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Looking for a wedding photographer who captures happy, bright & colourful wedding photos? Here are 5 NSW based wedding photographers who specialise in capturing bright, colourful and happy wedding images. They're all highly experience wedding photographers who come with 50 or more 5 star reviews.

Here are 5 highly recommended photographers noted for their bright & colourful wedding photos.

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Top 5 Bright & Colourful Photographers in NSW

Bright Colourful wedding photography
1. Mr Wigley Photography

  • Location: Redfern, NSW
  • Service Area: Sydney, Camden, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands
  • 5 Star Reviews: 50+
  • Cost: $1,499+

Mr Wigley is a Sydney-based studio run by Daz Wigley, an award winning photographer with a heart for fun, happy, bright and colourful wedding images. Candidly captured portraits against brightly coloured backgrounds, his signature neon confetti shot and raucous bridal party shenanigans are his mojo. 

Working with a team of experienced wedding photographers Daz brings affordable and fun photography to party-minded Sydneysiders. He'll also travel to the mountains, Hunter and coastal areas surrounding the city. Expect zero awkward and lots of fun. 

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Ben Newnam Colourful Images
2. Ben Newnam Photography

  • Location: Berowra, NSW
  • Service Area: NSW
  • 5 Star Reviews: 250+
  • Cost: $1,400+

One of Sydney's most distinctive wedding photography styles belongs to the creative Ben Newnam. Ben's signature images are highly luminous, vibrant and full of life. Captured with an eye for storytelling his photos are moody and emotive works of art.

With hundreds of weddings to his name, Ben comes with a wealth of experience in capturing the celebrations of couples from all cultures and backgrounds. Wedding packages are surprisingly affordable ranging from $1,400 - $2,900.

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Stories With Mel Bright Colourful
3. Stories With Mel

  • Location: Hunter Valley, NSW
  • Service Area: Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia
  • 5 Star Reviews: 150+
  • Cost: $3,400+ 

Mel is a favourite wedding photographer in the Hunter Valley region and a popular choice for couples who love very natural images. She shoots a modern collection of candid wedding photos that capture the day's spontaneous, fun and heart-felt moments along with incredible detail shots that pay tribute to the day's styling.

Mel is renowned for the love and chemistry she captures with her lens. Images are filled with natural light, bright colours, crisp detail and a weightless joyousness. Expect zero posing, totally natural wedding photos that put you in a happy place. 

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Little Black Bow Colourful Photos
4. Little Black Bow Photography

Location: Adamstown, NSW
Service Area: Newcastle, Hunter Valley
5 Star Reviews: 100+
Cost: $3,600+

Renowned for her great sense of humour and repertoire of Dad jokes, Dea brings the fun to weddings along with her camera. She has an incredibly innovative eye for capturing weddings candidly and finds unexpected angles and ways to use motion to infuse collections with an artistry beyond the norm. Expect natural light images filled with all the colour you style into the day.

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Florent Vidal colourful images
5. Florent Vidal Wedding Photography

  • Location: Randwick
  • Service Area: Australia
  • 5 Star Reviews: 50+
  • Cost: $2,990+

Florent Vidal is an easy going and highly experience wedding photographer who captures candid wedding photos and crisp portraits edited with an enhanced vibrancy of colour. Florent has offices in both Sydney and Nelson Bay and shoots weddings all up the coast between. 

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