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If you’re looking for a wedding photographer on the South Coast of NSW you’re in luck. There’s a wonderful collection of professional wedding photographers to choose from along the southern coastline of New South Wales, and plenty more who travel from Sydney and beyond to service the area. 

South Coast wedding photographers include some of Australia's most talented visual storytellers. On this list you'll find award winning photographers, published photojournalists, fine art photographers, editorial specialists, plus affordable wedding photographers who offer budget friendly photography packages from Wollongong to Batemans Bay and beyond.

Here are 28 awesome wedding photographers on the NSW South Coast. 

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Top 28 South Coast Wedding Photographers

Lightheart Films Photos South Coast NSW
1. Lightheart Wedding Photos + Video

  • Location: Hurlstone Park, NSW 2193
  • Years in Business: 8+
  • Photo Packages: $1,999+
  • Video Packages: $3,199
  • 5 Star Reviews: 100+

Lightheart are an accredited team of experienced wedding photographers and filmmakers who regularly travel from Sydney to capture weddings in Wollongong and the South Coast. The popular crew work seamlessly together to deliver high quality photos & films in a candid and very natural style.

Affordable wedding photography packages start at $1,999 with 7+ hours coverage and all high resolution images on USB. Combined video packages are available from $5,899 with 10+ hours coverage and include a 3-5 min highlights plus feature film.

 View Lightheart Wedding Photos & Video

Mr Wigley South Coast Wedding Photographer Illawarra
2. Mr Wigley Photography

  • Location: Redfern, NSW 2016
  • Years in Business: 12+
  • Photo Packages: $1,499+
  • 5 Star Reviews: 50+

Darren is a relaxed and easy going wedding photographer who's accommodating approach makes him very easy to work with. He creates a relaxed and fun atmosphere on the day, with typical client feedback stating; "we're not photogenic or comfortable in front of cameras but Darren made us feel so relaxed and at ease and we love our photos." 

Mr Wigley offers super affordable photography packages on the South Coast with half day weddings starting at $1,499 or $3,000 for a full day shoot. Colourful biodegradable confetti is a unique inclusion, and goes towards ensuring colourful, happy and fun wedding photos.  

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South Coast Wedding Photography
3. Olguin Photography

  • Location: Bowral, NSW 2576
  • Years in Business: 10+
  • Photo Packages: $4,500
  • 5 Star Reviews: 200+

Alex is a calm, confident & fun wedding photographer who produces candid art with warmth. Soulful images tell a story in a highly emotive and cinematic frames. Based in the Highlands, Alex is a regular at Kangaroo Valley and South Coast weddings.

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James Day Emotive South Coast Wedding Photography
4. James Day Weddings

  • Location: Bulli Beach, NSW 2516
  • Years in Business: 10+
  • Photo Packages: $5,000
  • 5 Star Reviews: 10+

James Day is one of Australia's best country wedding photographers situated locally on the South Coast of NSW. He's an easy going & down to earth visual storyteller who captures intimate, heartfelt & fun images in a natural straight-from-the-lens style. Lover of love, adventure & country weddings. 

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South Coast Wedding Photographer Gavin
5. Gavin Cato

  • Location: Dapto, NSW 2530
  • Years in Business: 10+
  • Photo Packages: $4,200
  • 5 Star Reviews: 200+

Gavin is a popular South Coast wedding photographer known for his unique drone photos and calm, no fuss approach. He shoots discreetly on the day, is funny, organised and produces timeless portraiture in vibrant colours.

Wedding photography packages are $4,200 - $4,600 for 6 - 8 hours coverage.

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South Coast WEddings Thom
6. Thom Dwyer

  • Location: Albion Park, NSW 2527
  • Years in Business: 8+
  • Photo Packages: $3,500
  • Video Packages: $2,995
  • 5 Star Reviews: 30+

Thom Dwyer is an award winning wedding photographer who is intent on creating unique masterpieces. His photo collections feature lots of black & white images, include a variety of angles, are highly emotive and are produced with subtle effects. 

Wedding photography packages range from $3,500 - $5,500 for 6 - 12 hours coverage. 2nd wedding photographer with larger packages. Elopement packages are available from $3,300. Video can be added to photography packages.

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south coast wedding photographer nsw
7. Translucent Photography 

  • Location: Wollongong, NSW 2500
  • Years in Business: 12+
  • Photo Packages: $3,500
  • 5 Star Reviews: 300+

Lucy is a fun, bubbly and energetic documentary photographer who captures a versatile mix of dark, light, moody and fun wedding photos. Subtle contrasts and black & whites are regular features in her collections. Lucy is a travel lover and will shoot weddings anywhere along the NSW coastline. Elopement packages are available from $1,800. 

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South Coast Wedding Photographer Alex
8. Alex Carlyle Photography

  • Location: Newtown, NSW 2042
  • Years in Business: 8+
  • Photo Packages: $4,500+

Alex's wedding photos have a unique authenticity typical of natural visual storytellers. Images are fun, candid, gritty, moody, quirky, bright and crisp. On the day Alex is relaxed, calm and easy going and values truth, equity and inclusion. 

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south coast wedding photographers nsw
9. Samuel White Photo

  • Location: Sussex Inlet, NSW 2540
  • Years in Business: 5+
  • Photo Packages: $3,500
  • 5 Star Reviews: 200+

Samuel White is a home renovator enthusiast and ex paparazzi. He now resides on the South Coast of NSW capturing fun, relaxed weddings full time in his typical easy going vibe. Expect a quality wedding photographer who captures classic, white, bright and mostly candid images. His wedding packages are very reasonably priced.

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Beth Fernley South Coast Wedding Photography
10. Beth Fernley Photography

  • Location: Port Kembla, NSW 2505
  • Years in Business: 12+
  • Photo Packages: $3,750+ 
  • 5 Star Reviews: 100+

Beth is a local South Coast wedding photographer who travels from Wollongong as far as Merimbula to capture celebrations. She's a passionate, down-to-earth and open-minded creative who documents weddings candidly plus does family and group shots as requested. A celebrator of all kinds of love, Beth produces photo collections that are emotive and raw.

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South Coast Togs Fiona
11. Fiona + Bobby Photography

  • Location: Lane Cove, NSW 2066
  • Years in Business: 10+
  • Photo Packages: $4,850
  • 5 Star Reviews: 100+

Fiona + Bobby Photography are a misfit romantic duo based in Sydney who regularly shoot weddings along the NSW South Coast. They produce a distinctive dark and moody photographic style in mixed collections of candids and portraiture. Expect two quirky lovers of music, film, theatre, comedy & activism.

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Yasmina South Coast
12. Yasmina Nadine

  • Location: Northern Beaches, NSW 
  • Years in Business: 5+
  • Photo Packages: $2,300
  • 5 Star Reviews: 10+

Yasmina Nadine is a professional wedding photographer who specialises in bold and vibrant reportage. Her wedding images are very natural and free from awkward posing. She's a supportive, warm and open person who loves travel and has a pet python. Wedding photo packages start at $2,300 - $3,700 including 5 - 10 hours coverage.

 View Yasmina Nadine

South Coast Tog Amelia
13. Amelia Soegijono

  • Location: Dural, NSW
  • Years in Business: 10+
  • Photo Packages: $4,500+
  • 5 Star Reviews: 130+

Amelia Soegijono is a fine art film wedding photographer who captures light, white, bright and ethereal images. She comes with an eye for styling and brings a kind, gentle and easy going presence to your wedding day. Amelia is one of the most published photographers in NSW with her work appearing in the world's best wedding magazines.

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Jason Valler South Coast
14. Jason Valler 

  • Location: Wollongong, NSW 2500
  • Years in Business: 10+
  • Photo Packages: $4,200
  • 5 Star Reviews: 20+

Jason Valler is a documentary wedding photographer who captures emotive, fun and moody photos that ooze all the feels. He is accommodating and easy going and brings an energetic, switched on presence to weddings. Comments from previous couples include how he put them at ease in front of his camera lens.

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south coast wedding photographer shoalhaven
15. Mitch Ferris Photography

  • Location: Castle Hill, NSW 2154
  • Years in Business: 8+
  • Photo Packages: $4,200
  • 5 Star Reviews: 30+

Mitch Ferris Photography (previously With Heart Photography) is a highly experienced wedding photographer who shoots mostly candidly and produces moody collections containing lots of high contrast black & white photos. Mitch takes the time to get to know his clients, gets rave reviews, is easy going & unobtrusive. Wedding photography packages start at $4,200 with 6 hours coverage. 

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South Coast Photographer Two Creeks
16. Two Creeks Wedding Photography

  • Location: Berry, NSW 2535
  • Years in Business: 5+
  • Photo Packages: $2,900
  • 5 Star Reviews: 40+

Two Creeks Wedding Photography is an affordable studio that captures weddings all over the South Coast from Wollongong to Canberra. You get a mix of candid wedding photos, close up emotive shots and images with the occasional editing effect. 

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South Coast Photographer Weddings Ashton
17. Matt Ashton

  • Location: Shellharbour, NSW 2529
  • Years in Business: 10+
  • Photo Packages: $3,600
  • 5 Star Reviews: 100+

Matt Ashton is a highly experienced local wedding photographer who produces bright, crisp and 99% candid wedding photos. His images have no obvious editing and look like they're straight from the camera lens. Matt is a laid back adventurer who makes couples who feel awkward & non-photogenic in front of the lens feel comfortable. Elopement photography packages available from $1,200. 

 View Matt Ashton

Swoon Weddings Bowral
18. Swoon Weddings

  • Location: Bowral, NSW 2576
  • Years in Business: 5+
  • Photo Packages: $2,500

Swoon Weddings is photography and video studio based in the Southern Highlands and shoots weddings all over the South Coast in a natural style with subtle colour enhancement. 

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South Coast Wedding Photographer Sonja
19. Sonja C Photography

  • Location: Alexandria, NSW 2015
  • Years in Business: 10+
  • Photo Packages: $5,150
  • 5 Star Reviews: 20+

Sonja Cenic is an award winning wedding photographer who regularly travels to Nowra and beyond to shoot weddings on the South Coast. She is an enthusiastic and hard working artist with an unobtrusive approach that produces vibrant, rich, crisp and romantic wedding images. Wedding photography packages range from $5,150 - $6,550 for 5 - 9 hours coverage with all high resolution photos.

 View Sonja C Photography

Jason Corroto Weddings
20. Jason Corroto

  • Location: Newport, NSW 2106
  • Years in Business: 10+
  • Photo Packages: $5,490
  • 5 Star Reviews: 100+

Jason Corroto is a versatile photography professional known for his artful use of camera settings to achieve creative wedding photos (D.O.F & slow shutter). Collections include a great variety of images including colour + B&W. Jason loves to travel for destination weddings on the South Coast and brings a collaborative and adventurous spirit. Elopement packages are available from $3,900.

 View Jason Corroto

south coast wedding photographer john
21. John Benavente 

  • Location: Mount Warrigal, NSW 2528
  • Years in Business: 10+
  • Photo Packages: $3,500

John Benavente is an award winning wedding photographer with extensive experience shooting black tie events. He delivers collections with plenty of black & white photos, lots of close ups full of emotion, fun moments and epic party shots. Experienced photographer with Jewish weddings.

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South Coast Wedding Tog Tale
22. Tale Thief

  • Location: Wollongong, NSW 2500
  • Years in Business: 10+
  • Photo Packages: $3,000
  • 5 Star Reviews: 50+

Thia is enthusiastic, kind, caring, warm and collaborative wedding and boudoir artist who offers affordable wedding photography packages from $2,500. She's a specialist in making couples feel at ease in front of the camera lens and produces a mix of raw, intimate and very natural images.

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south coast wedding photographer margan
23. Margan Photography

  • Location: Austinmer, NSW 2515
  • Years in Business: 10+
  • Photo Packages: $4250
  • 5 Star Reviews: 100+

Margan are a wife/wife wedding photography team made up of Erin & Erica who are both amazing photographers and offer two unique angles of coverage at your wedding. The ladies are romantics, sentimentalists, adventurers & fun makers capturing very candid, cris, happy and emotive wedding photographs, always produced in their natural state. 

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Wedding Photographer SOuth Coast Nora
24. Nora Devai

  • Location: Jervis Bay, NSW 2540
  • Years in Business: $3,000
  • Photo Packages: 10+

Nora Devai is a Jervis Bay wedding photographer who shoots candidly and produces images in a very natural and timeless WYSIWYG style. She has a background in photojournalism and offers micro wedding packages from $1,600. 

 View Nora Devai

South Coast Wedding Photographer Dreams
25. The Dreams Collective

  • Location: Mollymook, NSW 2539
  • Years in Business: 10+
  • Photo Packages: $2,500

The Dreams Collective are a close team of wedding video and photography experts who document all the big and small moments of a wedding day in an honest and genuine style. The team have an inclination towards intimate close ups and moody black and whites. 

 View Dreams Collective

South Coast Wedding Photography kld
26. KLD Photography

  • Location: South Nowra, NSW 2541
  • Years in Business: 8+
  • Photo Packages: $3,600
  • 5 Star Reviews: 150+

Kristie Lee Dickson is a fair dinkum, salt of the earth, natural wedding photographer based in Nowra on the NSW South Coast. She's recommended by her clients as kind, caring, relaxed, down-to-earth & fun. Kristie is a pet friendly & child friendly, patient photographer.

 View KLD Photography

South Coast wedding photographer paper
27. The Paper Fox

  • Location: Kirrawee, NSW 2232
  • Years in Business: 10+
  • Photo Packages: $3,600
  • Video Packages: $3,000
  • 5 Star Reviews: 20+

Kristen is an outgoing extrovert who photographs weddings in a light, bright, white and natural style. She values relationships & human connection and is a joyous christian. Wedding photography packages start at $3,600 including 8 hours coverage and go up to $4,600 for 12 hours. 

 View The Paper Fox

South COast Photographer Peter
28. Peter Izzard

  • Location: Erowal Bay, NSW 2540
  • Years in Business: 10+
  • Photo Packages: $2,410
  • 5 Star Reviews: 50+

Peter Izzard is a local wedding photographer who specialises in landscape photography and hence, knows all the best spots for wedding photos in the Jervis Bay region of NSW. His approach to shooting weddings is largely candid and he is known as a very easy going and accommodating vendor.

 View Peter Izzard

Professional Wedding Photography - South Coast NSW

This guide should make finding your ideal wedding photographer on the South Coast easy. It’s a high quality list of professionals that includes several togs who have been named among Australia’s best wedding photographers. Plenty are also regularly featured in leading wedding magazines and blogs, and others have received awards from respected photographic institutions. 

We have not identified the accolades achieved by photographers here for several reasons. There’s plenty of photographers in the wedding community who choose not to subscribe to awards or submit work to magazines and this does not distract from their creative talents, but more importantly, these accolades can’t tell you which photographer is a perfect fit for you.  

We believe your instincts are the best judge of which photographer is right for you.

How to find the perfect South Coast Wedding Photographer

With so many wedding photographers interested in shooting weddings on the South Coast, customers getting married here have the luxury of finding their ideal match. The range of photographic styles available in this region is exciting and most couples will have no difficulty finding several photographers who produce photos in an aesthetic they absolutely love. 

On our list of 30 amazing South Coast wedding photographers a style review has been provided for each photographer. Since you’ll want to love your wedding images, this is the best place to start looking for ‘the one’. Use these reviews to refine the type of photography you’re drawn to and find photographers whose work you absolutely love. 

When you find images that give you the feels or speak to you in some way, you’ll want to send the photographer an enquiry to check if they’re available on your wedding date. You can also request a copy of their wedding packages and ask for a price list. The quickest & easiest way to contact vendors is via the enquiry form on each photographer’s listing. They will reply directly to your email.

Cost of South Coast Wedding Photographers

As there are no standardised packages in the wedding industry, package prices & inclusions can differ vastly between photographers. If you’re on a budget, you might want a rough idea of how much a photographer will cost before you enquire. For this purpose, we’ve provided a price guide for each photographer above. Estimated pricing roughly refers to 5 or 6 hours coverage, one photographer + all digital images. 

If wedding photos are one of your top most important things, we recommend ignoring the price guide and focus instead on finding wedding photographers who are a great creative fit. Aside from searching out the photographers who create images you love, you can also filter photographers who have shared interests with - stuff like love, connection, travelling, climbing mountains, the beach, animals, having fun, saving the planet, being crazy, etc. 

Spending the day with someone you like makes all the difference to how much you’ll love your wedding photos. Use the info section for each photographer above to find those you’ll sync well with. All of the listed wedding photographers provide coverage from the southern suburbs of Sydney, to the Illawarra, Kangaroo Valley, South Coast, Southern Highlands, Shoalhaven and further south to the Sapphire Coast.

This is our recommended list of wedding photographers on the South Coast of NSW. We hope it saves you time in finding your perfect wedding photographer.

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