Sydney Elopement Celebrants

Looking for an elopement celebrant for your small wedding ceremony in Sydney? With thousands of registered marriage celebrants in the greater Sydney region it can be difficult to find elopement celebrants who specialise in small wedding ceremonies. For this reason, we've put together this list of Sydney celebrants who are highly experienced in officiating intimate elopement ceremonies. 

All of these professional elopement celebrants are based in Sydney and offer a choice of elopement packages that range from legals only style ceremonies to fully bespoke nuptials that share your love story so far. Many of these officiants are named among the best elopement celebrants in Australia and come highly recommended by industry peers and with 5 star customer reviews.

Here are the top 15 Elopement Celebrants in Sydney

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Top 15 Elopement Celebrants in Sydney

Michael Janz is an elopement celebrant based in Sydney Australia
Michael Janz Elopements

  • Ceremony Venues: Home office, parks & beaches
  • Elopement Package: $795 (less for weekdays)
  • Inclusions: Simple ceremony, 10-15 mins, 20 guests, Travel 30km

Michael is a friendly elopement celebrant who brings a very warm and welcoming presence to wedding ceremonies anywhere around the Sydney CBD, eastern suburbs and inner west. He has a beautifully calming voice, is a great conversationalist and has a natural ability to make people feel at ease. Michael knows how to create a very comfortable & enjoyable atmosphere in a small wedding scenario.

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Zoe Sabados is a small wedding & elopement celebrant in Sydney NSW
Zoe Sabados Celebrant

  • Ceremony Venues: Gardens, balconies, bowling alleys, bars etc
  • Elopement Package: $795 - $995
  • Inclusions: Personalised ceremony, 15-20 mins, 30 guests, vow writing guide, 50km travel

Zoe is a popular and fun elopement celebrant who brings her endearing laughter to micro wedding ceremonies all around Sydney. From her home base in Marrickville, she crafts highly personalised ceremonies that share your love story in an engaging way tailored to your audience. 

Elopements are a specialty of Zoe's and come with her standard promise of "no boring bits". That's the only standard inclusion in Zoe's ceremonies. She is 100% for doing things your own way and she brings a must-do attitude to hitching you the way that totally fits you. 

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Elope In Sydney Elopement Celebrant
Elope In Sydney

  • Ceremony Venues: Sydney Harbour & CBD
  • Elopement Package: $1,995
  • Inclusions: Celebrant, photographer & set up

Elope In Sydney offer all inclusive elopement packages for 2 - 30 guests in the Sydney Harbour and CBD areas. Affordable packages start at $1,995 and include a celebrant to prepare & deliver the ceremony and all legal paperwork, a candid wedding photographer who specialises in elopements and ceremony set up & hire with chairs & arbor. 

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Vicki Frittman is a specialist elopement celebrant in Sydney Australia
Vicki Frittman Elopements

  • Locations: McKell Park, Darling Point, NSW 2027
  • Years In Business: 12+
  • Elopement Package: $550+
  • 5 Star Reviews: 40+

Vicki Frittmann is an experienced elopement celebrant who specialises in heartfelt and fun wedding ceremonies for both local and overseas couples. She brings a wealth of experience in marrying couples planning an intimate wedding from outside of Sydney and has a quiet spot at McKell Park where you can exchange vows overlooking Sydney Harbour.

Vicki's elopement packages are priced from $550 for a simple legals only style ceremony that takes 5 - 8 minutes and range up to $850 for a fully bespoke ceremony with an 18 - 30 minute duration. 

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Kellie Warren Elopement Celebrant
Marriage Ceremonies by Kellie Warren

  • Location: Londonerry - Sydney, NSW
  • Elopement Package: $500
  • Inclusions: Simple ceremony & legal paperwork

Kellie Warren is a Sydney elopement celebrant based in the Penrith area. She services all of Western Sydney to the CBD, and as a country girl herself loves travelling into surrounding rural regions. Affordable elopement packages start at $500 for a simple ceremony similar to a registry-style marriage.

Kellie is great with children and animals (she is a horse owner herself) and creates intimate ceremonies that are inclusive of those who are attending. 

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Liz Watson Elopement Celebrant
Liz Watson Weddings

  • Location: Erskinville, NSW 2043
  • Service Areas: Sydney, Blue Mountains
  • Inclusions: Personalised ceremony

Liz Watson is an LGBTQIA elopement celebrant who is based in Sydney and travels to marry couples throughout NSW. Her jam is creating & delivering highly personalised wedding ceremonies that celebrate unique love in all its glorious forms. Liz is a caring and calming presence who brings a wonderful warmth and light hearted humour to intimate wedding.

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Mick Goldie Elopement Celebrant Sydney
Mick Goldie Elopement Ceremonies

  • Ceremony Venues: City, busy public areas, unusual spots
  • Elopement Package: $450 (2024 weddings)
  • Inclusions: Personalised ceremony, unlimited guests, 50km travel

Mick Goldie is Sydney's newest elopement celebrant and to kick start his portfolio he's offering a special deal of $450 for couples eloping in Sydney. Mick recently eloped himself and would love to offer you a similar experience. He is an ex journalist and tour guide in the UK, and has a special talent for drawing out & telling stories.

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Elopement celebrant sharon
Elopement Ceremonies With Sharon

  • Ceremony Venues: Parks & beaches
  • Elopement Package: $700
  • Inclusions: Short & sweet ceremony, travel 50km

Sharon is a motor sport and true crime podcast loving celebrant who marries elopers in the Southern Sydney and Illawarra regions and into the Southern Highlands. Her ceremonies are relaxed, warm and romantic. 

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Eliza McAllister is an elopement celebrant on Sydney's Northern Beaches
Eliza McAllister

  • Location: Collaroy, NSW 2097
  • Years In Business: 9+
  • Cost: $800
  • 5 Star Reviews: 50+

If you're eloping anywhere from Mosman to Palm Beach, Eliza McAllister is your local marriage specialist. Based on the Northern Beaches, Eliza has lots of experience officiating elopements on the region's many beautiful beaches and oceanfront parks and brings a down-to-earth and positive presence to your big moment, and one of the biggest, beaming smiles in Sydney.

An elopement ceremony costs $700 and comes with everything you need to get legally married with a personalised ceremony on Sydney's Northern Beaches.

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Elopement Celebrant Sydney Megumi
Elope With Megumi Carver

  • Location: Rosebery, NSW 2018
  • Years In Business: 11+
  • Cost: $400+
  • 5 Star Reviews: 180+

Megumi brings a lighthearted, warm and fun tone to elopements and is one of Sydney's most popular celebrants for intimate nuptials. She's based in the city's inner west but will marry you anywhere within the Greater Sydney region, charging $400 for quick & simple exchange of vows to $1,150 for a bespoke, laughter-filled ceremony.

Megumi also offers an all inclusive elopement package that costs $3,300 and comes with a photographer, flowers, hair & makeup.

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Simple Ceremonies officiate elopements at McMahons Point on Sydney Harbour
Simple Ceremonies Sydney

  • Location: Milsons Point, NSW 2061
  • Years in Business: 8+
  • Cost: $350+
  • 5 Star Reviews: 700+

Simple Ceremonies are local specialists in small & quick wedding ceremonies that get you married in under 5 minutes on the waters edge of Sydney Harbour. You'll find Michael Teulon stationed at McMahon's Point most weekends where he marries more than 1,000 couples per year overlooking the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

Michael's elopement ceremonies at McMahon's point are $350 including attendance for up to 20 guests. Elopement packages with an arbour and seating cost $649.

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elopement celebrant ruth matos
Ruth Matos - South West Sydney

  • Available Venues:
  • Elopement Package: $750
  • Inclusions: Simple ceremony, 2 guests, travel 50km

Ruth is a warm, relaxed and easy going marriage celebrant with whom you will not be short of conversation. Ruth loves to talk and comes with a no-awkward-silences guarantee. She offers a small elopement package for the couple and 2 witnesses and also an intimate wedding package that includes a more personalised ceremony and up to 30 guests in attendance.

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elopement celebrant all we need
Victoria Eustace - Sydney

  • Available Venues: Parks, gardens, public spaces
  • Elopement Package: $850
  • Inclusions: Personalised vows, 5 guests, 100km travel

Victoria is a warm, kind, caring and down to earth elopement celebrant who is easy to work with and thinks outside the box. She's based in Camperdown and delivers a conversation-like style of elopement throughout the inner west area of Sydney. She's perfect for couples wanting an informal ceremony with a relaxed vibe.

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Elopement Celebrant Oliver Thomson
Oliver Thomson - Sydney

  • Available Venues: Cliff tops, hot air balloon, bridge top, scuba diving
  • Elopement Package: $1,200
  • Inclusions: Personalised ceremony, unlimited guests, travel 100km

Oliver is based centrally in Newtown and offers stripped back elopements that get you married efficiently and cost-effectively. He's also one of the most adventurous elopement celebrants in Sydney and will marry you anywhere you desire including under the waters of the ocean or on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Expect a heartfelt, relaxed elopement with plenty of humour.

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elopement celebrant robyn pattison
Robyn Pattison - Sydney

  • Available Venues: Parks, gardens, public spaces, commercial venues
  • Elopement Package: $900
  • Inclusions: Personalised ceremony, 2 meetings, travel in Sydney, 

Robyn lives in Ryde, one of the multicultural heartlands of Sydney and her elopements reflect this clientele. She's a regular at mixed culture ceremonies and has a particular skill for including all guests regardless of language barriers. She's often seen delivering phrases in all sorts of languages to surprise her couples.

Expect a fun, bubbly and warm personality who can't do enough for you. Cheaper elopements are available Monday - Thursday.

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elopement celebrant alison
Alison Pickel - Sydney

  • Available Venues: Parks, gardens, off the beaten track locations
  • Elopement Package: $750
  • Inclusions: Short & sweet ceremony, 10 mins, travel 20km from Erskineville

If you're looking for a quick & easy elopement ceremony without too much personalisation, Alison's package might be ideal for you. You can pick and choose components from a standard script to create a ceremony that resonates with you. Alison will deliver this elopement ceremony in her usual fun and easy going manner.  

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Elopement celebrant amanda knapton
Amanda Knapton - Sutherland Shire

  • Available Venues: Any public Sydney metro location
  • Elopement Package: $1,950
  • Inclusions: Bespoke ceremony, 4 guests + kids, 1.5hrs photography

Amanda offers several secret mid-week & weekend elopements with her Pop Up Elopement brand. You can choose from a budget friendly mini wedding that includes a legals only ceremony at Amanda's home office from $500. Or go for a more inclusive option that includes a photographer. Witnesses can be provided for a small fee. Mid week elopements are cheaper.

Amanda officiates legal elopements all over Sydney with her usual down to earth approach. Her elopement packages are also ideal for vow renewals.

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Elopement celebrants know how to set a comfortable tone within a small and official ceremony setting. They are experts at creating a momentous event of your wedding with just a handful of people present. Elopement celebrants are a special kind of celebrant, with a special expertise.

Because of the limited number of guests at an elopement, it stands to reason that your celebrant will play a more pivotal role in your wedding ceremony. Aside from being your officiant, they’ll also be one of your special wedding guests. Without the presence of a large audience, it will be with your celebrant that you share the joy of being freshly joined in marriage.

For this reason, choosing a specialist elopement celebrant for your wedding ceremony provides peace of mind that your big day will be as memorable as it is intimate. The above marriage celebrants have been chosen as the top elopement celebrants in Sydney for their special expertise in small wedding ceremonies. You can find out which celebrants are available for your preferred date and location by sending a single request for information here.

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