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Candid Wedding Photography: Newcastle | Sydney

Looking for a candid wedding photographer in Newcastle, Australia? These top 8 candid wedding photographers in Newcastle are all specialists in capturing artistic and unposed wedding photos as you go about enjoying your big day. Offering documentary wedding photography by trade, they're almost exclusively focused on photographing your wedding day as it unfolds naturally and do so unobtrusively throughout the day's formalities.

Most candid wedding photographers in Newcastle offer a couples portrait session between your ceremony and reception. It's normal with candid wedding photography to receive some guidance during this session to assist you in getting photos you love. You'll be given simple instructions like "walk over there" or, "stop there for a moment while I fix my camera". As your shift focus to each other candid portraits will be taken.

The below professionals are on this list of best candid wedding photographers in Newcastle because they know how to capture beautiful images of you both without the awkward poses. They bring expertise at relaxing you in front of their lens and at times you'll forget that they're there. 

Here are our top 8 candid wedding photographers in Newcastle. They are magicians. 

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Top 8 Candid Wedding Photographers in Newcastle

Sydney Wedding Photography Mr Wigley
1. Mr Wigley Photography

  • Service Area: Newcastle, Australia
  • Wedding Packages: $1,499+
  • Other Services: Photo Booth

The Mr Wigley team are highly experienced candid wedding photographers led by award winning Darren Wigley. Unposed, fun and relaxed wedding experiences define the Mr Wigley ethos, resulting in happy wedding photos that naturally depict all the fun and joy of your wedding day.

Bright coloured backdrops, candid shenanigans and crisp portraits make up the majority of wedding collections with the Mr Wigley crew. Half and full day packages range from $1,499 - $3,000 and come with some unexpected free inclusions such as colourful eco confetti canons. (Darren isn't joking about delivering bright, joyful photos!)

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Best Newcastle Wedding Photographer - Bryce Noone
2. Bryce Noone Photography

  • Location: Telarah, NSW
  • Service Area: Newcastle, Hunter Valley
  • 2023 Photography Packages: $3,790+

Bryce Noone is one of the best candid wedding photographers in Newcastle. He has an uncanny knack of blending into the background at weddings which enables him to capture beautiful, genuine moments between his couples. His trademark images are high end candid portraits, usually captured while you are left to enjoy a few quiet moments together before your wedding reception.

Bryce's photos are processed very naturally without filters and albums are a filled with modern and timeless wedding pictures. Packages start at $3,790 including 6 hours coverage with an optional engagement shoot.

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elopement photographer sydney harbour
3. Oliver Smith Photo

  • Location: North Sydney
  • Images: Storytelling
  • Wedding Packages: $5,000 on average
  • Specials for European & NZ weddings

For those who love the moody rawness of 35mm film, Oliver Smith delivers a high-end hybrid collection of film & digital wedding photography. He is an impressive visual storyteller who captures compelling images filled with fun and emotion. Nothing is contrived or forced. His work is confident, creative and a fine example of high-end candid wedding photography.

Oliver has a preference for fun and adventurous couples and loves to travel for destination weddings. Most couples spend around $5,000 on their wedding photos and are delivered a creative collection that mixes warm, natural tones with black & whites. Expect everything from sharply focused portraits to the blur of forward footsteps. Highly recommended.

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Newcastle wedding photographer - Tatiana Rose Photography
4. Tatiana Rose Photography

  • Location: Anna Bay, NSW
  • Service Area: Newcastle, North Coast
  • 2023 Photography Packages: $3,900+

Tatiana wasn't always a candid wedding photographer having started out in the industry taking fashion portraits for her online boutique. She then worked her way into maternity and family photography before developing a unique style of her own mixing unposed wedding photography with magazine style editorial portraits. 

Today, Tatiana is one of the most popular wedding photographers in Newcastle, favoured for her warm and natural images. She's described as radiating warmth, down to earth and friendly and very easy to spend the day with. Photography packages range from $3,900 - $4,500 including 8 - 10 hours coverage and fine art photo albums are offered as an optional extra. 

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Newcastle Wedding Photography - Bec Essery Photographer
5. Bec Essery Photographer

  • Location: Newcastle, NSW
  • Service Area: Newcastle, Hunter Valley
  • 2023 Photography Packages: $4,000+

Bec Essery is all about capturing light hearted, candid wedding photos and romantic couple portraits. She loves to celebrate human connection and has a keen eye for moments when you're laughing, crying or canoodling together. Capturing intimate moments is Bec's forte and she does it while making her couples feel completely at ease in front of her camera.

Bec is a specialist elopement and micro wedding photographer who's perfectly at home bare foot on Newcastle's beaches. Elopement packages start at $2,500 for 3 hours coverage and you can book up to 8 hours for $4,000. Fine art photo albums start at $900.

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Newcastle wedding photographer - Little Black Bow Photography
6. Little Black Bow Photography

  • Location: Adamstown, NSW
  • Service Area: Newcastle, Hunter Valley
  • 2023 Photography Packages: $3,600+

If you'd like your candid wedding photography along with side of belly laughs and a dose of creative genius, Dea is your lady. She's a funny and artistic candid photographer who's unique vision for capturing moments produces collections filled with the unexpected. From different angles to motion photos to incredible black and whites, Dea captures the day as it unfolds naturally with a thoughtful and cheeky eye.

Fun weddings are Dea's jam. If you laugh at bad Dad jokes you're probably her ideal couple. Packages start at $2,200 for little 3 hour elopement shoots and go up to 8 hour weddings from $4,200. 

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Newcastle wedding photographer - Popcorn Photography
7. Popcorn Photography

  • Location: Newcastle, NSW
  • Service Area: Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Central Coast
  • Photography Packages: $3,700+

With more than 900 weddings to their names, Mere & Laura know a thing or two about capturing beautifully intimate, entirely candid wedding photos. The Newcastle based pair have photographed weddings for several high profile Australian couples and produce high quality crisp, bright photos mixed with moody black & whites.

Mere & Laura are no longer shooting large weddings but you're still welcome to enquire about micro weddings, elopements and engagement shoots. 

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Jason Corroto Sydney Wedding Photographer
8. Jason Corroto Weddings

  • Location: Northern Beaches, NSW
  • Images: Romantic, emotive & warm
  • Wedding Packages: $4,990

Jason Corroto is your wedding photographer of choice for highly romantic portraiture. Couples who share a great chemistry together will love his artistry with images capturing the love and deep connection between each other. Jason has an impeccable sense of timing which translates into candid wedding photos that ooze with a sense of presence and emotion.

Wedding photography packages start at $4,990 for all-day coverage and smaller weddings and elopements are $3,400. Jason is based in Sydney and is very happy to travel to Newcastle and beyond for the right couple.

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