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Wanting a quick & easy wedding ceremony without all the fuss? The following marriage celebrants in New South Wales specialise in fuss free simple wedding ceremonies that get you hitched with zero stress and zero hullabaloo. From quick and easy legals only weddings to 10 - 15 minute personalised celebrations, these awesome celebrants make getting married super quick & easy.

Here are 5 marriage celebrants in NSW who specialise in simple wedding ceremonies.

Simple Ceremony Celebrants


 NSW Celebrants

Top 5 Simple Ceremony Celebrants in NSW

Michael Janz Simple Ceremonies Marriages
1. Michael Janz Celebrant & MC

  • Location: Randwick - Sydney, NSW
  • Service Areas: Sydney CBD, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West
  • Cost: $500+

Michael Janz is one of Australia's most popular marriage celebrants with more than 300 5 star reviews to his name. His popularity stems from his warm and charismatic presence and the genuine love he has for people. He's a brilliant conversationalist who easily connects with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Michael is an inclusive and engaging wedding officiant who offers short & simple ceremonies as well as the sharing of love stories. He shares anecdotes with an easy humour and has a warm & welcoming voice that puts people at ease. 

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Simple Ceremonies With Sharon
2. Married By Sharon

  • Location: Dapto, NSW 2530
  • Service Areas: South Coast, Illawarra
  • Cost: $850

Sharon is a supportive, engaging and generous marriage celebant who makes the process of planning a personal and romantic wedding ceremony easy and fun. She comes prepared with a questionnaire to get to know her couples and find out what is meaningful to them so she can tailor the ceremony to suit.

Sharon's short and sweet package is $850 including a personalised ceremony with up to 30 guests, all the legal wording, personalised vows and ring exchange at a location of your choice. Expect a relaxed, fun-filled wedding ceremony and an easy planning process.

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Mick Goldie Simple Ceremonies
3. Mick Goldie Celebrant

  • Location: Coogee, NSW 2034
  • Service Areas: Sydney CBD + 50km
  • Cost: $500+

Mick Goldie is a relatively new marriage celebrant based in Sydney and offers simple wedding ceremonies from an affordable $500. Mick is an ex journalist and tour guide so he has loads of experience speaking off-the-cuff and entertaining groups of people - with or without a microphone.

Mick comes with excellent communication skills both before and on the day and works closely with couples to perfectly capture their love in a quick & simple celebration.

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Kellie Warren Simple Ceremonies NSW
4. Marriage Ceremonies by Kellie Warren

  • Location: Londonerry - Sydney, NSW
  • Service Areas: Western Sydney, Blue Mountains
  • Cost: $500 - $900

Kellie Warren is a young, fun and friendly celebrant who offers simple and elegant wedding ceremonies in the Penrith and Western Sydney regions. Kellie offers a legals only/registry style wedding ceremony for $500 that is perfect for couples wanting a low key ceremony or for those who need quick legals only such as if you're having a larger wedding overseas.

Kellie is a lover of country life and has her own horse so if you're getting married on a farm or in the bush, she'll fit right in.

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Simple Ceremonies by Tania Howe
5. Simple Ceremonies by Tania Howe

  • Location: Ballina, NSW
  • Service Area: Byron Bay, Northern NSW
  • Cost: $450 - $695

Tania Howe makes getting married super easy by taking care of everything for you. She tailors wedding ceremonies to make them meaningful for each of her couples and delivers them in a light hearted and inclusive manner that makes everyone feel involved.

Tania offers simple ceremonies from $450 to $695 with the option of a legals-only wedding or fully customised ceremony. Tania is also highly experienced with vow renewals. 

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