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Hey legends

“Two things about Dane – he is stealthy as heck and has a heart of gold. He will befriend all your buddies and charm your mum.”

I also like to think I take some pretty epic photos along the way, but I’m probably biased and absolutely not to be trusted.

I was an engineer for 8 years, working for a big firm until I lucked into a couple of weddings and decided to throw away all that stability and those big corporate dollars to give this crazy excuse for a career a shot because I couldn’t think of anything more worthwhile that I’d rather be doing. I still can’t.

Whether by asking you to tell each other stories about your relationship, or inviting your dad who’s been nervously pacing the house and fidgeting all morning to come and escort you out of your room so you get a moment alone together, I never manufacture fake emotion but will unashamedly do everything I can to facilitate evocative, genuine moments between you and those you care about.

But at the end of the day that’s secondary, as it’s inevitably the unplanned moments that say the most. As such, for 90% of the day I take a photojournalistic approach, anticipating and capturing both the big and little moments along the way in an honest, raw manner.

If you’re after someone to capture your wedding unobtrusively and artfully – and charm the pants off of your mum (figuratively speaking) along the way, I’d love to chat.

Let’s make some freakin’ magic together.
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