How to Elope in Australia

Eloping in Australia is easy and fun!  There’s very few mandatory tasks that are required to make the wedding legal and plenty of stunning locations and options to choose from to celebrate in your own special way.

From micro weddings to secret weddings and elopements, Australia has all the options you could ever need to plan precisely the kind of small wedding you want.  And without the worry of having to pay for a hundred extra heads, you’re free to create the wedding you deserve.  

Here’s how to make an elopement in Australia everything you hope it will be... 

Ultimate Guide to Eloping in Australia

What is an elopement?
How to elope
Elopement Packages
Cost of eloping
Elopement Checklist
Elopement FAQ

What Is An Elopement?

An elopement is a small & legally binding wedding ceremony with 2 - 30 guests that involves the same formalities of a traditional wedding ceremony. Eloping often refers to getting married in secret with the goal of having fewer people present, saving money and ensuring the focus of the wedding is on what's important to the couple.

Elopements have evolved over the last 20 years in line with social & economic trends. Whereas 20 years ago a couple who eloped were likely doing so in secret without the approval of parents. These days elopements are highly likely to involve the couple's parents as one of a handful of wedding guests to receive an invitation.

How To Elope

The one & only thing you need to elope in Australia is an authorised marriage celebrant who will officiate your wedding and organise and submit your legal paperwork. Everything beyond the celebrant is optional, and where you can put your personal touches to this very special day - or weekend - or week. 

There are no rules when it comes to eloping. You can do whatever the heck you like, however the heck you like - with the words "I do" thrown in at precisely whenever the heck you like. There are however three legalities that need to be ticked off to make your marriage official. 

To be legally wed by elopement in Australia you must:
  1. Complete a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) at least one month before your wedding date
  2. Provide ID as requested by your celebrant
  3. Attend your wedding ceremony, repeat the required wording & sign the marriage register

Elopement Packages

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to elope in Australia is to book an elopement package with a venue that specialises in small and intimate weddings. The best elopement wedding venues in Australia offer two distinct packages:

  • All Inclusive Elopement - includes your venue, a choice of 2 or 3 celebrants, a photographer and a legal marriage ceremony with all official paperwork submitted for you
  • Semi Inclusive Elopement - includes your venue and you get to choose & book your own celebrant & photographer

Here's a list of Australia's most beautiful places to elope with a price guide for elopement packages available at each venue:

Goosewing Cottage Easy Elopements
1. Goosewing Cottage Country Elopements

  • Location: Hunter Valley, NSW
  • Capacity: 2 - 20
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 2 - 12

The little timber chapel at Goosewing Cottage is a purpose-built elopement venue that caters for intimate weddings with 2 - 20 guests (plus children). The picturesque farm stay offers affordable elopement packages from $3,295 including a celebrant of your choice, an award winning photographer and four hours venue hire for your wedding ceremony & photos.

Goosewing Cottage has optional accommodation in two onsite cottages that sleep 8 and 4 guests respectively. The larger of the cottages has a swimming pool and spacious kitchen suitable for a chef to cater for private dining.

 Contact Goosewing Cottage

Daydream Island Beach Elopement
2. Daydream Island Beach & Chapel Elopements

  • Location: Daydream Island, Whitsundays, QLD
  • Capacity: 2 - 300
  • Accommodation: Sleeps everyone

Daydream Island Resort in the beautiful Whitsundays is a world class destination to elope on the iconic Great Barrier Reef. Semi inclusive elopement packages start at $4,500 and allow you to choose and book your own celebrant and photographer. Elopement ceremonies are held in a stunning glass chapel that overlooks the Coral Sea, on a seaside infinity deck or any of the island's secluded beaches.

 View Daydream Island

St Josephs Country Elopement Venue
3. St Joseph's Guesthouse Airbnb Elopements

  • Address: Hawkesbury - Sydney, NSW
  • Capacity: 10 - 100
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 10

St Joseph's Guesthouse is one of Australia's most unique places to elope and is situated an hour from Sydney by road and car ferry. The historic Airbnb was built from the ruins of an old Catholic Church and sits quietly on a hill overlooking beautiful Australian bush.

Venue hire for DIY elopements is $3,500 including 2 nights accommodation. All inclusive elopement packages are also available from $4,800 including a choice of celebrants, photographer, florals, wedding cake, grazing platter & champagne.

 View St Joseph's Guesthouse

Chapel Hill Mountain Elopement Packages
4. Chapel Hill Retreat Private Elopements

  • Location: 36 Berambing Crest, Berambing, NSW 2758
  • Capacity: 150
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 34

Chapel Hill Retreat is a 35 acre private property set on the edge of the Blue Mountains and overlooks the region's world heritage valleys and scenic, bush covered hills. Beautiful elopement venues include a quiet avenue of Oak trees, a scenic bush cathedral, stunning gardens and an historic hill top chapel after which the property is named.

All inclusive elopement packages are very affordably priced from $4,200 including your choice of elopement venue, a marriage celebrant including lodgement of legal paperwork, wedding night accommodation and an antiplasto platter with sparkling wine & cheese. The retreat has 7 onsite cottages should additional guests wish to stay.

 View Chapel Hill Retreat

Fig Tree Park Country Elopements
5. Fig Tree Park Country Elopements

  • Location: 58 Sherringham Lane, Central Tilba, NSW 2546
  • Capacity: 2 - 200
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 2

Surrounded by grazing horses, the beautiful Mount Gulaga and uninterrupted views over the Pacific Ocean, this French-style estate is one of Australia's most scenic places to elope. The gardens of Fig Tree Park are also one of the most romantic places for private outdoor dining with thousands of fairy lights illuminating the lawns and a huge fig tree at night.

Semi inclusive elopement packages start at $3,800 and come with exclusive venue hire, a 2 night stay for the couple, styling of the ceremony site and a seated private dinner.

 View Fig Tree Park

Mountain View Farm Pop up Elopements
6. Mountain View Pop Up Elopements

  • Location: 11 Mount Dromedary Trail, Tilba Tilba, NSW 2546
  • Capacity: 2 - 25
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 2 - 14

Every year in Spring the Daisy Fields at Mountain View Farm burst into colour and provide a picturesque one-of-a-kind setting for highly romantic elopements. A newly envisaged altar and aisle is designed into the fields each year with space for up to 25 guests including a celebrant, photographer and wedding singer.

All inclusive elopement packages are $8,500 in the 6 week daisy season and cheaper the rest of the year. Optional accommodation is available on the property including in a love shack, glamping tents and cabins.

 View Mountain View Farm

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Cost of Eloping

The average cost to elope in Australia ranges from $2,000 - $20,000. Cheap elopements include a simple, legals-only style wedding ceremony performed by an authorised marriage celebrant, wedding dresses or suits for two people and an elopement photographer. Elopements increase in price from there, depending on the additional services added.

Elopement Costs

Here's a breakdown of individual elopement costs. The price of an elopement depends on what you choose to include in your special day. The only necessary spend to get legally married when you elope, is the celebrant.

  • Venue Hire: $0 - $12,000
  • Venue + Accommodation: $1,500 - $10,000
  • Elopement Celebrant: $450 - $3,000
  • Elopement Photographer: $900 - $10,000
  • Wedding Dresses & Suits: $500 - $20,000
  • Rings: $400 - $20,000
  • Flowers: $400 - $6,000
  • Ceremony Setup: $1,000 - $5,000
  • Private Dinner: $100 - $600/pp
  • Wedding Video: $900 - $6,000
  • Champagne & Nibbles: $200 - $800
  • Hair & Makeup: $200 - $800
  • Planner/Stylist: $600 - $4,000

On top of these costs you’ll need to budget for outfits for both of you, the rings, the reception venue or restaurant for celebrating after your ceremony, travel costs and accommodation if seperate to your venue. 

Elopement Checklist

Here's a few ideas & a basic elopement checklist to help you get started planning the best damn day of your life so far...

1. Decide what’s important!

Why are you eloping? It may be to skip the fuss of a huge wedding ceremony and perhaps you’re keen to keep costs down. But there’s also a vision you want to achieve that involves a more intimate audience.  

Elopement Guide Australia
Plan an elopement that fits with who you both are. Image: Cavanagh Photography

Talk to your partner about what you both value and what getting married means to you.  Think about what you’re going to say with your wedding and what it says about you. Then find a meaningful location and people who share your values to help you bring your wedding vision to life.

2. Create an elopement budget

Weddings are pricey, even small ones. Most couples who elope in Australia choose one or two items of importance to ‘splurge’ on (such as venue, celebrant or photography), and look to save on the budget in other areas. Your wedding is a very special moment in your life. So think about what you want the most from your special day and be generous to yourself in those areas. 

3. Choose an elopement location

Among the best places to elope in Australia include world-heritage locations, secret hideaways, romantic escapes and iconic venues. When choosing where to elope, think about what is most important to you. For example, you may like to consider a location;

  • that has meaning such as where you first met, had your first date or got engaged
  • that is near family & friends
  • where you can elope & honeymoon in one location
  • that enables your favourite pastimes such as bushwalking or swimming in the ocean

A destination elopement is not the only kind of elopement. Other places to elope include local parks and beaches, chapels & churches, cultural venues such as libraries or art galleries, or you can have an at home elopement where a celebrant comes to you.

 Find Places To Elope

Fig Tree Park Elopement Place
Australia has plenty of small wedding venues for an intimate elopement like this French-style elopement venue: Fig Tree Park

4. Hire an officiant

An authorised celebrant is legally required to make the wedding official, so your celebrant, by default, is always the most important (other) person at your wedding regardless of what type of ceremony you’re having. You can’t get married without them. But if you choose to elope, the role your celebrant will play in marrying you and the way they perform the ceremony is quite unique. 

By definition, an elopement is an intimate celebration with very few guests. Instead of addressing a large audience, your celebrant will be addressing everyone at your ceremony on a more individual level. Celebrants who specialise in elopements know how to create an atmosphere and a momentous event of your wedding with just a handful of people present.

Hire a specialist elopement celebrant in the location you intend to elope. Elopement celebrants will perform your official wedding ceremony and organise & submit all your legal paperwork for you as part of their fee.

 Find An Elopement Celebrant

5. Book an elopement photographer

Your elopement will be one of the biggest moments of your life, so you’ll want to make sure all the wonderful feelings & moments that you experience on the day are captured beautifully. 

Australian elopement captured by Anna Murray

Australia has an incredible talent pool of amazing elopement photographers, including some who have been named amongst the world’s best by leading international publications. Elopement photographers are visual storytellers who largely photograph candidly and have a wonderful knack of capturing intimate and emotive moments without imposing their own presence. 

Elopement photographers offer packages from 2 hours to full day coverage with the average spend being $1,600 - $3,000. 

 View Elopement Photographers

Another option to consider is the addition of a wedding videographer to capture your special day.  They can create a short highlights reel that you can publish and share online.  You can even have the ceremony live streamed for family and friends to watch as it all happens. 

Video packages range from simply filming your wedding ceremony to the addition of pre & post wedding footage and drone imagery - which is definitely something to consider if you’re having a destination wedding in one of Australia’s landmark locations.

6. Find the perfect elopement dress

Australia is home to an industrious industry of internationally renowned fashion designers including those who create wedding suits and couture gowns. And in addition to the industry’s big names, there’s many local city-based design houses where dream gowns, pant suits, two pieces and more can be tailored by the designer, off the rack. 

Grace Loves Lace knows a thing or two about choosing the perfect elopement dress, particularly if you are intending to travel with your gown. "Comfort is the key as you embark on your elopement day. Opt for a lightweight gown that not only enhances your beauty but also allows you to move with ease. We recommend choosing a dress without boning, corsetry, or zips, making it a breeze to pack away in your suitcase."

Grace Loves Lace celebrates individuality with bohemian, timeless & modern designs. Ask about Zsa Zsa - the unique wedding gown designed for adventurous Brides. It's the world's first swim-friendly wedding dress!

Grace advises opting for "breathable fabrics and versatile designs, ensuring both style and comfort throughout the day. When trying on your gown, feel free to lean over to check if you can adjust your shoes or pick something up from the floor. Try jumping, dancing, laughing, and prepare yourself for the unexpected."

Taking inspiration from your venue can also help guide you towards the perfect gown - from the vibrant energy of Sydney to the bohemian charm of Byron Bay. One last piece of advice from GRACE: "Don't forget that your wedding gown should always reflect your style and who you are."

Any of the wedding dress designers listed on Wedlockers will provide you with a custom fitting on your arrival in their city. Make sure you enquire early to get the required appointments prior to your wedding. Australian designed gowns generally start at $1,500 off the rack and custom tailored couture ranges from $5,000.

7. Choose your invitees

Yes, you might have chosen an elopement so that you don’t have to worry about who gets invited quite as much, but you still need two official witnesses. If you haven’t already decided who to bring with you, consider what’s most important to you when choosing who needs to be at the wedding. 

There are no real hard and fast rules for who to invite or how many to invite. Generally, a guest list of under 8 is considered an elopement, under 20 is a micro wedding and 40 or under is a small wedding.

Any of your wedding vendors, with the exception of your celebrant, can act as a witness to your wedding. 

8. Tell those who need to know

You’ll probably want to tell your family and closest friends about your wedding.  Think about when, where and how you will share this information.  Will you tell them before, during or after the big day?  

White Chapel Elopements
Scenic Rim elopement venue White Chapel Kalbar

Whoever you tell, tell them directly!  Hearing the news directly from you will help them feel included in your big moment.  They may be curious as to why you are choosing or chose to elope.  Have an explanation you’re comfortable with at the ready and be prepared that some people may require time to digest the news.  If this happens stay positive and be understanding.  

9. Check on legalities

The legal requirements to get married in Australia generally include: not already being married, not be marrying a person who is immediately related to you, be at least 18 years old, understand what marriage means and freely agree to be married, use the specific words required during your wedding ceremony as directed by your celebrant, submit a notice of intended marriage via your celebrant between 1 to 18 months before your wedding and be married by an authorised marriage celebrant.

You’ll need to provide proof of identification and place of birth, as well as a divorce if there have been previous marriages. Documents your celebrant may ask you for in order to submit your paperwork to legalise your marriage include an original birth certificate or extract and an original passport.

10. Don’t forget the rings 

When it comes to the rings, narrow your options down to the metals and gems you want to use, then consider what style fits best.  Do you want simple bands, brushed metal, single stones or something more embellished? As a rule, don’t worry too much about whether your rings match or not. You can each have your own unique design that fits with your lifestyles in mind. 

Having your wedding rings designed locally is a wonderful experience to enjoy together in the lead up to your wedding. Small Australian jewellers will walk you through the process, discussing who you are and what matters to you, to create designs that speak to your personality and relationship. If you’d like recommendations for small, local jewellers who offer this service in your area send us an email.

11. Think about what comes after

What will you do after the wedding ceremony? What kind of wedding reception do you want? A candlelit table for two catered in a private location, dinner at a restaurant in the city or an outdoor table under the stars at your private country venue?

Elope In Sydney Australia
Elopement set up by Elope in Sydney who offer all inclusive elopement packages with celebrant & photographer

Hiring an elopement planner to take care of all your wedding logistics is a good idea if you’re not getting married in your home town. They’ll organise your wedding ceremony, book your chosen suppliers and get you the best table at our most popular venues. You can find Australian elopement planners right here.

12. Announce your elopement

Even if you’ve given a lot of people close to you the heads-up, you should still think about how you’re going to make your introduction as a married couple. Your wedding photos and video can be used to help you share the news on social media.

You can also create stationery or other custom-made wedding favours to send to your nearest and dearest so that, even though they weren’t there, they have something to celebrate the big day with. Feel free to make a big fuss about it. It was a big moment in your lives together!

Elopement FAQ

  1. Is eloping a legal marriage?
  2. Do you need witnesses to elope?
  3. What documents do you need to elope?
  4. Where can I elope to get married?
  5. How many guests can you have at an elopement?
  6. How much does an Australian Elopement cost?
  7. Should you elope?

1. Is eloping a legal marriage?

Yes, if you elope you are legally married. When you choose an authorised marriage celebrant to officiate your elopement, they will organise & submit your official paperwork and conduct your legally-recognised wedding ceremony making you an officially married couple.

2. Do you need witnesses to elope?

Yes, you need two. All Australian weddings need at least five people present: the two people getting married, two witnesses and a celebrant. Your witnesses can include your photographer, videographer or anyone else you invite. 

3. What documents do you need to elope?

Your celebrant will help you complete the required NOIM (Notice of Intended Marriage) form. You'll need to provide photo ID such as a passport, plus other documentation including but not limited to birth certificates and divorce certificates. Your celebrant will advise what documentation is required based on your individual circumstances such as your age and whether you have previously been married. 

4. Where can I elope to get married?

Anywhere you like. Here's some beautiful places to elope in Australia.

5. How many guests can you have at an elopement?

There's no set rules on how many guests you can have at an elopement. On average, couples who elope in Australia have between 2 - 30 guests.

6. How much does an Australian Elopement cost?

The average cost of an elopement in Australia is between $8,000 - $20,000. The cheapest elopements include a registry office style wedding from $450, with all costs above this fee being discretionary.

7. Should You Elope?

The big question when considering an elopement is should you elope? Here are 10 reasons why you might choose to elope instead of having a more traditional style of wedding. 

8 Reasons To Elope
  1. You want the day to be about you two (rather than spend it socialising with guests)
  2. You want the day to be intimate (and not focused on lots of other people)
  3. You want to avoid drama
  4. You want to save money
  5. You want to avoid stressing over details
  6. You want to avoid traditional cliches
  7. You hate large crowds
  8. You hate being the centre of attention

It’s easy to elope in Australia! There’s a multitude of beautiful elopement locations, fabulous wedding celebrants, very few restrictions and lots of venues that cater to small elopements and weddings. Decide on your favourite Aussie destination and enquire with an experienced elopement celebrant to kickstart your wedding plans in Australia.

Australian Elopement Celebrants

Cover image: Cavanagh Photography



24 Amazing Places to Elope in Australia

Best Places To Elope: Australia | NSW | QLD

Looking for Australia's best places to elope? Australia has some of the world's most spectacular elopement venues from private tropical islands to iconic city landmarks. The country's vast unique landscape offers an amazing choice of beautiful elopement destinations that set the scene for an intimate and highly romantic weddings.

Among the best 24 places to elope in Australia are all inclusive elopement venues that come with easy and affordable packages. Other gorgeous spots listed below are specialty micro wedding venues and intimate one-of-a-kind properties where you can DIY you dream elopement in a jaw dropping, world-class location.

Some of Australia's best elopement destinations are located in world-renowned winery regions such as the Hunter Valley, at world-heritage landmarks in metropolitan cities including Sydney, and at pop-up locations with limited season elopements such the incredible Daisy Fields on the South Coast of NSW. 

Here are 24 amazing places to elope in Australia.

Best Places to Elope in Australia

New South Wales
Western Australia

Elopement Venues in NSW

Best Place To Elope In Australia
1. Goosewing Cottage

  • Location: Mount View - Hunter Valley, NSW
  • Capacity: 20
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 12
  • Elopement packages: AUD $3,295+

Goosewing Cottage is a cute little elopement venue that specialises in affordable weddings for 2 to a maximum of 20 guests (+ children) in the iconic Hunter Valley. All inclusive packages to elope start at $3,295 and include venue hire, your pick of celebrants, all paperwork to get you legally hitched and one of the best wedding photographers in Australia.

Optional accommodation is available in a homestead which sleeps up to 8 guests and has a swimming pool, and in a smaller cottage that sleeps up to 4 guests. The property offers easy access to the Hunter Valley's best restaurants and wineries.

 View Goosewing Cottage

Elopement Venues Australia
2. Mountain View Farm

  • Location: Tilba Tilba - South Coast, NSW
  • Capacity: 2 - 25
  • Accommodation: 2 - 14 guests
  • Elopement Package: AUD $5,000+

Mountain View Farm is one of the most romantic places to elope in Australia. This quiet little farm is located on the far South Coast of New South Wales and an easy drive from Canberra and offers year-round elopements under the gaze of the beautiful Mount Gulaga.

Every year the owner plants huge fields of Everlasting Daisies and designs an elopement venue with an aisle and altar into the layout. When the daisies bloom from mid August to the end of September you can walk slowly through the flowers to the romantic sounds of a wedding singer and get married with up to 25 guests in the middle of the daisy field.

The elopement package includes a celebrant, ceremony & all paperwork to legalise your marriage, wedding singer, flowers, photographer & all images, champagne and post ceremony grazing table. Optional accommodation is available onsite. DIY elopements permitted.

 View Mountain View Farm

St Josephs Elopement Destination
3. St Joseph's Guesthouse

  • Address: Hawkesbury - Sydney, NSW
  • Capacity: 10 - 100
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 10
  • Elopement Packages: AUD $3,500+

St Joseph's Guesthouse is a unique Airbnb built from the ruins of an old Catholic Church and offers a one-of-a-kind place to elope just outside of Sydney. All inclusive micro wedding packages come with a choice of celebrants, an award winning photographer, flowers, cake and grazing platter with champagne.

The church has optional accommodation in 5 luxury bedrooms upstairs, while downstairs is an intimate function space perfect for small weddings seating 10 - 60 guests. On the front sandstone steps is a beautiful spot to exchange vows under the original church bell which still works today. 

 View St Joseph's Guesthouse

Beautiful place to elope in Australia's iconic Hunter Valley
4. Leaves & Fishes

  • Location: Lovedale - Hunter Valley, NSW
  • Capacity: 2 - 300
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 12
  • Elopement Packages: $3,300+

Leaves & Fishes is a Tuscan-style 20 acre retreat located in the heart of Hunter Valley wine country. The property centres around a pretty Lotus Lake which comes into full bloom between November and March offering a beautiful backdrop for intimate weddings from 2 - 60+ guests

Venue hire for elopements and micro weddings includes a 2 night stay for 2 - 12 guests in 5 boat houses that sit over the tranquil lake. Intimate places to say "I do" include a tropical sunken garden, a beautiful little banquet hall that has a glass wall overlooking a candlelit roman bath and the deck of the largest boathouse.

 View Leaves & Fishes

Fig Tree Elopement Place
5. Fig Tree Park

  • Location: Central Tilba - South Coast, NSW
  • Capacity: 2 - 20
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 2
  • Elopement Packages: $3,800+

Fig Tree Park is a beautiful French-style estate perched on a hill top overlooking 360° views of the ocean and picturesque mountains. Surrounded by horse paddocks, grand fairy-lit fig trees and romantically lit gardens Fig Tree Park is one of the best elopement destinations in Australia. Romantic accommodation for two is in a luxe country barn.

 View Fig Tree Park

Garden elopement venue in South West Sydney
6. Australian Botanic Gardens Mount Annan

  • Location: Mount Annan - Camden, NSW
  • Capacity: 2 - 50
  • Elopement Package: $1,250

At the Australian Botanical Gardens in South West Sydney, 416 hectares of gardens, rainforest, woodlands and lakes offer a plethora of beautiful settings to elope. The Connections Garden is the most popular spot for elopements offering a private rainforest setting that seats up to 50 guests.

For elopements at this venue we recommend celebrants Meggan Brummer & Zoe Sabados and Mr Wigley Photography, Ben Newnam or Anna Murray Photography.

 View Connections Garden 

Chapel elopements in Sydney Australia
7. Lords Estate

  • Location: Seven Hills - Sydney, NSW
  • Capacity: 70
  • Venue Hire: $2,000

Located on a private Victorian-era estate in the heart of Sydney, Lords Estate is an incredibly intimate place to tie the knot with just the two of you or a handful of guests. The non-denominational chapel welcomes civil elopements and religious ceremonies of all descriptions.

This 140 year old chapel is surrounded by country-style gardens and offers a variety of backdrops for wedding photos. You're welcome to have cake, drinks and light refreshments on the grounds after your ceremony with venue hire including up to 4 hours access to the property. Elopement celebrants Meggan Brummer & Michael Janz and photographer Anna Murray are familiar with this venue.

 View Lords Estate

Oceanfront elopement destination in the NSW South Coast
8. Interbane House

  • Location: 8 Lawrence Hargrave Drive, Stanwell Park, NSW 2508
  • Capacity: 50
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 18
  • Venue Hire: $2,850

Interbane House is a private Victorian-era homestead located on the coast between Sydney and Wollongong, and with ships coming & going from nearby ports it has one of Australia's best ocean views. 

Venue hire starts at $2,850 for a 2 night stay and you can get married in the backyard overlooking the ocean, on the wraparound deck with wrought iron balustrade or in the light-filled dining room. The hire fee covers micro weddings and elopements with up to 50 guests on the property.

 View Interbane House

Glencara Elopement Venue ACT
9. Glencara Country Estate

  • Location: 706 Jerrybang Lane, Monteagle, NSW 2594
  • Capacity: 2 - 160
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 2
  • Elopement Packages: All inclusive

Surrounded by vibrant crops of canola in Spring and lush green fields of wheat in Autumn, Glencara is one of the prettiest places to elope in Australia. The little-known-about farm is located between Young and Grenfell two hours from Canberra in the Hilltops region of NSW and offers all inclusive elopement packages with a photographer, celebrant and flowers.

At the centre of Glencara is an historic homestead surrounded by whimsical country gardens that include a unique rustic maze and lots of beautiful spots to say "I do". Quirky riddles and games are dotted throughout the garden rooms providing fun things to do while meandering around the property with a glass of post-ceremony champagne.

 View Glencara Country Estate

Eleven Eighty Elopement Venue
10. Eleven Eighty Weddings

  • Location: 1180 Bolong Road, Coolangatta, NSW 2535 
  • Capacity: 60
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 15

Eleven Eighty is one of the coolest elopement venues in Australia with a quirky range of intimate spaces that offer the ultimate destination for a 3 day celebration with 10 - 60 guests. The private 3 acre block has a refurbished train carriage that caters for private dining with up to 20 guests, a luxe little barn that seats up to 30 guests and an old school hall with a blank canvas to fit 50 people.

Venue hire gives you free reign to plan your wedding ceremony & reception, pre wedding events and a recovery session utilising the spaces however you wish. There's a shed full of quality furniture that's free for you to access and two onsite cottages sleep up to 15 guests onsite. 

 View Eleven Eighty Weddings

Eloping in Australia is at Sydney Harbour
11. Sydney Harbour

  • Location: Sydney Harbour, NSW
  • Capacity: 2 - 30 guests
  • Elopement Package: $1,995 - $2,505

Elopements on Sydney Harbour are offered by Elope In Sydney and include a choice of iconic locations for your wedding ceremony. The all inclusive packages come with a popular Sydney celebrant (Michael Janz), a personalised ceremony with all legal paperwork completed and lodged for you, wedding photos by an elopement specialist and an optional adornment add on with furniture, florals & styling.

 Contact Elope In Sydney

Dantosa Wedding Elopement Destination
12. Dantosa Estate

  • Location: 76 Mort St, Katoomba, NSW 2780
  • Capacity: 16 - 60
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 18

Dantosa Estate is a private 9 acre property nestled in a clearing within the Blue Mountains world heritage listed national park. Perfect for intimate weddings 16 - 60 guests, venue hire at Dantosa comes with two onsite cottages sleeping 18, a ceremony pontoon on a private lake, beautiful gardens for photos and a function area in the larger of the two houses. There's also a private cellar where wine tastings can be held as part of your elopement experience.

 View Dantosa Estate

Coolangatta Estate offers the best winery elopements in Australia
13. Coolangatta Estate

  • Location: Shoalhaven Heads, NSW
  • Capacity: 2+
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 70
  • Elopement Package: $6,999

Coolangatta Estate is a picturesque winery that was built by Australia's first convicts and is bordered by the ocean, Shoalhaven River and lush green bush-covered hills. This historic site is a unique destination for elopements offering a huge range of backdrops for wedding ceremonies and photos including rustic colonial style buildings, vines, water and gardens.

Coolangatta Estate offers an all inclusive elopement package which is priced at $6,999 and includes a marriage celebrant & legal ceremony, two witnesses if required, 2 hours of photography & a copy of all images, an intimate picnic and 1 night accommodation for two in the onsite motel.

 View Coolangatta Estate

Greystone Estate Elopement Destination
14. Greystone Estate

  • Location: Pokolbin - Hunter Valley, NSW
  • Capacity: 30 - 110
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 32
  • Venue Hire Cost: $18,400 inc 2 nights
  • 25% mid-week discount

Greystone Estate is a luxurious Hampton's style property located in the Hunter Valley and is best suited to larger elopements or micro weddings with 30 guests. Set on 10 park-like grounds the estate's main residence has seven 5-star suites with private bathrooms and a further 3 self contained dwellings sleeping a total of 32 guests.

Greystone has a beautiful open air chapel that offers an intimate location for elopements, and a luxe wedding hall for seated receptions. There's also the option of seated events on the verandah of the main residence near the property's luxe  swimming pool.

 View Greystone Estate

Garden elopement venue at Figbird Cottage
15. Figbird Cottage

  • Location: Comerong Island Rd, Terara - South Coast, NSW
  • Capacity: 150+
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 8 + glamping
  • Elopement Packages: $3,995+

Figbird Cottage is a relaxed and elegant country estate with beautiful English style rose and camellia gardens perfect for intimate elopements. Accessed via an ornamental white gate and a pretty fairy-lit rose arbour the gardens come fully set up for your wedding ceremony and photos against the backdrop of picturesque dairy farm.

Elopements start at $3,995 and include the venue, celebrant who performs your ceremony and submits all legal paperwork, photography, champagne and witnesses if required. Accommodation can be added for up to 8 guests in two onsite cottages and additional extras such as cake and florals are also available.

 View Figbird Cottage

Elopement Venues in Queensland

Daydream Island Elopement Destination Queensland
16. Daydream Island Resort & Living Reef

  • Location: Daydream Island, Whitsundays, QLD
  • Capacity: 2 - 300
  • Accommodation: Sleeps everyone
  • Elopement Packages: $4,500+

Daydream Island Resort is a world class elopement destination in the tropical Whitsundays. The private island resort is accessible by helicopter or just 30 minutes from the mainland by boat and with plenty to do from snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef to hiking in rainforest, is an ideal all-in-one place to elope and honeymoon.

Small wedding venues on the island include a glass wedding chapel with sweeping views over the Coral Sea, a purpose-built seaside infinity deck, poolside event spaces and a unique underwater viewing observatory. There's also secluded beaches that offer private spots to get married on some of the whitest sand in the world.

 View Daydream Island

Elopement Destination Scenic Rim
17. White Chapel Kalbar

  • Location: 87 George Street, Kalbar, QLD 4309
  • Capacity: 2 - 80
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 8
  • Elopement Packages: $6,250+

White Chapel Kalbar is a popular elopement venue in Queensland's world-renowned Scenic Rim. The modern little chapel is located on a quiet country corner and is surrounded by beautiful grounds with gardens for photos. Behind the chapel is a furnished area with a roof and modern outdoor fireplace where guests can gather after the ceremony.

All inclusive elopement packages start at $6,250 including exclusive use of the chapel with seating and altar styling, a celebrant and legal ceremony with lodgement of all paperwork, photographer & images, flowers, cake, grazing platter, sparkling wine, access to the grounds for photos and a 2 night stay in the venue's Airbnb Herrmann House with breakfast.

 View White Chapel Kalbar

Darling St Chapel small wedding venue
18. Darling St Chapel Brisbane

  • Location: 16 Darling Street East, Ipswich, QLD 4305
  • Capacity: 130
  • Elopement Package: $1,800+

Originally built in 1879, Darling St Chapel is a modernised elopement venue that brings a sense of historic charm to intimate wedding ceremonies & receptions. Crystal chandeliers, stained glass windows, polished timber floors and a built-in white bar create an atmospheric setting inside, while an outdoor courtyard provides a private location for post-ceremony drinks & nibbles.

Affordable venue hire starts at $1,800 for elopements with the option to add a choice of celebrants from $650 and a courtyard cocktail reception or pizza package from $1,500. The chapel also has an all-in-one micro wedding package that costs $5,000 for a fully styled ceremony & catered reception for up to 30 guests with a celebrant & all legals.

 View Darling St Chapel

Elopement Destination in Brisbane
19. Workshops Rail Museum

  • Location: North Street, North Ipswich, QLD 4305
  • Capacity: 300+
  • Elopement Package: $900

The historic Workshops Rail Museum is an incredibly unique place to elope amongst grand heritage buildings, rail lined avenues, pretty country gardens and statement backdrops including a genuine fog-puffing locomotive and huge industrial timber doors.

Elopement experiences at the museum are both highly memorable and super cheap starting at $900 with a full ceremony set up including timber benches, floral arrangements and signing table. You get private access to the museum and grounds for your wedding photos after saying "I do".

 View Workshops Rail Museum

Elopement Venues in Victoria

Best elopement place in Melbourne, Australia
20. The Altar Electric

  • Location: 299 Johnston Street, Abbotsford, VIC 3067
  • Capacity: 80
  • Elopement Packages: $2,000+

The Altar Electric is the hippest little elopement venue in Australia. Located in inner city Melbourne, the Altar Electric team offer easy and fun shotgun weddings that start at $2,000 with a short & sweet ceremony and all legal documentation lodged for you. Packages range up to $6,500 for 30+ guests with a DJ, canapes & drinks.

 View The Altar Electric

Elope in Australia Little Church
21. The Little Church

  • Location: 1385 Kyneton-Springhill Road, Spring Hill, VIC 3444
  • Capacity: 2 - 35+
  • Wedding Packages: DIY/BYO

The Little Church is a deconsecrated 100 year old chapel located in the Macedon Ranges an hour from Melbourne's CBD. The cute little chapel sits on 2 country acres at Spring Hill Peony Farm and has a brand new small reception hall that seats up to 35 guests right next to it. The church itself caters for micro weddings with up to 60 guests.

 View The Little Church

Elopement Venues in Western Australia

Tiny Elopement Chapel
22. Big Love Tiny Chapel

  • Location: Margaret River, WA
  • Capacity: 4 - 100+
  • Elopement Packages: 3 hour hire

Big Love Tiny Chapel is a mobile elopement venue that can be hired for intimate weddings anywhere in the Margaret River region of Western Australia. The tiny chapel seats 4 guests inside and for larger ceremonies you can exchange vows on the porch with your guests watching from seating in front of the chapel. The chapel comes with owner celebrant Anita Revel or you're welcome to BYO your preferred officiant.

 View Big Love Tiny Chapel

Elopement Venue Western Australia Stonebarn
23. Stonebarn Elopements

  • Location: Langley Road, Quinninup, WA 6258
  • Capacity: 100
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 16

Stonebarn Weddings offers an intimate forest location for destination elopements in Western Australia. The 160 acre property features a 6 suite architecturally designed stone barn that has scenic views over the property's dam and surrounding Warren River Valley. Venue hire includes a 2 night stay for up to 16 guests and there are 5 ceremony sites to choose from. 

 View Stonebarn Elopements

Elopement Venues in Tasmania

Avalon Retreats Elopements Tasmania
24. Avalon Retreats

  • Location: Rocky Hills - East Coast, Tasmania
  • Capacity: 2 - 50
  • Accommodation: Sleeps 6
  • Micro Wedding Packages: Tailored by Bek Burrows

Nestled on the picturesque east cost of Tasmania between Hobart and Launceston is Avalon Retreats, an architecturally designed coastal home that can be hired for small weddings and elopements. The 3 bedroom property has a minimalist industrial vibe with glass walls that overlook the deep blue waters of Great Oyster Bay.

The dining room seats up to 25 guests and opens onto a front lawn where up to 50 guests can be seated on one long dining table. 

 View Avalon Retreats

Cover Image: Nadine Kemp

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