How To Rank Higher In Search Results

Keywords make your business more visible in search results. The more keywords you add to your business listing, the higher you'll rank and the more views, clicks throughs & enquiries you'll receive.

To generate more highly targeted enquiries, rank high for keywords relevant to your business.

How To Add Keywords

Select keywords when you upload or edit images in your business listing. 

To appear at the top of search results, start by adding a keyword to one image. Keep adding that keyword to more images until your listing appears 1st in search results. 

  • Every keyword increases your ranking
  • Keywords also control which image your listing displays in search results

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In the above example, a customer filters venues by 'Barn'. Business listings with the keyword 'Barn' appear in search results. Images with the 'Barn' keyword are displayed.

These venues receive highly convertible enquiries because they rank high in search results & display exactly what the customer is interested in.

Free listings come with 5 keywords. Get up to 18 keywords by upgrading to a subscription package.

 Get More Keywords