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We make it quick & easy to find awesome wedding vendors with better online search.

At Wedlockers, you'll connect with customers who LOVE what you do. Because every time your listing appears in search results - it displays exactly what customers are searching for. We do search better, so your customers can better find you.

Create a free business listing & connect with customers who LOVE what you offer

All wedding vendors in Australia receive a free business listing that includes:


  • A Wedlockers Search-Responsive Listing
  • Direct weblink
  • Lead capture form
  • Self-manage content
  • Self-manage search ranking
  • 5 free search tags
  • Unlimited leads

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How it Works

Wedlockers is an online browser.  Our customers browse images to find wedding venues and vendors anywhere in Australia. With a Wedlockers listing you can display exactly what customers are searching for, at the very moment they're searching for it. See what Wedlockers can do for you:

  1. Targeted leads
    Our business listings are search-responsive so you can engage your target audience from the moment your listing appears in search results.  Choose what your listing displays, when it's displayed & where it ranks in response to customer search. 
  2. More impressions
    Put your business in front of customers more than once, and show them something different each time.  Wedlockers browsing gives you multiple opportunities to showcase what you offer your customers.
  3. Better exposure
    When your listing appears in our search results, it’s your products & service that are on display.  We do search better, so you’ll connect with customers who love what you do.
  4. More enquiries when you need them
    Upgrade your business listing to increase your volume of enquiries at any time.  We offer paid packages by the month.  You can upgrade/downgrade at any time and there's no lock in contract.  We back ourselves because we get results!
  5. Industry recognition
    All listed wedding vendors are eligible to give & receive endorsements and recommendations. Endorsements provide you with professional recognition & give your customers search-ability to find you. 

Business listings are free for all wedding venues and vendors in Australia including:  

  • Wedding Venues
  • Wedding Photographers & Videographers
  • Stylists, Planners & Hire Companies
  • Wedding Invitations, Signage & Stationery
  • Hair & Makeup Artists
  • Food & Beverage Caterers
  • Wedding Celebrants & MC’s
  • Bands, DJ’s and other Wedding Entertainers
  • Florists
  • Bridal Designers
  • Weddings Cars & Transport
  • Wedding Cakes

Create a free business listing now.  It takes 5 minutes & you’ll be live within 24 hours.


Is it actually free to list my business? 

Yes.  Your listing will go live within 24 hours.  No credit card is required.

Who can join & what will I need?

Australian wedding venues and vendors are invited to create a free business listing. You'll need professional quality, landscape oriented images.  To ensure a great experience for our couples, we can not accept pixelated or watermarked images.

Can I get enquiries? 

Yes.  The best way to boost leads and manage the type of customers you attract is to upload a great portfolio of images and tag them to appear in relevant search results. We'll send you more information about this when you join.

Does it cost anything to receive leads?

No.  Customers can enquire with you via your lead capture form or via your website link.  It's free to receive these leads. Leads are not capped on any of our packages - including our free package.

So how does Wedlockers make money? 

You can get more leads by upgrading your subscription. Packages include extra tags that boost your search ranking and increase your impressions & reach. Larger packages include all-inclusive marketing campaigns across socials, search engine & email. You can upgrade to a subscription package in your account settings. Packages are billed monthly & there’s no lock in contracts.

Can International vendors join?

International vendor listings are available on request.  Submit an expression of interest and we'll send you an information pack.

 Create Business Listing