How to get more wedding enquiries

Wedlockers generates more wedding enquiries than any other online platform.

More than 20,000 wedding enquiries are sent directly via Wedlockers per year (plus traffic referred directly to your website). The more visible your business is, the more enquiries you'll generate.

Here's how to maximise your online visibility to get more enquiries & bookings...

1. Rank High In Search Results

The highest listed wedding venues get the most profile views. To maximise your views & enquiries, rank high in search results for all keywords relevant to your business. Learn More

2. Be Visible On Google

In 2022, more than 240,000 visitors will arrive at Wedlockers via a Google search. They search keywords like 'Small Wedding Venues NSW' or 'BYO Wedding Venues South Coast'. They land on SEO powered Blogs & Shortlists.

Our Blogs & Shortlists put your business within one click of your customers on all major search engines. They rank in the top 3 Google results for more than 700 search terms giving you direct access to your target customer amongst the world's largest online audience. 

Blogs & Shortlists deliver more wedding enquiries for Professional Subscribers than anywhere else online. Learn More

3. Inspire On Socials

Featuring in our Top 10 curations provides brand authority for your business, helping you stand out and connect with customers who are inspired by what you offer. Regular features in curated posts are available with a Professional Subscription.

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