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The emotional wedding photography featured on this page has been captured by some incredible Sydney photographers. They are amazing wedding photographers with an eye for human connection, producing emotive wedding photos that bring back memories, feelings, warmth, love and laughter.

Amongst these amazing artists are a handful of the best wedding photographers in Australia. Their emotive wedding photography stands in a class of its own, and is typically priced from $3,000+ for smaller packages or $4,000+ for all day coverage. 

Several more affordable wedding photographers are included below. They deliver emotive wedding photography from $900 and offer incredible value for money. If you're on a budget, we recommend choosing the photographer you feel comfortable around because the best emotive wedding photos are of couples who are entirely at ease. 

Here are 8 highly emotive wedding photographers in Sydney, listed in no particular order. We love their work and hope you do too.

Top 8 Emotive Wedding Photographers in Sydney

Anna Murray Emotive Wedding Photographer
1. Anna Murray Photography

  • Location: Bondi Beach
  • Service Area: Greater Sydney
  • Images: Intimate
  • Price Guide: $900+

Anna Murray specialises in small Sydney weddings and elopements. She captures 100% candid and intimate wedding photos that focus on meaningful moments between the couple and their guests.

Affordable wedding packages start at $900 for a 2 hour couple shoot and go up to $4,000 with 10 hours wedding day coverage. You get a set of highly emotive wedding photos in crisp, high resolution with mix of colour and black and whites.

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Ben Newnam Moving Wedding Photos
2. Ben Newnam Photography

  • Location: Berowra, NSW
  • Service Area: NSW
  • Images: Layered depth
  • Cost: $1,400+

Ben Newnam's vibrant images are amongst the most recognisable in Sydney with the trademark depth in his editing process producing luminous and moody wedding photos. From intimate couple portraits to moving family scenes, Ben's emotive wedding photography brings moments & feelings back to life in creative art pieces.

Reviews from Ben's clients are nothing but gushing, espousing his creative talents and the positive experience of working with him. Amongst the 300, 5 star reviews to his name the common theme is his easy going nature and how at ease he makes his couples in front of the camera. 

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Emotional Wedding Photography Russell Stafford
3. Russell Stafford Wedding Photography

  • Location: Baulkham Hills, NSW
  • Service Area: Greater Sydney
  • Images: Fun, intimate, crisp 
  • Price Guide: $4,000+

Russell Stafford are a team of 8 wedding photography and videography professionals renowned among the best visual artists in Sydney. The crew capture emotional wedding photos through a candid and warm approach that allows couples to be relaxed and in-the-moment while in front of the lens.

Wedding photo albums are filled with joy, laughter, love and poignant family moments in a creative variety of pictures. Expect unique framing, interesting angles, close ups, landscapes, black and whites, blurry movement and the occasional editorial-style feature image all in the one collection. Video packages available.

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Henry Paul Emotive wedding photography
4. Henry Paul Photography

  • Location: Summer Hill, NSW
  • Service Area: Sydney, Blue Mountains
  • Images: Authentic
  • Cost Guide: $4,500+

Henry Paul Photography is the Sydney studio of Hank, an inclusive & queer creative who captures highly emotional wedding photos of loved-up couples and their favourite people. Hank's incredible visual storytelling ability is recognised with International awards and their work is regularly published in leading wedding magazines.

When you book Hank for your wedding or elopement, you can expect a gentle and affirming experience that results in a photographic story of your day and authentic portraits with people you love. Guffawing laughs and other delightful moments of human uniqueness are among what sets Hank's work apart.

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Hayley Morgan Emotional Wedding Photography
5. Hayley Morgan Wedding Photography

  • Location: Newtown, NSW
  • Service Area: Sydney, Blue Mountains, Central Coast
  • Images: Candid, fun, intimate
  • Cost: $2,400+

Hayley Morgan is an emotive wedding photographer based in Sydney's inner west. Her portfolio features a collection of happy couples laughing intimately together and bridal parties having a riotous time. Expect lots of intimate and romantic wedding portraits shot at mid range and close up. No posed shots. Minimal editing. Pre wedding shoots available for $350.

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James Day Emotive Wedding Photography
6. James Day Weddings

  • Location: Bulli,NSW
  • Service Area: Southern Highlands, Sydney
  • Wedding Packages: Full Day
  • Price Guide: $5,000+

James Day is one of my favourite wedding photographers. I find his work incredibly moving and love the artistic flair he brings when he steps aside from purely candid photography for a moment and works with couples to create some of his extra trademark magic.

I love that I have few words to describe the photography of James Day. You never know what the next magic picture is going to be. But amongst the evolving surprises of his hefty portfolio is a constant - intensely emotive images that capture the something that is shared between people.

His extraordinary collection of emotive wedding photos are perhaps in part, an illustration of James's gentle way with people. 

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Fiona Bobby Emotive Photography
7. Fiona + Bobby Photography

  • Location: Inner West Sydney
  • Service Area: Worldwide
  • Images: Unique, dark & moody, fun
  • Cost: $4,850+

Fiona + Bobby are a unique artistic duo with a distinctive photographic style that's atmospheric, moody, oozing in feels and often rich in blacks. If you've been searching for the artist of the amazing dark and moody wedding photos you saw online somewhere, it's probably these guys. No one else comes close to replicating their vibe.

Expect a cinematic collection of candid wedding photos mixed with some moody af stare-down-the-lens style couple portraits. You'll also get a bunch of intimate moments as you do, and if you're the kind to throw your head back with the raucous laughter of many teeth, you can expect those memories to be captured too. 

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The Salty Shutter Emotive Photography
8. The Salty Shutter

  • Location: Eastern Suburbs
  • Service Area: World
  • Images: Very natural & highly emotive
  • Cost: $4,900+

Dane Tucker in our opinion, is one of the most emotive wedding photographers in Australia. His images are warm and honest, authentically capturing his couples and the relationships most treasured by them.

Named a Top 30 Emerging Wedding Photographer by Rangefinder Magazine, Dane is on the world map of top wedding photographers owing to his unique ability to capture stories that put viewers square in the moment.

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