What Are Endorsements?

Professional Endorsements & Recommendations from your industry peers create transparency in the marketplace and make it easier for customers to find & choose your business.  

What are Endorsements

Endorsements are searchable keywords that describe the skills and attributes that set your business apart. When you receive endorsements they're displayed on your business listing and trigger your listing to appear in the corresponding search results. The more endorsements you receive, the wider your reach & the higher your listing is ranked in search results.

Screen Shot 2021 11 15 at 9.35.04 am
Endorsements displayed on a venue's business listing

Endorsed vendors receive up to 70% more enquiries

You'll receive endorsements when:

  • industry peers log in & endorse your business profile
  • you upgrade your listing

As a professional in the wedding industry ourselves, we provide endorsements as part of our account support for vendors on a subscription package. This enables you to kickstart the display of your listing for all relevant search queries.

What are Recommendations

Recommendations are reviews published on a business listing with a permanent link to the vendor's listing who provided the review. (See example in image above) Providing recommendations for other vendors:

  • increases traffic to your own listing
  • increases your own endorsements & recommendations

Giving & receiving endorsements/recommendations is easy. Log in to Member Services to find out more, or create a free business listing to get started.

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