. Rustic Desert Table

Showcase a rustic dessert table with a variety of sweets like pies, pastries, and homemade cookies. It adds a homespun and comforting element to your wedding. If you don't want to self cater, hire a local caterer to do it for you.

 Find Local Caterers 

Mobile Bar Sneaky Bevies

30. Wine or Beer Tasting Station

Host a wine or beer-tasting station with a selection of local or favourite brews. It's a sophisticated and enjoyable way to celebrate your love for good drinks and styles up a backyard wedding reception.

 Find Mobile Bars for Tasting Stations 

Blue Mountains Wedding Photographer

31. Vintage Car Exit

Surprise guests with a stylish exit by departing your backyard wedding in a vintage car. Adding a touch of glamour to your departure creates a fabulous book end to elegant backyard weddings.

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Backyard Wedding Stationery
32. Add Custom Stationery to your Backyard Wedding Decor

Stationery adds a personal touch to backyard wedding decor, enhancing your wedding theme and providing an element of interest for your guests. Stationery can be incorporated into your table setting with place cards, menus or thank you cards, can be utilised with buffet stations to label foods and can be laid on ceremony chairs providing an order of service.

 Find Australian Stationers 

Backyard wedding centrepiece
33. Quirky Centrepieces

Make your tables pop with colourful centrepieces styled with abundant florals, rich linens and textural elements. For a quirky table setting that's 100% you think outside the box and style lush florals amongst props of meaning to you.

Table decorations that work well for backyard weddings include colour coordinated candles or lanterns, statement glassware, fruits & berries, tree foliage & miniature liquor bottles - but you're only limited by your imagination. 

Find Amazing Wedding Florists 

Backyard Wedding Buffet
34. Family Recipe Buffet

Infuse your wedding feast with sentimental value by featuring a family recipe buffet. Sharing beloved dishes from both sides of the family not only creates a delicious and diverse menu but also adds a warm and personal touch. It's a delightful way to celebrate your cultural heritage and create a culinary experience that reflects your unique family histories.

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Camping Backyard Wedding Venues
35. Camping Retreat

Extend the joy of your wedding by turning it into a full weekend camping retreat. Provide tents, create a bonfire, and offer camping essentials for a cozy and communal experience like this set up at The Cove Jervis Bay.

This unique backyard wedding idea allows guests to bond, share stories under the stars, and celebrate not just the wedding day but an entire weekend of love and connection.

Find a Camping Retreat 

Backyard Wedding Caravan Booth
36. Vintage Caravan Photo Booth

Elevate your backyard wedding by incorporating a vintage caravan. A retro caravan serves as an eye-catching backdrop for photos and adds a touch of glamour, whimsy and nostalgia to events. Aside from delivering unforgettable snapshots, a caravan photo booth also effectively fills empty space in your yard creating a cosy and intimate atmosphere.

Find A Caravan Photo Booth 

Backyard Wedding Altar
37. Pergola Alter

Frame your vows with elegance by setting up a pergola or arch as your ceremony altar like this one by Ivy Lane Collective on the NSW South Coast. Adorn it with flowers, drapes, or greenery to create a stunning focal point.

The pergola not only provides a picturesque backdrop for your wedding ceremony but also adds a touch of sophistication to your yard setting. Many wedding planners and stylists offer backyard wedding packages inclusive of a styled altar, signing table, aisle and guest seating.

Find Backyard Ceremony Packages 

Backyard Wedding High Tea
38. Garden Tea Party

Transport your guests to an era of refinement by hosting a garden tea party. Set tables with fine China, elegant teacups, and dainty pastries for a sophisticated and charming affair. It's a unique way to blend tradition with your outdoor celebration. 

Find Garden Tea Party Suppliers 

Backyard Wedding by Upside Down Events
39. Secret Garden Entrance

Craft a secret garden entrance. Use archways, draped fabric, or floral installations to create a pathway that leads guests to the main event. This entrance is a unique way to build anticipation for a momentous backyard celebration.

Find A Creative Wedding Florist  

Backyard Wedding Ceremony
40. Have a friend officiate your backyard wedding ceremony

One way to save money on your wedding and make your backyard nuptials super personalised at the same time, is to have a friend perform your wedding ceremony. To make the ceremony legal you'll need to hire a Legals-Only Celebrant who'll step in when its time for the official parts of the ceremony and sign your marriage certificate.

Find A Legals-Only Marriage Celebrant  

Cover image: Redleaf Estate captured by Margan Photography with styling by The Event Artists 

Have a backyard wedding idea to add to this list? Email Us

Same Sex Wedding Venues in NSW

Most same sex wedding venues in NSW don't advertise themselves as such, because most reception venues (certainly the ones on this site) are naturally inclusive of all love and don't think to mention it. But if you're specifically searching for LGBT wedding venues, it would be mighty helpful to know which venues are jumping up & down with their hand in the air to host gay and lesbian weddings. Which is why we've created this list.

All of the ceremony and reception venues on this list are LGBT friendly places to get married and welcome gay weddings in all denominations. From coastal resorts to regional farms to secret urban locations, NSW has loads of gay friendly wedding venues and they are more than a little bit excited to host same sex weddings on their grounds.

If you're looking for a place to get married where warmth, acceptance and love prevail, the following same sex wedding venues are the places for you. All of these ceremony and reception venues actively promote themselves as gay wedding venues and most have the pleasure of marrying gay and lesbian couples in their spaces regularly. 

Finding the perfect wedding venue can be one of the most difficult planning tasks of any wedding, but armed with this list of beautiful gay venues, you're off to a cracking start. In no particular order, here are the best gay friendly wedding venues in NSW as recommended by gay marriage celebrants and photographers

LGBT Wedding Venues in NSW 

Best in NSW
Blue Mountains Venues
Byron Bay Venues
Central Coast Venues
Hunter Valley Venues
Illawarra Venues
Newcastle Venues
North Coast Venues
Riverina Venues
South Coast Venues
Southern Highlands Venues
Sydney Venues
Off-The-Beaten-Track Venues

Best Lesbian & Gay Wedding Venues in NSW

Lesbian friendly wedding venue Goosewing Cottage
1. Goosewing Cottage

  • Location: 1194 Mount View Rd, Mount View, NSW 2325
  • Capacity: 20
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 12
  • Elopement packages: $3,295+

The Hunter Valley's Goosewing Cottage is a popular gay wedding venue that specialises in small ceremonies and elopements for 2 - 20 guests. All inclusive wedding packages come with an award winning photographer and choice of celebrants who get you legally married at this gorgeous open-sided rustic chapel.

Goosewing Cottage also offer optional onsite accommodation in two self contained cottages. One of the cottages sleeps 8 guests, has a spacious dining room that seats 12 plus an outdoor dining area and swimming pool.

 View Goosewing Cottage

Same Sex wedding venue on the South Coast - The Cove Jervis Bay
2. The Cove Jervis Bay

  • Location: Ellmoos Road via Booderee National Park, Jervis Bay, NSW 2540
  • Capacity: 200 
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 11
  • Wedding Packages: DIY/BYO

Fancy a wedding weekend with all your favourite peeps? The Cove in Jervis Bay is an exclusive-use wedding resort situated on the white sands of Jervis Bay and has its own private beach and accommodation to sleep up to 111 guests.

This popular LGBTQI+ wedding venue comes with a beachfront garden overlooking the ocean, an outdoor bar & courtyard perfect for seated or cocktail celebrations under the stars and free paddle boards and kayaks for use during your stay. Pre & post wedding events are welcome.

 View The Cove Jervis Bay

Greystone Estate is a luxury private estate & wedding venue in Pokolbin
3. Greystone Estate

  • Location: 617 Hermitage Rd, Pokolbin, NSW 2320
  • Capacity: 32 - 110
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 32
  • Wedding Packages: Enquire

Greystone Estate is a luxury self-contained property located in the centre of the Hunter. Set on 10 park-like acres of beautifully manicured lawns and gardens, 32 guests can stay onsite for a luxury weekend away celebrating with family & friends.

The property features a purpose-built open air pavilion for wedding ceremonies and there's a function room for receptions of up to 110 guests. For smaller weddings the Main House has gathering space in indoor & outdoor areas suitable for cocktail or sit down celebrations as well as pre & post wedding events. A private chef & onsite wedding concierge are on hand for the duration of your stay.

 View Greystone Estate

Tides Byron Estate LGBT Weddings Australia
4. Tides Byron Estate

  • Location: 290 North Teven Road, Teven, NSW 2478
  • Capacity: 20 - 140
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 22
  • Wedding Packages: Tailored

Tides Estate is a versatile LGBT-friendly wedding location in the hills of Byron Bay and comes with a luxury 8 bedroom villa which can be hired for small weddings of up to 40 guests and a beautiful reception hall which caters for up to 140 guests. Set on a picturesque macadamia farm, you also have the option of seated dining amongst the macadamia trees.

During the week the villa can be hired with or without use of the reception hall. On the weekends the reception hall must be booked, with or without the villa. Both the villa and reception hall have incredible views over the farm to the ocean off the Tweed Coast. 

 View Tides Byron Estate

Gay wedding venue South Coast NSW - The Woods Farm
5. The Woods Farm

  • Capacity: 200
  • Location: Bayly Road, Tomerong, NSW 2540
  • Wedding Venues: Chapel, Shed

The Woods Farm is a 40 acre wedding destination with accommodation for 120 guests onsite in cottages and glamping tents. The property features a unique bush chapel and stunningly refurbished wedding shed, both resplendent with chandeliers and seemingly straight out of a fairytale.

Same sex weddings are very much welcomed here, both by the owners and the menagerie of farm animals who'll take as many cuddles as you've got to offer. There's plenty for everyone to do here for the weekend too. From cricket pitches and football fields to oversized lawn games to filling your camera roll with insta worthy photos and reels.

 View The Woods Farm

The Pavilion Lesbian weddings
6. The Pavilion Kiama

  • Location: 2 Bong Bong Street, Kiama, NSW 2533
  • Capacity: 80 - 400
  • Wedding Packages: All inclusive 

The Pavilion Kiama is one of the most beautiful and affordable venues for oceanfront weddings in New South Wales. Situated in the heart of Kiama just a few hundred metres walk from hotels, the venue overlooks stunning ocean views past the foreshore to the picturesque local lighthouse.

The main function room is filled with light and features polished wooden floors and a modern blank canvas to style to any colour scheme. There is a seperate entrance foyer with its own bar which can be utilised as an indoor ceremony space and there are two private & beautiful locations for wedding ceremonies right outside.

 View The Pavilion Kiama

Eleven Eighty LGBT wedding location
7. Eleven Eighty Weddings

  • Location: 1180 Bolong Road, Coolangatta, NSW 2535 
  • Capacity: 80
  • Wedding Packages: DIY/BYO
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 15

Eleven Eighty was born for gay weddings with an eclectic range of fun spaces well suited to intimate celebrations. The little 3 acre block contains a central courtyard that seats up to 80 guests, a micro wedding barn that can fit up to 30 guests, an old school hall that's been refurbished and caters for 50 guests and a restyled train carriage for private dinners of up to 20 people. Take your pick or use them all.

Also onsite are two quaint country cottages that sleep 15 people, street art murals, an Argentinian BBQ and pergola and a styling shed with velvet lounges, tables, chairs and an assortment of tableware. Venue hire includes all of the above. Simple BYO caterers and booze.

 View Eleven Eighty Weddings

Mimosa Wines Gay Weddings
8. Mimosa Wines

  • Location: 2845 Tathra-Bermagui Rd, Bermagui NSW 2546
  • Capacity: 180
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 13
  • Wedding Packages: All inclusive

At Mimosa Wines you get your very own 200 acre vineyard on your wedding day complete with a chefs hatted restaurant catering your reception and two onsite cottages that sleep up to 13 guests. The venue hire fee also includes your wedding ceremony set up within the vines, at a lakeside jetty or immersed in surrounding national park.

The architecturally designed restaurant opens onto a huge wraparound balcony which overlooks one of the most incredible views in Australia. With rows of pretty grape vines below and hundreds of acres of unspoilt national park bordering the ocean, it's one heck of a backdrop for memorable wedding ceremonies and receptions.

 View Mimosa Wines

Paradise Gardens gay friendly wedding venue
9. Paradise Botanical Gardens

  • Location: Kulnura - Central Coast, NSW
  • Capacity: 230
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 8
  • Wedding Packages: DIY/BYO

Paradise Botanical Gardens is a bit like an Airbnb with 230 acres of incredible gardens as your private backyard. Situated in a pristine country hamlet high in the hills of Kulnura, the property is close to the stars and has a range of beautiful alfresco spaces for romantic outdoor weddings. 

Heritage Roman Columns, a grand circular lawn, a secret garden pavilion and a lake-side marquee area are among the site's amazing event spaces. There's also an incredible range of rare plants and historic architecture for backdrops to your wedding photos.

 View Paradise Botanical Gardens

The Lodge Gay wedding venue
10. The Lodge Jamberoo

  • Location: 406 Jamberoo Mountain Road, Jamberoo, NSW 2533
  • Capacity: 300
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 136
  • Wedding Packages All inclusive

The Lodge is a beautifully renovated country hotel that can be hired for your exclusive use with 43 guest rooms surrounding a huge outdoor pool. With a cafe & restaurant, after-party bar and plenty of poolside lounging space for your recovery brunch the next day, The Lodge is an ideal spot for 3 day celebrations and warmly welcomes gay and lesbian weddings. 

For your wedding there's an open sided timber chapel hidden in a tiny Pine Forest that otherwise known as the Tree Cathedral. The reception venue is a beautiful wedding hall that has a blank canvas with white walls, large windows and a champagne garden outside. 

 View The Lodge Jamberoo

Gay Wedding Venues in the Blue Mountains

St Josephs Guesthouse is a unique same sex wedding venue in Sydney's outskirts
11. St Joseph's Guesthouse

  • Capacity: 100
  • Location: 1029 Saint Albans Road, Saint Albans, NSW
  • Reception Venues: Outdoors, ground floor

St Joseph's Guesthouse is a unique, non-denominational wedding venue built in the ruins of a 160 year old church. These days, the 5 bedroom retreat serves as an inclusive wedding venue where you can stay with up to 10 guests for 3 days or longer. There is a function space on the ground floor, and you can get married under the original church bell.

Having restored this beautiful building with his own hands, Steve the owner is excited to see how couples of all backgrounds and orientations utilise the spaces. Gay weddings, cultural diverse weddings and marriages of couples from all different backgrounds are excitedly welcomed here.

As St Joseph's is a day time venue with a 7pm curfew, Steve invites you to the private dining area at the family's local pub for evening celebrations. The next day, choose one of the many gathering areas both inside and outside of the guesthouse for a recovery bunch and relax in the plunge pool overlooking stunning country views.

 View St Joseph's Guesthouse

Gay Wedding Venue in the Blue Mountains at Dantosa Estate
12. Dantosa Estate

  • Location: 76 Mort St, Katoomba, NSW 2780
  • Capacity: 16 - 60
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 18
  • Wedding Packages: DIY/BYO

Completely immersed in the Blue Mountains world heritage national park, Dantosa Estate offers a secluded location for intimate weddings with up to 60 guests. Renowned as a gay wedding destination, the picturesque property is available to hire overnight or longer and comes with two onsite cottages sleeping up to 18 guests.

The largest cottage has a dining room that seats up to 60 and overlooks a private lake with a ceremony pontoon. There's plenty of space in the sprawling gardens for an outdoor or marquee wedding and a tennis court offers an alternative reception space under the stars.

 View Dantosa Estate

Gay Wedding Venue in the Blue Mountains - Burnham Grove Estate
13. Burnham Grove Estate

  • Capacity: 150
  • Location: 332 Cawdor Rd, Cawdor, NSW 2570
  • Wedding Venues:  Garden Marquee, Barn, Gardens, Croquet Lawn

Burnham Grove Estate is an LGBT-friendly wedding venue on the border of Sydney & the Blue Mountains. Stunning manicured gardens are the centrepiece of this all-in-one ceremony and reception venue that offers both all-inclusive and BYO wedding packages. A heritage homestead provides accommodation for 6 onsite.

 View Burnham Grove Estate

Blue Mountains wedding venue Secret Creek
14. Secret Creek Cafe

  • Capacity: 70 Seated. 150 Cocktail.
  • Location: 35 Crane Rd, Lithgow, NSW 2790
  • Wedding Venues: Cafe & deck, lawns, sanctuary

Secret Creek Cafe is a vegan eatery and inclusive wedding venue that is welcoming of all gay and lesbian weddings. Located within a 200 acre native wildlife sanctuary, this picturesque and quaint property is one of the most unique ceremony and reception venues in the Blue Mountains.

 View Secret Creek Cafe 

Gay Wedding At Spicers Sangoma Retreat
15. Spicers Sangoma Retreat

  • Capacity: 60
  • Location: 70 Grandview Ln, Bowen Mountain, NSW 2753
  • Wedding Venues: Restaurant & grounds

Spicers Sangoma Retreat is a small gay friendly wedding venue with 6 luxury and unique suites that provide the perfect setting for an intimate wedding weekend. Surrounded by native Australian bush and owner catered, the retreat offers a serene setting for private, intimate and exclusive wedding ceremonies and receptions. 

 View Spicers Sangoma Retreat

LGBTQIA wedding venue - Seclusions Blue Mountains
16. Seclusions Blue Mountains

  • Capacity: 150
  • Location: 209 Martins Rd, Rydal, NSW 2790
  • Wedding Venues: Barn, Boat Shed, Amphitheatre

Seclusions is a 20 acre country property that proudly supports gay marriage on its stunning landscape. Ceremony venues include a unique circular amphitheatre with expansive views across the Blue Mountains countryside. 6 Luxurious spa cabins with ample spacing between set the scene for a romantic and intimate wedding in a private location for the weekend.

 View Seclusions Blue Mountains

Gay Wedding Venues in Byron Bay

Midginbil Gay wedding location
17. Midginbil Eco Resort

  • Location: 252 Midginbil Rd, Midginbil, NSW 2484
  • Capacity: 150
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 150+
  • Wedding Packages: 3 day/2 night BYO

If you're looking for a fun place to get married where all your guests can stay onsite with you and have an after-party bonfire with no curfew, let us introduce Midginbil Eco Resort. This picturesque wilderness retreat is set within 400 acres of beautiful rainforest in the hinterland region of Byron Bay and comes with a reception barn, a choice of 3 ceremony sites and beds for 150 guests.

Accommodation includes an amazing village of safari tents that each have their own timber balconies overlooking beautiful views of Nightcap National Park. There's also glamping tents, cottage style accommodation, a swimming pool, tennis & volleyball courts, plenty of space for backyard cricket and a guesthouse where breakfast & lunch is served to staying guests.

 View Midginbil Eco Resort

Same Sex Wedding Venue in Byron Bay - Earth House
18. The Earthhouse

  • Capacity: 120
  • Location: 334 James Gibson Rd, Corndale, NSW 2480
  • Wedding Venues: Farm, Earthhouse

Uniquely made of rammed earth, the Earthhouse is a 110 acre farm that warmly welcomes same sex weddings in the Byron Bay hinterland. The ceremony and reception venues offer spectacular views of the surrounding countryside and there's a B&B onsite. One venue hire fee enables you to bring your own wedding vendors and choose from recommended caterers.

 View The Earthhouse

LGBT Wedding Venue in Northern NSW - Ardeena Events
19. Ardeena Events

  • Capacity: 130
  • Location: 515 Carool Rd, Carool, NSW 2486
  • Wedding Venues: Farm, Undercover Pavilion

Sitting 1,100 feet above sea level, Ardeena Events is a picturesque wedding ceremony and reception venue with spectacular hinterland and ocean views. This DIY venue is the ideal location for outdoor wedding receptions catered by food trucks and mobile bars. Wedding packages include access to 9 guest rooms. Ardeena recently undertook a same sex wedding styled shoot to attract LGBT weddings to the venue.

 View Ardeena Events

Gay Wedding Venues on the Central Coast

Paradise Botanical Gardens LGBT Wedding Venue
20. Paradise Botanical Gardens

  • Location: Kulnura - Central Coast, NSW
  • Capacity: 230
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 8
  • Wedding Packages: DIY/BYO

Paradise Botanical Gardens is a beautiful gay wedding destination set on 230 acres in the hills of Kulnura. The hidden spot is not terribly well known but harbours some of the most amazing wedding ceremony and reception spaces in the state. 

From heritage roman columns surrounded by rare plants to a secret garden pavilion, Paradise is all about beautiful outdoor weddings. There's a farmhouse style cottage which comes with venue hire and you get 3 days to set up your DIY & BYO celebration.

 View Paradise Botanical Gardens

Gay Friendly wedding venue on the Central Coast - Fernbank Farm
21. Fernbank Farm

  • Capacity: 140
  • Location: 756 Yarramalong Rd, Wyong Creek, NSW 2259
  • Wedding Venues: Marquee, Arbor, Lake

Fernbank Farm is a spacious and modern ceremony and reception venue with two heritage homesteads that you can stay & swim at for the weekend. Choose to get married lakeside or under the unique arbour amidst the venue's 25 acres of stunning gardens. The majestic reception marquee adds a touch of prestige to this ambient wedding location.

Gay Wedding Venues in the Hunter Valley

Gay Friendly Wedding Venue in the Hunter Valley - Leaves & Fishes
22. Leaves & Fishes

  • Location: 737 Lovedale Road, Lovedale, NSW 2325
  • Capacity: 2 - 300
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 12

It's the versatility of Leaves & Fishes that makes this beautiful gay wedding venue so popular with LGBT couples. Set within lush rainforest and tropical gardens is a sunken Tuscan-style courtyard that's perfect for outdoor celebrations or marquee weddings for up to 300 guests.

For smaller celebrations the property features a luxe-rustic wedding hall that has a candlelit roman bath behind a glass wall at one end. Micro weddings can be hosted on the deck of a two bedroom villa that sits over a flowering Lotus Lake at the centre of the property, along with four other boathouses spaced along the lake's perimeter. 

 View Leaves & Fishes

Gay wedding venue Wallaringa Farm
23. Wallaringa Farm

  • Location: 321 Wallaringa Road, Wallaringa, NSW 2420
  • Capacity: 12
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 8
  • Wedding Packages: DIY/BYO

This private residence at Wallaringa Farm sits within the rolling hills of the Dungog Shire and overlooks lush paddocks of grazing Wallaringa Horses. The property is a gay friendly wedding venue that caters for tiny celebrations with a maximum of 12 guests and comes as a 'dry hire venue' so you can bring your preferred wedding vendors.

The house has 3 luxury bedrooms, a covered event deck and beautiful lawns perfect for a romantic country picnic. We highly recommend roaming this beautiful farm to find yourself your own little magic spot to say "I do". Then pop champagne on the deck and watch the beautiful Hunter Valley sunset.

 View Wallaringa Farm

Same Sex wedding venue in the Hunter Valley Chateau Elan
24. Chateau Elan Resort

  • Capacity: 170
  • Location: Vintage Dr, Rothbury, NSW 2320
  • Wedding Venues: Chapel, Rotunda, 2 Reception Venues, Bar

Chateau Elan is an LGBT friendly resort that offers wedding and elopement packages for ceremonies & receptions of any size. The immaculately manicured grounds include a sandstone non-denominational chapel with a courtyard which is ideal for small outdoor receptions. A luxurious day spa, pool, golf course and spacious villas offer the perfect setting for a weekend away with family and friends.

 View Chateau Elan Resort

Gay wedding venue in the Hunter Valley - Enzo
25. Enzo Weddings Hunter Valley

  • Capacity: 150
  • Location: 694 Hermitage Rd, Pokolbin, NSW 2320
  • Wedding venues: Winery, Chapel, Restaurant

The chapel at Enzo is one of the Hunter Valley's crowning jewels. With floor to ceiling glass windows that look out over rows of picturesque grape vines, Enzo is the ideal spot for an all-weather winery ceremony. Receptions are held in the restaurant which is an intimate space that can be styled around the feature sandstone pillars. All inclusive wedding packages start at $195/pp and there's an onsite cottage available to book.

 View Enzo

Lesbian wedding venue in the Hunter Valley Estate Tuscany
26. Estate Tuscany

  • Capacity: 300
  • Location: Mistletoe Ln &, Hermitage Rd, Pokolbin, NSW 2320
  • Wedding Venues: Restaurant, Courtyard

Estate Tuscany is a stunning ceremony and reception venue with views across the vines to the Brokenback Ranges. The relaxed location and spectacular scenery make this estate one of the most popular spots in NSW for outdoor weddings.  Tuscan style hotel rooms provide accommodation for 80 and the 2 onsite eateries can cater meals for the duration of your stay. 

 View Estate Tuscany

LGBT wedding reception venue in the Hunter Valley - Bimbagen Estate
27. Bimbadgen Estate

  • Capacity: 50 - 300
  • Location: 409 Palmers Ln, Pokolbin, NSW 2320
  • Reception Venues: Restaurant, Marquee, Outdoors

Bimbadgen Estate is a picturesque vineyard and popular location for same sex weddings.  Ceremony venues include hilltop spots with stunning mountain views or an intimate pontoon between lush vines. 3 self contained cottages sleep 20 guests onsite. 

 View Bimbadgen Estate

Same sex wedding venue in the Hunter Valley Peterson House28. Peterson House

  • Capacity: 30 - 200
  • Location: 2457 Broke Rd, Pokolbin, NSW 2320
  • Reception Venues: Restaurant, Marquee, Chapel

Located in the centre of the Hunter Valley, Peterson House offers a choice of ceremony and reception venues depending on the size of your guest list. Choose from the gardens or architecturally designed Peterson House​ Chapel for your wedding ceremony. The chapel can be transformed into a unique location for small wedding receptions of up to 40 guests. 

 View Peterson House

LGBTQIA wedding venue in the Hunter Valley - Redleaf Estate
29. Redleaf Wollombi

  • Capacity: 12 - 250
  • Location: 2480 Wollombi Rd, Wollombi, NSW 2325
  • Reception Venues: Courtyard, Marquee, Garden House

Redleaf Wollombi is an expansive 100 acre country retreat featuring a 6 bedroom luxury homestead and Tuscan courtyard at its centrepiece. The estate offers a choice of garden ceremony and reception venues including popular outdoor 'long table' or marquee weddings. A very private and intimate location that is welcoming of couples in all denominations. 

 View Redleaf Wollombi

Same Sex wedding venue in the Hunter Valley - Adams Peak Country Estate
30. Adams Peak Country Estate & The Barn

  • Capacity: 180
  • Location: 66 Adams Peak Rd, Broke, NSW 2330
  • Reception Venues: Barn, Hay Shed

Adams Peak Country Estate is an all-in-one pet friendly wedding venue with a love is love ethos. Venue hire includes exclusive use of the entire property, the two barns and 2 nights luxury accommodation for 24 people. Weddings at Adams Peak are private, serene and enjoy extensive regional views over the Hunter Valley countryside.

 View Adams Peak Country Estate

Lesbian wedding venue - Wallalong House
31. Wallalong House

  • Capacity: 150
  • Location: 76 Wallalong Rd, Wallalong, NSW 2320
  • Reception Venues: Marquee

With a majestic Indian Tent that features marble bars and polished floors, Wallalong House is an off-the-beaten-track wedding venue with a touch of country luxury. This LGBTQI+ friendly venue has a stunning spot under a 200 year old fig tree where you can exchange vows with picturesque views of the Hunter Valley country side all around you. Stay the weekend with 19 of your nearest and dearest.

 View Wallalong House

Gay Wedding Venues in the Illawarra

Ravensthorpe Estate Gay weddings
32. Ravensthorpe Guesthouse

  • Location: Albion Park, NSW
  • Capacity: 200
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 14
  • Wedding Packages: All inclusive

Ravensthorpe Guesthouse is a favourite wedding destination of LGBT couples and is a sort of bed & breakfast venue in that it comes with accommodation for 14 in 3 seperate dwellings with breakfast included for all staying guests. There's a swimming pool & tennis court, lush country gardens with a chandelier rotunda, a conservatory & marquee reception spaces and an intimate outdoor courtyard.

 View Ravensthorpe Guesthouse

Coolangatta Estate same sex weddings
33. Coolangatta Estate

  • Location: 1335 Bolong Road, Coolangatta, NSW 2535
  • Capacity: 2 - 200
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 70
  • Wedding Packages: All inclusive + DIY
  • Elopement Packages: All inclusive

If you're looking for a gay friendly wedding venue with historic rustic vibes, Coolangatta Estate is the site of first settlement in the Shoalhaven Region. Surrounded by bush covered hills and rows of beautiful vines, the 100 acre property has a convict built reception hall and 26 unit motel, plus beautiful gardens that include a hedge rimmed croquet lawn & huge fairy-lit fig trees.

 View Coolangatta Estate

Interbane House LGBT Wedding Venue
34. Interbane House

  • Location: 8 Lawrence Hargrave Drive, Stanwell Park, NSW 2508
  • Capacity: 50
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 18
  • Wedding Packages: DIY/BYO

Interbane House is a private wedding estate that welcomes gay marriages in the gardens and small celebrations within the house and grounds afterwards. This beautiful Airbnb has insane views across the southern coastline of NSW and features 5 spacious bedrooms, an open planning living & kitchen area suitable for functions and a covered outdoor entertaining space.

 View Interbane House

The Pavilion Gay friendly Function Centre
35. The Pavilion Kiama

  • Location: 2 Bong Bong Street, Kiama, NSW 2533
  • Capacity: 80 - 400
  • Wedding Packages: All inclusive 

The Pavilion Kiama is an oceanfront function venue with hotel accommodation within a few hundred metres. Gay weddings are warmly welcomed and you can host both your ceremony and reception onsite, with both indoor and outdoor areas suitable for exchanging vows.

All inclusive wedding packages are super affordable and venue hire comes with a wet weather ceremony option in the beautiful entrance foyer. 

 View The Pavilion Kiama

Gay Wedding Venues in Newcastle

LGBT wedding venue in Newcastle - Stanley Park
36. Stanley Park

  • Capacity: 200
  • Location: 77 Fullerton Cove Rd, Fullerton Cove, NSW 2318
  • Wedding Venues Grounds, Barn

Stanley Park is a large heritage estate on the waterfront in Newcastle. The expansive grounds are an ideal location for outdoor ceremonies and long table receptions and there's a large barn onsite for indoor wedding receptions. Venue hire includes exclusive use of the grounds and there's places to stay onsite for 15 guests.

 View Stanley Park

Gay Wedding Venues on the North Coast

Goolawah Retreat Lesbian Wedding Venue
37. Goolawah Retreat

  • Location: 288 Point Plomer Rd, Crescent Head NSW 2440
  • Capacity: 30 - 150
  • Sleeps: 32 + camping
  • Wedding Packages: DIY/BYO

Goolawah Retreat is a 3 day wedding venue with 5 self contained cottages that sleep up to 32 guests. The property is located on the coast and has beautiful ocean views, loads of space including for camping and an all-weather open air events pavilion with an adjoining courtyard.

Nestled within peaceful bushland, Goolawah is particularly well suited to festival & food truck style celebrations. Pets are welcome and there are no neighbours and hence, no curfew.

 View Goolawah Retreat

North Coast Wedding Venue Longview Farm
38. Longview Farm

  • Capacity: 120
  • Location: 95 Longview Cl, Caffreys Flat, NSW 2424
  • Wedding Venues: Rotating House, Barn

We don't have a same sex wedding to show you at Longview Farm yet but this all-in-one ceremony and reception venue is a regular listing in LGBT wedding directories. Centred around a luxury rotating house where small weddings are well suited, the farm offers riverfront locations for wedding ceremonies and a barn for larger receptions. Wedding packages include multi-day venue hire with late curfew and optional glamping.

 View Longview Farm

Gay Wedding Venues in the Riverina

Same sex wedding venue in the Riverina - Kimo Estate
39. Kimo Estate

  • Capacity: 200
  • Location: 1218 Nangus Rd, Nangus, NSW 2722
  • Reception Venues: Grain Shed

Kimo Estate is a property to get lost on. The 7,000 acre working farm and same sex friendly wedding venue has a choice of eco huts and cottages to stay at the weekend. It's also a pet friendly ceremony venue. Rustic receptions are held in the 115 year old high ceiling, tin walled grain shed. 

 View Kimo Estate

Same sex wedding venue in Wagga Wagga - Cottontail Wines40. Cottontail Wines

  • Capacity: 40 - 175
  • Location: 562 Pattersons Rd, Eunanoreenya, NSW 2650
  • Wedding Venues: Restaurant & Cafe

Cottontail Wines is a 100 acre vineyard and LGBT+ wedding venue with landscaped gardens and uninterrupted country views. All inclusive + ceremony only wedding packages available & choice of two reception spaces.

 View Cottontail Wines

Gay Wedding Venues on the South Coast

LGBT wedding venue in the Shoalhaven - Figbird Cottage
41. Figbird Cottage

  • Capacity: 150+ 
  • Location: 330 Comerong Island Rd, Terara, NSW 2540
  • Reception Venues: Gardens, Marquee

Figbird Cottage is one of the most beautiful same sex wedding venues on the South Coast with stunning English-style gardens surrounded by picturesque dairy paddocks. The gardens are entered via white ornamental gates and through an 8 metre overhead arbour covered in romantic fairy lights.

Facilities within the gardens include a permanent European marquee which adjoins a cocktail lawn where food trucks and drink carts or ice cream bikes are well suited. Venue hire includes the option for day hire, or you can hire the property for 3 days/2 nights with cottage accommodation for 8 guests onsite. All inclusive elopement packages also available.

 View Figbird Cottage

Willow Farm gay weddings
42. Willow Farm Berry

  • Location: Galls Lane, Berry - South Coast, NSW
  • Capacity: 130
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 10
  • Wedding Packages: BYO

Willow Farm is one of the best DIY wedding destinations in New South Wales with 160 picturesque farming acres exclusively yours for 2 nights and 3 days. Situated 5 minutes from the beach and the beautiful town of Berry, there is plenty of local accommodation and things to do for guests nearby.

Willow Farm comes with a rustic entertaining shed, outdoor wedding areas suitable for marquees, tipis or tables on the grass, a yoga barn and a farmhouse that sleeps 10. The owners take care of your set up & pack down and things like RSA staff, while you are free to hire in your preferred styling items and caterers. BYO drinks.

 View Willow Farm Berry

Fig Tree Park LGBT Wedding Place
43. Fig Tree Park

  • Location: 58 Sherringham Lane, Central Tilba, NSW 2546
  • Capacity: 2 - 200
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 2
  • Wedding Packages: DIY/BYO
  • Elopement Packages: All inclusive (BYO celebrant)

Fig Tree Park is a European style residence set on a country hilltop overlooking the ocean just near Tilba Tilba. The views, beautifully manicured gardens and surrounding paddocks of friendly horses make the grounds of this estate one of the best locations for outdoor weddings in New South Wales.

Property hire comes with elegant outdoor furniture for seated weddings on the lawn or under a huge fairy-lit fig tree and at night this space becomes even more magical with hundreds of lights illuminating the gardens in a soft romantic glow. There's a cute barn that sleeps 2 - making this property ideal for romantic elopements or larger weddings alike.

 View Fig Tree Park

South Coast Wedding Venue Kullindi Homestead
44. Kullindi Homestead

  • Capacity: 20 - 200
  • Location: Booderee National Park, Ellmoos Rd, Jervis Bay, NSW 2540
  • Wedding Venues: Marquee, Lawns

Kullindi Homestead is an historic wedding venue with spacious lawns on the edge of Sussex Inlet waterway. An invitation to plan same sex wedding ceremonies and receptions on the waterfront property is extended on the home page of Kullindi's website. Stay the weekend in five self-contained units, plus there's plenty of space for glamping.

 View Kullindi Homestead

Same sex wedding venue on the South Coast - Terara Riverside Gardens
45. Terara Riverside Gardens

  • Capacity: 120
  • Location: 135 Terara Rd, Terara, NSW 2540
  • Reception Venues: Barn, Greenhouse, Marquee

With 5 acres of manicured grounds on the Shoalhaven River, Terara Riverside Gardens is an idyllic location for outdoor ceremonies and wedding receptions. The property features lots of great spots for group photos and couple portraits with the jetty a particular favourite for intimate couple shots. The Greenhouse is perfect for small wedding receptions & popular with same sex elopements.

 View Terara Riverside Gardens

Gay Wedding Venues in the Southern HighlandsSame sex wedding venue in the Southern Highlands - Mali Brae Farm

46. Mali Brae Farm

  • Capacity: 10 - 110
  • Location: 562 Nowra Rd, Moss Vale, NSW 2577
  • Wedding Venues: Hay Shed, Luxe-Rustic Barn, Gardens

Mali Brae Farm is a boutique wedding venue on 90 private acres. There are 6 ceremony locations to choose from including landscaped gardens with extensive regional views.  Reception venues include an elegantly transformed hay shed which retains its rustic origins & the luxe Augustine's Room with capacity of 10 - 55 for elopements and small weddings. If wedding photos are a priority you'll love Mali Brae Farm, there's loads of gorgeous spots to canoodle while your photographer does their thing.

 View Mali Brae Farm

Same Sex wedding venue Growwild
47. Growwild Wildflower Farm

  • Capacity: 50 - 100
  • Location: 916 Old Hume Hwy, Alpine, NSW 2575
  • Wedding Venues: Gardens, marquee, micro barn

Growwild Wildflower Farm was recently taken over by young couple Jane & Lukas who were married on the farm themselves. In keeping with the DIY nature of the property they welcome all couples to celebrate their love amongst the romantic wildflowers in whatever shape, style & format that you fancy. 

 View Growwild Wildflower Farm

Gay Friendly Wedding Venue Briars
48. Briars Conservatory

  • Location: 653 Moss Vale Rd, Burradoo, NSW 2576
  • Capacity: 200
  • Wedding Packages: 80+ People
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 130

Briars is a sought after gay wedding destination owing to its convenient Southern Highlands location, onsite hotel where guests can book their own rooms, gorgeous gardens featuring a private lake-front rotunda and the light-filled conservatory that lends a modern elegance to relaxed country weddings.

One of the best things about weddings at this 15 acre rural delight is Briars Inn which is a short walk from both the conservatory and hotel. The Inn has private dining rooms that are ideal for a welcome night dinner or post wedding recovery, plus a public bar where guests can adjourn between your ceremony & reception and as an after-party venue later in the night.

 View Briars Conservatory

Gay Wedding Venue in the Southern Highlands - Fitzroy House
49. Fitzroy Inn

  • Capacity: 150
  • Location: 1 Ferguson Cres, Mittagong, NSW 2575
  • Wedding Venues: Guest House, Marquee

Fitzroy Inn is an historic guest house that provides an elegant and intimate setting for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Same sex weddings are welcomed to this 5 acre piece of paradise where you can choose from a grand marquee setting or the flexible guest house which has 3 spaces to utilise for your ceremony, reception and dining. Manicured gardens provide a gorgeous spot for photos and there's boutique accommodation for 30 guests on the pet friendly property. 

 View Fitzroy Inn

Gay Wedding Venues in Sydney

Blue Mountains wedding venues Botanic Gardens
50. Australian Botanic Gardens Mount Annan

  • Capacity: 200
  • Location: 362 Narellan Rd, Mount Annan, NSW 2567
  • Wedding Venues: Event Centre, Lakeside Pavilion, Marquee, Gardens

The Australian Botanic Gardens in Mount Annan is a listed venue in several same sex wedding directories. The gardens offer a choice of ceremony locations which you can hire without a reception package. Indoor and outdoor reception venues cater for all wedding sizes.

 View Australian Botanic Gardens 

LGBTQIA wedding venue in the Blue Mountains - Chapel Hill Retreat
51. Chapel Hill Retreat

  • Location: 36 Berambing Crest, Berambing, NSW 2758
  • Capacity: 150
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 36
  • Wedding Packages: All inclusive

Chapel Hill Retreat is a gay friendly wedding location that borders the Blue Mountains National Park and has breathtaking views over surrounding bush-covered hills and valleys. Venue hire includes exclusive use of the entire 35 acre retreat with a choice of 7 ceremony and reception venues to decide between.

Popular wedding ceremony spots include a hilltop chapel (non-denominational), an avenue of Oak Trees, a natural bush cathedral and a mountains viewing deck. Receptions can be hosted under the stars on the deck or in the gardens, plus there's a modern events room with polished timber floors and all-white walls. Optional accommodation is in 7 self contained cottages.

 View Chapel Hill Retreat

Gay Wedding Venue Saints Event Centre
52. Saints Event Centre

  • Location: Boronia Road, North Saint Marys, NSW 2760
  • Capacity: 20 - 500
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 250+
  • Wedding Packages: $55+/pp

Saints Event Centre is one of the most affordable gay wedding venues in Sydney with packages starting at just $55 per person. The state-of-the-art event spaces are located within the St Mary's League Club and there are 6 reception rooms to suit wedding receptions of all sizes.

Hot tip - one of the event spaces is an elegant reception venue that overlooks the playing fields and comes with its own private bar. Travelling guests will love the 4 star Holiday Inn situated a short walk across the road and within an easy drive of the 3 Sisters in the Blue Mountains.

 View Saints Event Centre

Butchers Daughter gay wedding venue
53. Butchers Daughter

  • Location: 11-15 Alexander Street, Crows Nest, NSW 2065
  • Capacity: 100
  • Wedding Packages: All inclusive from $145/pp

Love flowers? You'll love Butchers Daughter! This shop front in Crows Nest is the studio of one of Sydney's most creative florists. The intimate studio comes as a blank canvas with Bridget Ditte bringing your styling vision to life in her signature aesthetic which typically involves bold installations of unusual shapes, neon rope lights, coloured glass vases and a riot of candles.

Up to 50 guests can be seated in this space or it fits 100 for cocktail events. Catering centres around the shared feast ethos and drink packages are available or you can BYO.

 View Butchers Daughter

Same sex wedding venue in Sydney - The Freedom Hub

54. The Freedom Hub Ethical Weddings

  • Capacity: 100 seated, 150 cocktail
  • Location: 283 Young St, Waterloo, NSW 2017
  • Wedding Venues: Warehouse

Aside from being an LGBT friendly wedding venue, The Freedom Hub is also an urban space that contributes to a purpose. The large industrial style venue & cafe supports people who have experienced modern day slavery or human trafficking. The blank canvas is perfect to style as your own and all-inclusive or BYO wedding packages are available.

 View The Freedom Hub

Same sex wedding venue in Sydney - Chiswick
55. Chiswick

  • Capacity: 70 seated,  70 cocktail
  • Location: 65 Ocean St, Woollahra, NSW 2025
  • Wedding Venues: Private Dining, Restaurant, Garden

Matt Moran's Chiswick is an all-in-one ceremony and reception venue that's particularly ideal for foodie weddings. The gardens provide a picturesque setting for ceremonies and canapes, and there's a semi-private dining room that seats up to 40 guests or the main dining room available for exclusive hire. The signature cocktails come highly recommended.

 View Chiswick

Same sex wedding venue Sydney - Three Williams Cafe
56. Three Williams Cafe

  • Capacity: 70 seated, 120 cocktail
  • Location: 613A Elizabeth St, Redfern, NSW 2016
  • Wedding Venues: Restaurant
  • Receptions: Wedding packages from $110/pp + venue hire fee from $1,500

Three Williams Cafe has an urban warehouse vibe and a lovely intimate atmosphere. The space is perfectly suited to small sit down weddings or cocktail receptions and wedding packages are very budget-friendly by Sydney standards. 

 View Three Williams Cafe

Same sex wedding venue in Sydney - Kittyhawk
57. Kittyhawk

  • Capacity: 110 seated, 175 cocktail
  • Location: 16 Phillip Ln, Sydney, NSW 2000
  • Wedding Venues: Multiple Rooms

Kittyhawk is a French restaurant, cocktail bar and a favourite venue for LGBT weddings in the centre of Sydney's CBD district. Spaces are themed around the liberation of Paris in 1944. The unique function venues are just as suitable for small weddings and elopements as they are for larger weddings.

 View Kittyhawk

Same Sex wedding venue University of Sydney

58. University of Sydney

  • Capacity: 10 - 500
  • Location: Camperdown, NSW 2006
  • Wedding Venues: Choice of ceremony venues
  • Receptions: Catering packages by HostCo

Sydney University boasts a number of ceremony spaces within its grounds and a choice of reception venues that enjoy all the character and charm of the location's heritage. From the grand Refectory seating up to 500 to the Chancellor's Room that seats up to 25, the University of Sydney caters for all same sex weddings big and small.

 View University of Sydney

Gay Wedding Venues in Country NSW

Lesbian Friendly Wedding Venue Mountain View
59. Mountain View Farm

  • Location: 11 Mount Dromedary Trail, Tilba Tilba, NSW 2546
  • Capacity: 2 - 120
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 2 - 14
  • Wedding Packages: DIY/BYO

One of the most romantic gay friendly wedding venues in NSW is Mountain View Farm, situated under the atmospheric gaze of Mount Gulaga. This picturesque country property offers an authentic farm setting for relaxed celebrations and comes with an open-sided dairy shed, adjoining courtyard and 4 acres of gardens with a quaint iron altar. 

Every year for 6 weeks at the start of Spring, the Mountain View Farm Daisy Fields burst into bloom and create a spectacular backdrop for weddings. Each season the delightful owner/operator crafts a one-of-a-kind aisle and altar into the middle of the fields where up to 25 guests can be present to witness highly romantic micro weddings & elopements.

 View Mountain View Farm

LGBT Wedding Venue Glencara
60. Glencara Country Estate

  • Location: 706 Jerrybang Lane, Monteagle, NSW 2594
  • Capacity: 2 - 160
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 2 + glamping/camping
  • Wedding Packages: DIY/BYO

Glencara is a brand new addition to the best gay wedding venues in NSW, bringing a unique rustic maze to country garden parties. This vibrant 10 hectare farm is located in the hilltops region of NSW near Young and centres around an historic farmhouse where a series of outdoor rooms provide interactive riddles and other fun things to explore with a glass of wine in hand.

Weddings at Glencara are best celebrated in the side seasons when the weather is temperate and the surrounding paddocks are either lush green with wheat fields in Autumn or bright yellow with Canola in Spring. Facilities include an outdoor reception lawn, space for a marquee, a rustic wedding barn and a romantic cottage for two.

 View Glencara Country Estate

And there you have 60 amazingly awesome same sex wedding venues in NSW. Now all that's left to do is enquire with your favourites to see if they're available on your preferred wedding date. Use the enquiry form on any listing above to request a copy of their wedding packages too.

And since you know that all of these ceremony and reception venues are LGBT friendly, you can expect warm and welcoming responses and probably a few overly excited ones too. Happy planning! 

Cover Image: Cavanagh Photography

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Australia's Best Wedding Chapels

Wedding Chapels: Australia | NSW | QLD

Looking for a wedding chapel that welcomes ceremonies of any religion as well as civil celebrations? Listed below you'll find 20 of the most beautiful, atmospheric and utterly spectacular wedding chapels in Australia.

All of these wedding chapels and churches are non-denominational wedding venues that welcome couples of all faiths, backgrounds and orientations. You can bring your own minister of religion or choose a civil celebrant to marry you, and most are in locations where you can have wedding photos on the grounds after your service.

Australia's wedding chapels come in a vast assortment of styles. From traditional church-like structures with wooden pews and glass stained windows to modern neon spaces with disco balls and turntable tunes. Vegas style weddings are becoming ever more popular with most states now home to rad little non-traditional chapels - some are transportable.

In our country regions you'll find an inspiring assortment of places to get married including open air chapels, pitched roof pavilions and modern all-white churches that come with epic views or beautifully curated altars. There's even chapel Airbnbs.

Some of these wedding venues with chapels are located at 3 day destinations where you need to book your reception and onsite accommodation with the venue for access to the chapel. For your convenience, we've specified which wedding chapels are able to be hired for ceremonies only.  

Here are 20 of Australia's best wedding chapels...

Wedding Venues With Chapels

NSW Chapels
VIC Chapels
QLD Chapels
WA Chapels
SA Chapels
TAS Chapels

Wedding Chapels in NSW

The Woods Bush Chapel
1. The Woods Bush Chapel

  • Location: Tomerong - South Coast, NSW
  • Capacity: 200
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 120
  • Wedding Packages: All Inclusive

Hidden in the woods just a few minutes from Jervis Bay, The Woods Farm has one of the most unique wedding chapels in Australia. This open air, rustic bush chapel features a mirrored altar, chandeliers and a grand entrance aisle through a series of jasmine-covered arbors that curve through native bushland.

The fairytale-like property is available to hire for destination weddings with 70 - 120 wedding guests staying onsite with you. Luxury 3 bedroom cottages and a permanent glamping village set the scene for a weekend of fun in the many communal gathering areas. The chandelier-filled reception venue is as unique as the bush chapel.

 View The Woods Farm

St Josephs Catholic Church
2. St Joseph's Guesthouse

  • Location: 1029 Saint Albans Road, Saint Albans, NSW
  • Capacity: 100
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 10
  • Wedding Packages: BYO

The owner of St Joseph's Guesthouse built this chapel wedding venue from the ruins of a 160 year old Catholic Church. The original stone structure now contains 5 luxury bedrooms in the upper 2 stories and an intimate function space on the ground floor.

You can either get married on the front sandstone steps under the original church bell which still works today, inside on the ground floor or in the backyard on top of a circular tank under the building's impressive facade. All inclusive elopement packages are available from $4,800 or you can DIY venue hire from $3,500 inclusive of accommodation.

 View St Joseph's Guesthouse

Goosewing Wedding Chapel
3. Goosewing Cottage

  • Location: 1194 Mount View Rd, Mount View, NSW 2325
  • Capacity: 20
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 12
  • Elopement Packages: All inclusive

This magical wedding chapel is located in the iconic Hunter Valley wine region and is surrounded by lush farmland and the relaxed scene of rolling green hills. Goosewing Cottage is a specialist micro wedding and elopement venue that offers all affordable all-inclusive packages for ceremonies with 2 - 20 guests from $3,295.

All wedding packages at Goosewing Cottage provide exclusive use of the wedding chapel, a choice of popular marriage celebrants and wedding photos by one of the best photographers in NSW. Other inclusions can be added such as a wedding video, cake, florals and accommodation for up to 12 people in two onsite cottages (one of which has a pool).

 View Goosewing Cottage

Lords Estate Sydney Wedding Chapel
4. Lords Estate Chapel

Location: 313 Seven Hills Rd, Seven Hills, NSW 2147
Capacity: 2 - 100
Wedding Packages: DIY/BYO

Lords Estate Chapel is a refurbished & deconsecrated 140 year old wedding chapel that welcomes civil and religious weddings of all denominations. The light-filled, modernised interior is an ideal blank canvas for wedding ceremonies and elopements, and comes with removable church pews seating up to 80 guests.

Venue hire includes access to private gardens surrounding the chapel providing a wide range of backdrops for wedding photos, and the option to enjoy champagne and cake outside. Private dining for up to 30 guests is available by request inside the chapel which makes an utterly unique reception venue.

 View Lords Estate Chapel

The Lodge Forest Wedding Chapel
5. The Lodge Jamberoo Pine Chapel

  • Location: 406 Jamberoo Mountain Road, Jamberoo, NSW 2533
  • Capacity: 300
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 136
  • Wedding Packages: All inclusive

This beautiful open air chapel is located at a quiet country hotel on a peaceful rural lane just 30 minutes south of Wollongong. The wedding chapel is a tranquil & romantic site to exchange vows set beside a trickling creek and immersed in a natural pine forest cathedral.

As a destination wedding venue, hire of The Lodge comes with 43 renovated hotel rooms which surround a huge outdoor swimming pool. The entire hotel is exclusively yours for the weekend and includes an elegant reception hall, late night bar, onsite restaurant for breakfasts & lunch, pre & post wedding event areas and two large dressing rooms for getting ready.

 View The Lodge Jamberoo

Wedding Chapel At Chapel Hill
6. Chapel Hill Retreat

  • Location: 36 Berambing Crest, Berambing, NSW 2758
  • Capacity: 100
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 36
  • Wedding Packages: All inclusive

Chapel Hill Retreat is aptly named for its quaint wedding chapel that sits in a beautiful hilltop setting just an hour from the Sydney CBD and overlooks stunning views of the world heritage Blue Mountains National Park. The non-denominational ceremony venue features atmospheric stained glass windows and seats up to 70 guests on timber benches (or caters for 100 standing).

Nestled within 35 acres of lush country gardens and with bush-covered hills and valleys beyond, weddings in the chapel come with incredible photo opportunities. The retreat's luxe reception hall and outdoor deck is a short walk from the chapel and the retreat also offers optional accommodation in 6 self contained cottages and a private bridal suite.

 View Chapel Hill Retreat

Charlottes Chapel Weddings
7. Charlotte's Chapel

  • Location: 431 Avoca Drive, Green Point, NSW 2251
  • Capacity: 140
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 6
  • Ceremony Only Packages: Enquire
  • Wedding Packages: All inclusive

Charlotte Chapel at Kantara House is an elegant & all-inclusive destination for private chapel weddings on the NSW Central Coast. Nestled in 4.5 acres of rainforest gardens, the chapel is both private and majestic with an impressive 260kg ringing bell (which comes with its own bell ringer), beautiful hanging chandeliers and enormous gothic-inspired doors.

Kantara House also has an all-weather Green Chapel nestled amongst the trees. This space is covered in a romantic canopy of fairy lights and makes a spectacular spot for a sparkler exit. All inclusive wedding packages cater for seated or cocktail receptions and all furniture including elegant Tiffany chairs are set up for you.

 View Charlotte's Chapel

Pioneer Country Chapel Wedding Venue
8. Plantation Chapel at Pioneer Country

  • Location: Tweed Heads - Northern NSW
  • Capacity: 300
  • Accommodation: Optional glamping
  • Ceremony Only Packages: Yes
  • Reception Packages: All inclusive

The unique plantation style wedding chapel at Pioneer Country is nestled peacefully amongst the property's 200 working acres. Situated just 10 minutes from the Gold Coast Airport, the non-denominational chapel provides a rustic country setting with all the convenience of an inner city location.

The chapel features antique pews that seat 120 guests, a beautiful pitched roof and lattice walls that open to accommodate weddings of up to 300. Also onsite is a barn style reception venue that offers all inclusive wedding packages from $5,000. 

 View Pioneer Country

Wedding Chapels in VIC

The Altar Electric Ceremony Chapel
9. The Altar Electric

  • Location: 299 Johnston Street, Abbotsford, VIC 3067
  • Capacity: 80
  • Ceremony Only Packages: Yes
  • Wedding Packages: All inclusive elopements

The Altar Electric is the hippest little wedding chapel in Australia. Located in inner city Melbourne, the team at The Altar Electric offer easy, fun and memorable experiences from mid week shotgun weddings through to an all inclusive 5 hour wedding party.

Wedding packages start at $1,450 for a 30 minute ceremony including a polaroid of you and your lover plus all the paperwork and legals. Extras include photography, video and live-streaming. Plus you can have Elvis marry you complete with a live song of your choice as you walk down the aisle and a personalised telegram invitation from the King himself.

 View The Altar Electric

Dalywaters Chapel Wedding Venue VIC
10. Dalywaters Wedding Chapel

  • Location: 240 Bungower Road, Mornington, VIC 3931
  • Capacity: 70
  • Ceremony Only Packages: Yes
  • Venue Hire: $2,500

Dalywaters Rose Garden & Wedding Chapel is a picturesque ceremony venue featuring French rose gardens, a vintage all-white chapel, lake & jetty ceremony site and a light filled bridal suite. Chapel weddings include free floral styling from the rose gardens and access to the conservatory bridal suite for 3+ hours on your wedding day. 

Externally, the Dalywaters Chapel is a photographers dream featuring a sixty metre vine covered bridal walk, white weatherboards & lattice, a quaint turret, climbing white roses and ornamental pear trees.  Inside is an intimate open air space with souring white beams, red carpet aisle and the fresh smell of beautiful roses.

 View Dalywaters Wedding Chapel

Inglewood Estate Chapel Wedding Venue VIC
11. Inglewood Estate

  • Location: 130 Eltham-Yarra Glen Road, Kangaroo Ground, VIC 3097
  • Capacity: 110
  • Ceremony Only Packages: Yes
  • Wedding Packages: All inclusive

Immersed in a secluded valley, Inglewood Estate with its vine covered, rustic chapel, renovated hay shed and original timber homestead is a magnificent all inclusive wedding venue. Packages cater for your entire wedding day from getting ready to reception farewells.

The chapel seats 110 guests with plenty of additional standing room and has original antique pews, a harmonium, stained glass windows and wrought iron candelabras. Photo opportunities in the chapel gardens include a beautiful lake & jetty and range of colonial backdrops from replica buildings to horse drawn carts.

 View Inglewood Estate

Trenavin Chapel Wedding Venue
12. Trenavin Chapel

  • Location: 746 Ventnor Road, Ventnor, VIC 3922
  • Capacity: 130
  • Ceremony Only Packages: Yes
  • Venue Hire: From 2hrs - $4,500

The picture perfect Trenavin Chapel is a seaside ceremony venue located on Phillip Island, overlooking the Mornington Peninsula. The non-denominational wedding venue welcomes weddings between all couples with venue hire including access to the grounds for wedding photos.

Adjoining Trenavin Chapel is the Summer House which can be hired in 3 hour blocks for DIY wedding receptions where you arrange your own food & beverages. 

 Trenavin Chapel

Fergusson Winery Chapel Wedding Venue
13. Fergusson Winery

  • Location: 82 Wills Road, Dixons Creek, VIC 3775
  • Capacity: 200
  • Ceremony Only Packages: No
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 6
  • Wedding Packages: All inclusive

Fergusson Winery in the Yarra Valley is an elegant vineyard, restaurant and wedding venue that features an historic and quaint little white wedding chapel. The Forever Chapel seats up to 70 guests in traditional pews for intimate wedding ceremonies and there is a secret garden with gentle flowing creek beside it.

In addition to the chapel, there are two spaces to choose from for your wedding reception. The barrel room is an airy, rustic setting that seats 80 guests amongst beautiful smelling French oak barrels. The restaurant is an ideal light filled space for larger weddings and overlooks the picturesque vines.

 View Fergusson Winery

Wedding Chapels in QLD

White Chapel Kalbar Australia
14. White Chapel Kalbar

  • Location: Kalbar - Scenic Rim, QLD
  • Capacity: 90
  • Ceremony Only Packages: Yes
  • Reception Packages: All inclusive

The historic White Chapel Kalbar is one of Australia’s most beautifully restored country chapels. Located in the quaint Scenic Rim township of Kalbar, the grand white doors open to a modern, light-filled ceremony space complete with vintage chandeliers, elegant white bentwood chairs and a gothic, back-lit altar.

You can hire White Chapel for wedding ceremonies and elopements and have photos in the surrounding gardens where backdrops include a beautiful old barn. Behind the chapel is the aptly named Black Hall, a luxe rustic space that caters for small wedding receptions of up to 85 guests.

 View White Chapel Kalbar

Glass Chapel Daydream Island
15. Glass Chapel at Daydream Island

  • Location: Daydream Island, Whitsundays, QLD
  • Capacity: 2 - 60
  • Accommodation: Sleeps everyone
  • Wedding Packages: All inclusive

The beautiful glass chapel at Daydream Island Resort has a double glass facade that offers sweeping views over the glistening Coral Sea. This world class wedding ceremony venue is located in the Whitsundays just 30 minutes by boat or helicopter from the Queensland coast on the Great Barrier Reef.

The glass chapel can be hired for private wedding ceremonies and elopements, or as part of an all-inclusive island wedding. There is space inside the chapel for up to 40 guests to be seated or 60 standing. The island also has reception facilities including a seaside infinity deck, poolside event spaces and indoor function rooms.

 View Daydream Island

Wedding Chapel on Darling St Brisbane
16. Darling St Wedding Chapel

  • Location: 16 Darling Street East, Ipswich, QLD 4305
  • Capacity: 100
  • Wedding Packages: All inclusive

The Darling St Wedding Chapel in Brisbane's Ipswich region is an affordable and inclusive location for both wedding ceremonies and receptions. The non-denominational venue welcomes couples of all backgrounds, beliefs and orientations to exchange vows and celebrate within the chapel's historic and atmospheric walls. 

While originally built in 1879, the light-filled interior of the chapel has recently undergone a modern facelift and now features a built-in bar, ambient lighting, polished timber floors and blank canvas white walls. The Darling St Chapel can be booked for wedding ceremonies, receptions & elopements and has a courtyard garden perfect for post ceremony canapés.

 View Darling St Wedding Chapel

Wedding Chapels in WA

Big Love Tiny Chapel Weddings
17. Big Love Tiny Chapel

  • Location: Margaret River, WA
  • Capacity: 4 - 100+
  • Ceremony Only Packages: Yes
  • Wedding Packages: 3 hour hire

Big Love Tiny Chapel is a mobile wedding ceremony chapel that can be hired for weddings anywhere in the Margaret River region. For small weddings and elopements the tiny chapel seats 4 guests. For larger weddings you can get married on the porch with your guests watching on from the front of the chapel. 

Big Love Tiny Chapel is owned and operated by celebrant Anita Revel who married herself in a little white chapel in Vegas. You can either hire the chapel separately, or book it together with Anita's fun ceremonies.

 View Big Love Tiny Chapel

Old Broadwater Farm Homestead West Australia
18. Old Broadwater Farm

  • Location: 56 New River Ramble, West Busselton, WA 6280
  • Capacity: 200
  • Sleeps 18
  • Ceremony Only Packages: No
  • Wedding Packages: Inclusive with BYO

One of the newest open-air wedding chapels in Australia is this spectacular ceremony pavilion located at Old Broadwater Farm. The luxe rustic space provides a stunning, all-weather destination for wedding ceremonies and is included with all wedding packages along with your fully catered reception + accommodation for 10.

The pavilion is surrounded by extensive gardens, lush golden paddocks and a huge variety of photography backdrops including a romantic garden swing and rustic barns. A modern, air conditioned marque with in-built dance floors and an outdoor timber deck & paved courtyard set the scene for cocktail hour and your wedding reception.

 View Old Broadwater Farm

Wedding Chapels in SA

Woodburn Homestead Wedding Chapel South Australia
19. Woodburn Homestead

  • Location: 410 Angas Plains Road, Langhorne Creek, SA 5255
  • Capacity: 80
  • Sleeps 12 + glamping
  • Ceremony Only Packages: No
  • Venue Hire: $8,500 - $10,500

Hidden up a country drive lined with long gum trees, the historic Woodburn Homestead and surrounding grounds offer a unique collection of sandstone spaces for your wedding. The most popular of those spaces is the property's iconic open air chapel which was once a barn. The area now features restored stonework and a limestone crush floor that lend a boho rustic vibe to celebrations. 

Set on 42 acres and sleeping 10 in the refurbished homestead plus a bridal suite in The Coach House, Woodburn is an ideal spot for a mid-week or weekend wedding getaway. Venue hire starts at $8,500 including accommodation, onsite catering is $75 - $85/pp and you can BYO alcohol.

 View Woodburn Homestead

Wedding Chapels in TAS

Tailrace Chapel Wedding Venue
20. Tailrace Weddings

  • Location: 1 Waterfront Drive, Riverside, TAS 7250
  • Capacity: 200
  • Ceremony Only Packages: No
  • Wedding Packages: All inclusive

The Chapel Room at Tailrace Weddings is an intimate ceremony and reception venue that seats 20 - 80 guests. The bright and airy room has floor to ceiling glass windows overlooking a beautiful private garden and comes with all inclusive wedding packages with catering. 

In addition to the Chapel Room there are 2 other indoor reception rooms and the secluded Willow Lawn that offers a private alfresco space surrounded by tall picturesque trees for outdoor ceremonies & receptions. Tailrace also has a children’s play centre onsite and provide supervision on request for kids to play during the reception.

 View Tailrace Weddings

Gone are the days where wedding chapels in Australia were limited to traditional heritage style churches. From little chapels on wheels to open air, luxe-rustic structures with mirror altars and chandeliers. Ceremony locations across Australia have given the chapel wedding a modern makeover. 

For couples wanting a ceremony-only package, please note many chapels at the destination wedding venues listed above may allow you to book just a ceremony if its mid week and within 3 months of your wedding Higher revenue bookings need to be prioritised at other times but most venues love to accommodate couples wherever they can. So if you're in love with a specific wedding chapel, don't be scared to ask. 

Cover Image: Shannon Stent

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