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Looking for a wedding photographer in the Southern Highlands? A Southern Highlands wedding photographer is either based locally or travels from nearby areas such as the South Coast, Illawarra and Sydney. If you're planning a Southern Highlands wedding from outside the region, both options have benefits.

Choosing a local Southern Highlands wedding photographer will generally provide a professional who knows all the best spots for wedding photos at all the local venues. Alternatively, choosing a photographer who's based near you offers a high level of convenience for pre-wedding meetings, optional engagement shoot and collecting your wedding photography collection.

These 15 Southern Highlands wedding photographers come highly recommended and provide photography packages in all price brackets. Not sure who's best for you? Get recommendations from industry experts.

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15 Southern Highlands Wedding Photographers

Mr Wigley is a fun Wollongong wedding photographer
1. Mr Wigley Photography

  • Location: Redfern, NSW
  • Service Area: Southern Highlands
  • Wedding Packages: Half Day, Full Day
  • Price: $1,499 - $3,000 (2023 weddings)

Mr Wigley are an easy going team of candid wedding photographers with a focus on capturing fun, happy and colourful wedding photos. The studio is run by owner Darren aka Daz, whose relaxed and accommodating nature is a very calming presence leading to natural and much loved wedding photos.

Common client reviews include statements such as; "we're not photogenic people and don't feel comfortable in front of cameras but Darren made us feel so at ease and we love how we look in our photos." Affordable photography packages start at $1,499 for half day weddings in the Southern Highlands or $3,000 for a full day.

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Wollongong Wedding Photographer - Translucent Photography
2. Translucent Photography

  • Location: Wollongong, NSW
  • Service Area: Southern Highlands, Kangaroo Valley
  • Wedding Packages: Elopements, Full Day Weddings
  • Price: $3,000+ (2023 weddings)

Lucy is a popular wedding photographer in the Southern Highlands region owing to her very candid, raw and real wedding images. Her wedding photos are regularly published in magazines and blogs and radiate smiles, laughter and a genuine connect between the people she photographs. She's big on capturing moments that matter, and also all the details that go into the styling of the day.

Reviews from Lucy's previous clients describe her as a funny, kind and vibrant professional who is accommodating and easy to be around. She has a bubbly nature that makes being in front of her lens fun. 

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South Coast Wedding Photography
3. Olguin Photography

  • Location: Bowral, NSW
  • Service Area: Southern Highlands & South Coast
  • Wedding Packages: Full day
  • Price: $4,500+ (2023 weddings)

Olguin Photography is a local husband and wife team that features Alex behind the camera and Cassie on everything else. Together, they produce highly emotive wedding photos for their clients in one of the most distinct photography styles in the Southern Highlands. Expect dark & moody wedding images that are part photojournalistic and part editorial. 

Pushing the creative boundaries of visual story telling has seen Alex receive accolades from the international photography community. His award winning wedding photography is highly respected from the Highlands to the USA and beyond. Alex is a calm, confident & fun wedding professional who consistently produces unique sets of artistic wedding images.

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South Coast Togs Fiona
4. Fiona + Bobby

  • Location: Sydney
  • Service Area: Southern Highlands
  • Wedding Packages: All day coverage
  • Price Guide: $4,650+ (2023 weddings)

Fiona & Bobby and a kind and creative duo who photograph weddings in a uniquely cinematic style. Their collections feature a dark and moody style of poignant portraiture that is inimitable in its craft. These editorial wall-art photos are mixed with fun & natural shots taken candidly throughout the day.

Self described as a misfit duo, these two romantics offer a warm and inclusive wedding experience that often starts with a giggle-filled meeting and ends in a bear hug at the end of the wedding night. They are quirky lovers of music, film, theatre, comedy & activism. 

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Bowral Wedding Photographer McKay
5. McKay Photography

  • Location: Bowral NSW
  • Service Area: Southern Highlands 
  • Wedding Packages: Half day & full day
  • Price: $2,200+

Darryn McKay is a local Southern Highlands wedding photographer who's studio is based in Bowral. With over 600 weddings to the studio's name, Darryn brings a huge amount of photographic skill & experience plus a knowledge of all the best spots for wedding photos at venues in and around the Bowral & Mittagong areas.

Reviews from previous couples often make mention of his warm and friendly approach, great sense of humour and the way he made them feel at ease. Wedding packages range from $2,200 - $4,000 for half and full day shoots. Photo albums and drone are included in most packages.

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Bowral Wedding Photographer Brendan Woods
6. Brendan Woods Photo

  • Location: Bowral NSW
  • Service Area: Southern Highlands, Sydney
  • Price: $3,800+ (2023 weddings)

Brendan Woods is a bowral based wedding photographer who is a popular choice for black tie and formal garden weddings throughout the Southern Highlands. Brendan's wedding images are primarily shot candidly in a photojournalistic style, capturing the natural chemistry between couples. He produces a mix of colour and black & white in a straight-from-the-camera very natural style. 

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Wollongong Wedding Photographer - Beth Fernley Photography
7. Beth Fernley Photography

  • Location: Port Kembla, NSW
  • Service Area: Southern Highlands
  • Wedding Packages: Full Day
  • Pricing: $3,750+ (2023 weddings)

Beth Fernley is a vibrant and bubbly wedding photographer who brings an infectious sense of fun & happiness to weddings. Her positive energy and laid back attitude mean she fits in seamlessly with the day's ongoings and quietly documents all the special little moments as they unfold obliviously around her.

Beth is your lady for barefoot beach or backyard lawn weddings. She's a down to earth and easy going wedding photographer who captures crisp and vibrant images produced in a 100% natural editing style.

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South Coast Wedding Photographer Gavin
8. Gavin Cato

  • Location: Dapto NSW
  • Service Area: South Coast, Southern highlands
  • Wedding Packages: 6 hours, 8 hours
  • Price Guide: $4,200+ (2023 weddings)

Gavin Cato is a well liked local wedding photographer in the Southern Highlands and is on many preferred supplier lists at the region's best wedding venues. His collaborative nature and calm, no fuss demeanour are attributes often appreciated in his client reviews, along with being discreet on the day, funny and well organised. 

Gavin captures a timeless style of wedding portraiture produced in vibrant colour. He's also a specialist aerial photographer which means collections include a unique mix of photos from birds eye landscapes to intimate close ups. Wedding photography packages are $4,200 - $4,600 for 6 - 8 hours coverage.

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Wollongong Wedding Photographer - James Day Weddings
9. James Day Weddings

  • Location: Bulli,NSW
  • Service Area: Bowral, Southern Highlands
  • Wedding Packages: Full Day
  • Price: $5,000+ (2023 weddings)

With an uncanny ability to tell an entire story with one single image, James Day easily makes our list of top 10 wedding photographers in Australia. James has a deep and genuine interest in people that shows in his images. He photographs moments that capture not just what's happening in that millisecond, but the raw emotions felt between humans and somehow, a sense of the history between those individuals. 

In addition to being a master of light and craft, James Day is a warm, gentle and open hearted wedding photographer who likes to have fun, live in the moment and get beautiful images of the people he's sharing his time with. He has a special fondness for laid back, country weddings. 

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Bowral Wedding Photographer The Paper Fox
10. The Paper Fox

  • Location: South Sydney, NSW
  • Service Area: Southern Highlands
  • Cost: $3,600+ (2023 weddings)

Kristen is a specialist in relaxed, candid portraiture for which she is one of the best wedding photographers in the Southern Highlands. She captures relaxed, classic and happy images of her couples who are clearly very at ease in front of her lens.

The images produced by Kristen for The Paper Fox studio are largely light, bright and crisp and collections include a mix of detail, lay-flats and candid photos. Minimal obvious editing results in a very natural looking finished product. Wedding packages range from $3,600 - $4,600 including 8 - 12 hours coverage.  Also available are video packages from $3,000 and wedding stationery.

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Kevin Lue Sydney Wedding Tog
11. Kevin Lue Photography 

  • Location: Sydney NSW
  • Service Area: Bowral, Southern Highlands
  • Cost: $3,000+ (2023 weddings)

Kevin Lue is one of our top 10 natural-light wedding photographers in NSW and while he's based in Sydney he is a regular at Southern Highlands weddings. Kevin produces a unique variety of creatively composed wedding photos in his collections, largely shot in a photojournalistic style and edited very naturally.

Expect an album full of crisp, fun and beautifully lit images oozing with soul, character and personality. Wedding films are available from $2,000. 

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Derek Bogart Sydney
12. Derek Bogart Photography

  • Location: Marrickville NSW
  • Service Area: Southern Highlands
  • Wedding Packages: 6, 8, 10 hours
  • Cost: $4,000+ (2023 weddings)

Regularly spotted in the state's most picturesque country and hill top wedding destinations, Derek Bogart offers destination wedding photography throughout the Highlands region. His work features relaxed couple portraits mixed with fun reportage that documents the wedding day.

Derek's wedding photography packages include a mix of full colour photos and emotive black & whites. Expect an album full of crisp, natural and classic wedding photos.

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south coast wedding photographers nsw
13. Samuel White Photo

  • Location: Illawarra NSW
  • Service Area: Southern Highlands, South Coast
  • Price: $2,000+ (2023 weddings)

Samuel White is a versatile photographer who produces quality, classic wedding photography in a bright, white, and mostly candid style. He's all about unobtrusive coverage and shooting images on the fly rather than being staged. 
Sam is an ex paparazzi photographer which shows in his work - he collections reliably feature all the quick-to-happen important moments. He's described by clients as fun, relaxed & easy going. Samuel's services include engagement shoots from $250, party coverage, elopement packages from $1,000, maternity, newborn and family photography.

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south coast wedding photographers nsw classic
14. Jack Henry

  • Location: Sydney NSW
  • Service Area: South Coast, Southern Highlands
  • Wedding Packages: Full day
  • Price: $4,500+ (2023 weddings)

Jack is an ex fashion photographer who's work for brands like Marc Jacobs and Alice McCall has graced the pages of Vogue and Grazia. He produces crisp and clean images in collections that mix editorial and photojournalistic styles. Expect a great variety of images in collections including details showcasing fashion elements, lots of black a& whites, candid and natural portraits and landscape/venue scene setting photos. 

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Jason Valler South Coast
15. Jason Valler

  • Location: Wollongong NSW
  • Service Area: Illawarra, Southern Highlands
  • Wedding Packages: 8 - 10 hours
  • Price: $4,000+ (2023 weddings)

Jason is a fun and energetic wedding photographer who produces an eclectic collection of moody and emotive wedding photos. 
He is accommodating, easy going and switched on and puts his couples at ease in front of his lens.

Tailored engagement and elopement packages available.

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