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If a highly romantic wedding ceremony filled with warmth, laughter and love is your vibe, the civil celebrants listed below are your like-minded legends. Of the thousands of marriage celebrants in Queensland, these are the professionals who stand apart when it comes to beautifully intimate and romantic wedding ceremonies.

Here are 5 marriage celebrants in QLD who specialise in crafting highly romantic wedding ceremonies filled with love, tears & laughter.

Romantic Ceremony Celebrants


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Top 5 Romantic Ceremony Celebrants in QLD

Josh Withers Romantic Celebrant QLD
1. Josh Withers

  • Location: Tugun, QLD 4224
  • Service Areas: Byron Bay, Regional NSW
  • Cost: $2k+

Josh Withers is one of Australia's most sought after marriage celebrants for intimate, meaningful and romantic wedding ceremonies. Speaking from the heart he creates momentous and fun ceremonies through the sharing of anecdotes and stories that celebrate the journey his couples have experienced together so far.

Josh is an engaging, warm and laid back romantic who makes the smallest and largest of weddings intimate and heartfelt occasions. From elopements for two to weddings of 400+ guests, Josh brings his infectious laugh and off-the-cuff sense of occasion to weddings all around Australia.

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Natasha Lewis Romantic Celebrant
2. Natasha Lewis

  • Location: Newmarket, QLD 4051
  • Service Areas: Gold Coast, Regional Queensland
  • Cost: $1,150

Natasha is a kind, personable and calm marriage celebrant who creates a warm and romantic atmosphere at weddings. Her ceremonies are simple and elegant, capturing the love between her couples and sharing the stories of their journey together thus far with her trademark bright and positive energy.

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Romantic Wedding Celebrant Roxy Hotten
3. Roxy Hotten Celebrant & MC

  • Location: Banyo, QLD 4014
  • Service Areas: Gold Coast, SE Queensland, Byron Bay
  • Cost: $655 - $1,655

Roxy Hotten is an inclusive, fun and creative marriage celebrant who crafts engaging and cliche-free wedding ceremonies. She believes that every element of the wedding ceremony should have a purpose, meaning and realness, creating the highlight of the wedding day. Expect lots of happy tears, laughter, love and guest involvement.  

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Venita Manning Romantic Weddings
4. Venita Manning

  • Location: Stafford, QLD 4053
  • Service Areas: Brisbane & surrounds
  • Cost: $350 - $990

Venita Manning is an amazing writer of romantic wedding ceremonies and is renowned for causing happy tears with her scripts.  “Life is too short for cheap wine” is her motto. And it's with this mindset she pours her heart & soul into creating meaningful and personal wedding ceremonies for her couples, while sipping on a sneaky G&T. 

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Romantic Ceremony Celebrant in QLD

5. Robynne Frost Celebrant

  • Location: Gold Coast, QLD
  • Service Areas: Queensland
  • Cost: $990
  • 5 Star Reviews: 50+

Robynne Frost is renowned for crafting romantic, warm and inclusive wedding ceremonies for couples of blended families. She is the Mother and Stepmother of 4 children in total giving her a unique understanding and insight when crafting personalised celebrations for unique family units.

The popular celebrant is a great listener, revelling in the opportunity to customise ceremonies with meaningful readings, music and rituals that align to the dreams and values of her couples. Coming from a successful career in senior banking roles, Robynne is an eloquent and effective communicator.

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