40 Farm Wedding Venues in NSW

Farm Wedding Venues South Coast

Thinking of a farm wedding?  Here's 40 venues in NSW that are perfect for a farm wedding. You can download a copy of this list using the form below.


Blue Mountains
Byron Bay
Hunter Valley
North Coast
South Coast
Southern Highlands
Off The Beaten Track

Farms in the Blue Mountains

1. Tobruk Sheep Station

Sheep Station
Capacity: Seated 200, Max 200
Sleeps: 11
Info: Barn/Shed, Outdoor Reception, Weekend Hire, Glamping, Sheep, Horses

 View Tobruk

2. Logan Brae

Blue Mountains Farm Venue Logan Brae
Capacity: Seated 30, Max 30
Sleeps: 2
Info: Apple Orchard, Barn/Shed, Marquee, DIY/BYO, Budget Friendly

 View Logan Brae

3. Waldara Farm

Waldara Farm Venue NSW Farm
Capacity: Seated 150, Max 150
Sleeps: 20
Info: Barns/Sheds, DIY, Native Bush, Exclusive Use Weekend Hire, Tennis Court, Cows

 View Waldara

4. Ding Dang Doo

Farm Venue Ding Dang Doo
Capacity: Seated 60, Max 100
Sleeps: 13
Info: DIY/BYO, Pet Friendly, Micro Weddings, Kayaks, Chickens, Horses, Jetty, Birdlife

 View Ding Dang Doo 

Farms in Byron Bay

5. Ardeena Events

Farm venue ardeenaCapacity: Seated 130, Max 130
Sleeps: 0
Info: DIY/BYO, Bush, Ocean Views, Mid-week discount

 View Ardeena

6. The EarthHouse

Farm Venue The EarthhouseCapacity: Seated 120, Max 120
Sleeps: 0

 View EarthHouse

7. Forget Me Not 

Farm Venue Forget me not
Capacity: Seated 200, Max 250
Sleeps: 8
Info: Marquee, Micro Weddings, Swimming Pool, Chapel, Cows, Horses, Jetty

 View Forget Me Not

8. Pillar Rock Farm

Farm Venue Pillar RockCapacity: Seated 120, Max 200
Sleeps: 16
Info: DIY/BYO, Barn/Shed, Bush, Glamping, Kayaks, Kangaroos

 View Pillar Rock

Farms in the Hunter Valley

9. Albion Farm Gardens

Farm Venue AlbionCapacity: Seated 80, Max 120
Sleeps: 0
Info: Barn/Shed

 View Albion Gardens

10. Mindaribba

Farm Venue mindaribbaCapacity: Seated 120, Max 120
Sleeps: 0
Info: BYO, Marquee, Pet Friendly, Private

 View Mindaribba

 11. Adams Peak Estate

Farm Wedding Venue Adams PeakCapacity: Seated 120, Max 180
Sleeps: 24
Info: BYO, Barn/Shed, Pet Friendly, Private, Weekend Hire, Jetty, Mid-week discount

 View Adams Peak

12. Lonely Goat Olives

Farm venue nsw lonely goatCapacity: Seated 100, Max 100
Sleeps: 5
Info: DIY/BYO, Marquee, Budget Friendly, Micro Weddings, Private, Pet Friendly, Glamping, Eco-friendly

 View Lonely Goat

13. Goosewing Cottage

Farm Venue NSW GoosewingCapacity: Seated 20, Max 20
Sleeps: 12
Info: Elopements + Micro Weddings, Pet Friendly, Swimming Pool, Chickens, Eco-friendly

 View Goosewing

14. Stonehurst

Farm Venue NSW StonehurstCapacity: Seated 200, Max 200
Sleeps: 30
Info: DIY/BYO, Marquee, Winery, Private, Budget Friendly, Micro Weddings, Pet Friendly, Bush, Glamping

 View Stonehurst

15. Arcadian Retreat

Farm venue nsw Arcadian RetreatCapacity: Seated 40, Max 60
Sleeps: 16
Info: DIY, Private, Bush, Weekend Hire, Micro Weddings, Swimming Pool, Cows, Chickens

 View Arcadian Retreat

16. Merrindah Weddings

Farm Wedding NSW Merrindah VenueCapacity: Seated 100, Max 150
Sleeps: 0
Info: DIY/BYO, Marquee, Barn/Shed

 View Merrindah

17. Moravia Park

Farm wedding venue nsw moravia parkCapacity: Seated 150, Max 200
Sleeps: 2
Info: DIY/BYO, Private, Barn/Shed, Lawn Games

 View Moravia Park

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Farms in the Illawarra

18. Crooked River Wines

Farm wedding venue nsw crooked riverCapacity: Seated 150, Max 200
Sleeps: 8
Info: Winery

 View Crooked River Wines

19. Horsley Homestead

Farm wedding venue nsw horsleyCeremony only: 500
Sleeps: 0
Info: Heritage, Cows, Sheep

 View Horsley Homestead

 20. Seacliff House

Farm wedding venue nsw seacliff houseCapacity: Seated 132, Max 180
Sleeps: 12
Info: DIY, Marquee, Beach, Waterfront, Private, Barn/Shed, Industrial

 View Seacliff House

Farms on the North Coast

21. Fernbank Farmstay

Farm wedding venue Fernbank NSWCapacity: Seated 120, Max 140
Sleeps: 16
Info: Marquee, Heritage, Micro Weddings, Swimming

 View Fernbank

22. Longview Farm

Farm Wedding Venue NSW LongviewCapacity: Seated 120, Max 120
Sleeps: 36
Info: DIY/BYO, Private, Barn/Shed, Micro Weddings, Pet Friendly, Weekend Hire, Late Curfew, Revolving House, Glamping, Kayaks, Cows

 View Longview Farm

23. Valhalla Restaurant & Bar

Farm Venue NSW ValhallaCapacity: Seated 80, Max 150
Sleeps: 0
Info: Cows

 View Valhalla

Farms in the Riverina

24. Big Springs Homestead

Farm Venue NSW Big SpringsCapacity: Seated 170, Max 200
Sleeps: 5
Info: DIY/BYO, Marquee, Waterfront, Barn/Shed, Pet Friendly, Glamping, Cows

 View Big Springs

25. St Edwards of the Riverina

Farm Venue NSW St EdwardsCapacity: Seated 200, Max 200
Sleeps: 8
Info: Heritage

 View St Edwards

26. Kimo Estate

Farm Venue Barn Wedding Kimo EstateCapacity: Seated 200, Max 200
Sleeps: 30
Info: BYO, Barn/Shed, Heritage, Pet Friendly, Sheep, Horses, Eco-friendly

 View Kimo Estate

27. Billenbah on the Bidgee

Farm Venue BillenbahCapacity: Seated 100, Max 100
Sleeps: 0
Info: Budget Friendly, Pet-friendly

 View Billenbah

Farms on the South Coast

28. Figbird Cottage

outdoor wedding venue figbird terara

Max Capacity: 150+
Accommodation Onsite: 2 Cottages sleeping 8 + option of glamping
Info: Affordable DIY & BYO venue surrounded by peaceful farming land with grazing cattle. No external hire necessary. Planning assistance available from the venue.

 View Figbird Cottage

29. The Driftwood Shed

Farm Venue NSW DrifwoodCapacity: Seated 100, Max 100
Sleeps: 6
Info: DIY, BYO, Marquee, Private, Barn/Shed, Weekend Hire, Pet Friendly, Jetty

 View Driftwood Shed

30. Willow Farm

Farm wedding venue nsw willowCapacity: Seated 100, Max 130
Sleeps: 10
Info: DIY/BYO, Marquee, Waterfront, Private, Barn/Shed, Weekend Hire, Spa Services, Cows

 View Willow Farm

31. Oaklands Events Centre

Farm wedding venue oaklandsCapacity: Seated 240, Max 300
Sleeps: 6
Info: Barn/Shed, Heritage, Small Weddings, Cows, Horses

 View Oaklands

32. Bundara Farm

Farm wedding venue bundara stablesCapacity: Seated 30, Max 30
Sleeps: 30
Info: DIY/BYO, Waterfront, Private, Barn/Shed, Budget Friendly, Micro Weddings, Pet-friendly, Bush, Weekend Hire, Cows, Lawn Games

 View Bundara Farm

33. Worrowing

Farm wedding venue worrowingCapacity: Seated 140, Max 180
Sleeps: 40
Info: DIY/BYO, Marquee, Private, Barn/Shed, Pet-friendly, Bush, Weekend Hire, Kangaroos, Birdlife, Horses, Eco-friendly

 View Worrowing

34. Terara Park Farm

Farm wedding venue terara nswCapacity: Seated 180, Max 180
Sleeps: 12
Info: DIY/BYO, Waterfront, Private, Barn/Shed, Budget Friendly, Weekend Hire, Horses

 View Terara Park

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Farms in the Southern Highlands

35. Hillview Heritage Hotel

Farm venue nsw weddings hillviewCapacity: Seated 200, Max 200
Sleeps: 21
Info: DIY/BYO, Marquee, Heritage, Budget Friendly, Micro Weddings, Pet-friendly, Weekend Hire

 View Hillview

36. Growwild Wildflower Farm

Farm wedding venue nsw growwildCapacity: Seated 120, Max 120
Sleeps: 0
Info: DIY/BYO, Marquee, Barn/Shed, Budget Friendly, Pet-friendly, Bush, Contribute to a Purpose, Weekend Hire, Kangaroos, Birdlife, Chickens

 View Growwild

37. Mali Brae Farm

farm wedding venue mali braeCapacity: Seated 100, Max 120
Sleeps: 12
Info: Waterfront, Private, Barn/Shed, Heritage, Lawn Games, Cows, Jetty, 

 View Mali Brae Farm

38. Briars Historic Inn

Farm venue briarsCapacity: Seated 130, Max 200
Sleeps: 130
Info: Waterfront, Heritage, Formal

 View Briars

39. Bendooley Estate

Farm wedding venue bendooleyCapacity: Seated 220, Max 250
Sleeps: 20
Info: Winery, Barn/Shed, Formal, Luxury, Book Store

 View Bendooley Estate

40. Petrichor Farm

farm wedding venue petrichorCapacity: Seated 150, Max 150
Sleeps: 2
Info: Private, Barn/Shed, Glamping, Cows, Kangaroos, Wombats, Birdlife

 View Petrichor Farm

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Off-the-beaten-track Farms in NSW

41. Blue Wren Wines

BYO wedding venue mudgeeCapacity: 350
Location: Mudgee, NSW
Info: Destination wedding venue with gorgeous country views. 5 bedroom homestead + accommodation for additional 10 people. All inclusive packages with option to BYO alcohol.

 View Blue Wren Wines

42. The Vinegrove
Marquee wedding venue Mudgee

Capacity: 150
Location: Mudgee
Info: 100 acre vineyard and farm with ceremony & marquee reception space right in the vines. The ultimate romantic wedding venue - have your first dance under the stars. Optional accommodation for 8.

 View The Vinegrove

Farm Wedding Venues NSW

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